Hello Monday!!!

How was your week and your weekend? It’s been spring break in a lot of areas near us so we have been slammed at work. Our kids here are not out for spring break until the end of the month but lots of places around us have been out all week. It was a busy week at work.

My sister Pat is in the hospital. She has been having some difficulties and on Friday after spending the day in the ER she was admitted. She has pneumonia and possibly some other issues we’re not sure on that just yet. She will be in the hospital for a few days. I went to see her Saturday. The hospital is about an hour from me. I first went up on Friday night after work with the intention of spending the night at the hospital with her. She was still in the ER with my other sister when I got there. I met her son, my nephew, in the waiting area. We went back to see her for just a few minutes and when they started to take her to her room they told us that visiting hours was over and we could not stay. They would not let me spend the night. I guess that is so that she could get good rest which is what it will take to get over the pneumonia. So I went back up on Saturday for a visit. I took some dry shampoo and did her hair for her. I think she is feeling a little better.

My niece had also come up to visit with my sister and she and I went to a nearby Chinese restaurant, that we love, and had a late lunch. I also went to the Dollar Tree near the hospital. I guess you know the Dollar Tree is now the Dollar and twenty five cent tree. I still think they have a lot to offer. I wanted to pick up a few decorations for an Easter basket I am making. This particular Dollar Tree has a lot more than our local one does. I found some really cute things. They had lots of Easter goodies. When I got back into town I went to visit my MIL in the assisted living village. It wasn’t much of a visit, I was so tired from being up most of the night before and on Saturday that I started falling asleep while we were visiting. I felt horrible but she understood and told me I should go home and take a nap. On my way home I went by the post office. I had ordered some new rugs for my bathroom and I wanted to pick those up. I got home and walked and fed all the babies and then I was pretty much useless. I tried watching the new Amy Shumer series on Hulu, Life & Beth, but I just couldn’t stay awake.

I am loving these new glasses. I only got two but they are heavy and won’t break easily. I am death on dishes and break so many glasses. I will go back and get at least two more. The little Terracotta pots I will use to get seedlings started for spring. I found some nice Easter grass and a blue pail that has Bunny Trail on it. I will put Mr. Bunny in there as well.
These little hanging signs are very good quality for a dollar and twenty five cents. I bought several. I bought those wafers for a coworker who told me she loved them and couldn’t find any.

Sunday was a beautiful day. We had temps in the sixties and it was sunny. Scruffy and I spent some time on the deck with the kitties. We still miss Buster and Milo so bad and pray every day that they might come back home. I had planned to go back to the hospital but I got busy with laundry and cleaning the house so I decided not to go. I called my sister and talked for a bit. She had had a few visitors already and I could tell she was tired. I did a grocery pick up at Walmart. It was Mark’s weekend to work so he was gone both weekend days. I also worked on some knitting and read a book I got through my Libby online library. The book is due tomorrow and I have already renewed it once. I need to finish it. I have two more to finish within the next week or two.

Cat napping
Scruffy so needs a haircut.
This week
Look at the difference from last week and this week.
We have a Scooter’s in Sweetwater now. It’s right beside the bank we use for work. It’s been open for a couple of weeks and I finally stopped in and got a coffee. I got the Mocha Blend and it was yummy.

So what exciting things did you do last week or over the weekend? Work today was a little slower than last week and I am so thankful. Considering all that is going on in the world around us we are so fortunate, and most of the time we just don’t take the time to appreciate everything that we have, and don’t have.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

9 thoughts on “Hello Monday!!!

  1. Your weather is crazy too! Your winter looks like our winter from last week! I like photos of snow and icicles but I don’t like being outdoors when it’s this cold #brrrr

    It’s supposed to be sunny this week even though it snowed a couple days ago. The snow is mostly melted now. Happy Spring!

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    1. The snow we had last week lasted about one day. That is my favorite kind. I like to look at it and then I want it to go away. We have actually had a very mild winter here In East Tennessee. My favorite kind of winter.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It sounds nice and warm where you are. I live in Calgary, Alberta where it’s cold 8 months of the year. Ideally, I am hoping to move somewhere warmer one day!


  2. Love the pics, and I always enjoy posts like this, where everything’s so personal, and I get to experience a totally different part of the world. I myself haven’t been doing anything exciting, but every day I strive to better myself, so I guess that’s exciting in its own way. Thanks for this post!

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