Friday Favorites

Happy Friday It’s been a rough week. But I wanted to share some things I have been enjoying lately. The first thing that is a favorite for me is that my sister Pat is feeling a little better. She has been in the hospital for a week and she will hopefully get to go home soon. But she is feeling better and I am so thankful and happy for that. Here are a few other favorites I have had this week.

I love the British version of these two magazines. Country Living and Country Living Home. Unlike a lot of American magazines they are not full of ads. They are a little more costly than some of the magazines you might buy here. But I just love reading these they are beautifully written and the pictures are gorgeous. I usually buy these at Barnes and Noble or Books A Million whenever I am in Knoxville. I did subscribe one year but the cost of postage coming from the UK was outrageous.

Black Jelly Beans!!!!! Do you love them? A lot of people do not like black jelly beans but I love them!!! unfortunately it’s hard to find them except at Easter time. It is not uncommon to see me with stained black lips or tongue this time of year. HEE HEE!!!!

This Olay Complete is my new favorite daily moisturizer. I have tried many many different moisturizers throughout the years and this one is awesome. I put this on every morning before I put on my makeup and it is light and non greasy and it is SPF 15 which is a plus. I have been using this for several months. My face is never dry and never oily. It feels wonderful after I put it on.

I bought this muffin mix a few weeks ago. I use the larger muffin cups with only six muffins in the tin. I forgot to drain the blueberries and I was afraid they would not be good but it made them even moister. They are so yummy. I like to make them and put them in individual bags and keep them in the refrigerator and get them out and heat them when I want one. I know they have a ton of carbs but you just have to splurge every now and then right?

The TRADER JOE’S BEER BREAD, Have you tried it? I don’t get to shop at TRADER JOE’S very often because there is not one near me. The closest one is in Knoxville. My sister and I were up there a couple of weeks ago and I bought this bread mix. I had heard about it but never tried it. It says add beer and butter. You can also add 12 oz. of any carbonated soda instead of the beer. I finally made the bread last week. I used beer but I think I will try soda next time. We liked it. It has a lot of possibilities. You can add other things to it. The price is very reasonable I think only a few dollars for a box which makes one loaf of bread.

Forsythia. I love it so much. I am always drawn to yellow flowers and I love when these precious plants start blooming. They bloom wild around our house and at poppy’s house. You know spring is coming when you see these start to bloom. Although, did you know one of the most popular bits of folklore surrounding forsythia is the saying, “three snows after the forsythia bloom.” I know we had two this year after I saw the first blooms. I certainly hope we are not in for another snow.

I ordered this kitty toy for my kitties. I first saw it on Facebook and then found it on Amazon. I put in the garage for my outside kitties. I guess I was much more excited about this than they were. When I first put it out mama cat sniffed it and rolled the ball a couple of times. Sadie and Izzy would have no part of it. I don’t think I have seen them play with it one time. Oh well I should have known better. They would much rather play with a leaf or run up and down the old dead tree branch in the yard. That is just the most wonderful thing about kitties they’re very unpredictable.

And of course Miss Kitty Kitty is our oldest Kitty baby she is four years old this month and the sweetest kitty you could ever hope to meet. She is queen of all the fur babies and she knows it.

So what are some things you have been loving this week? Share with me.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Have you tried sprinkling some dried catnip on the cat toy? Give them time. My cats often turn up their nose at new toys unless I encourage them with catnip. Here’s the kicker: their favorite toys are my husband’s old socks stuffed with catnip. (I use his socks because they tend to be thicker and hold up better against the cats’ claws.) They mostly just roll around with the socks, but Junior (our oldest at 15 and toothless) like to pick up a sock with his mouth and carry it around like it’s his prey 😉

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      1. They are precious and so darn funny sometimes. One of our cats (RIP Elodea) had a thing for a netted bag that my husband carried his gym gear in. He’d hold it open, she would run into it and purr while he petted her through the netting. We always thought it was kind of weird, but it’s what made her happy 😉

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  2. I hope your sister is feeling better everyday. You have some great items here. I love those brand of country magazines too and you are right about the prices but worth it to me as they actually have fun things to read about. I’ve never tried black jelly beans but then I don’t really like jelly beans. I do like chocolate eggs. I think jelly beans are pretty though. Your cat is adorable. We have been trying to catch up on all our projects this week but it seems once one thing is finished another thing comes up. Lots of flowers here in Arizona right now but the temps are warming up too, which is scary. Summers are harsh here. Have a beautiful week ahead and stay safe.

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    1. Thank you so much. My sister is still in the hospital. Hopefully she will get to come home soon. I love chocolate eggs too. The black jelly beans pretty much taste like licorice, which I don’t normally like. Who knows just a strange flavor that appeals to me. Yes I know how hot it can get in Arizona I have a friend who lives there. I hope you also have a wonderful week and enjoy.


  3. I’ve used Oil of Olay since I was 16 years old. It was about 1978. I was at Kyker Funeral Home in Madisonville for the receiving of friends for Scarlett Hunt Simpson’s grandmother. Of course, beauty runs in the family. Her grandmother had virtually no wrinkles. I mentioned it Scarlett and she said her grandmother had always used Oil of Olay. I bought some the next and have used it ever since.

    I remember a lady on The Heartland Series saying, “I’ve never put soap directly on my face.” I can still hear her distinctive voice in my head. I ran out the next day to get Dove soap, “with one quarter cleansing cream.”

    I recently read that instead of expensive eye creams, use Vaseline with Cocoa Butter at night after your moisturizer. I love the smell.

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