Hello Monday

Hello friends and happy Monday. How was your weekend? Mine was really busy. On Saturday I did the grocery thing while Mark went out to cut some trees. We have had two that have fallen this past spring, one of them just a week or so ago. So I went to pick up my groceries and to the post office and a couple of other stops. When I got home Mark had already cut up the tree that had fallen near the lake and was cutting some brush closer to the house. It always makes me nervous when he is using a chainsaw and home alone especially where we live, an ambulance could be thirty minutes or more away.

So when I got out of the car with the groceries my hubs was eying this huge tree limb that hangs over our deck. My nephew was going to come up and help us cut it, to make sure it didn’t fall across the deck, but he just hasn’t had the time. Anyway Mark started telling me how he thought he could etch out a part of the tree to make it fall in the right direction. I said “look we are not tree cutters and we have no business trying to cut a tree that large and hope it doesn’t fall on the deck”. Luckily the heat won out. He was already tired from cutting all morning, it was hot, and he was ready to head into he house. I sighed a huge sigh of relief and prayed he wouldn’t attempt it one day when I wasn’t at home.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning my front porch and scrubbing the sidewalks. Mark had requested lasagna for dinner. Because of our different schedules we don’t get to have a lot of meals together so when he does want something special I like to cook it for him. I made the lasagna on Saturday and we had leftovers for our lunches for a couple of days.

On Sunday Mark had to work. Several weeks ago I had ordered a large shelf to put some of my yarn in. It came in a huge box and had to be put together. The box sat in our office for weeks. We just haven’t had a lot of time to put it together. On Sunday I decided I would put the shelves together. How hard could it be right? I can read directions after all I do read knitting patterns and can even knit socks surely this couldn’t be too hard. Wellllllll I carried all the pieces upstairs to my little den where I had planned to put the new book shelf. I had to carry them piece by piece because the pieces were fairly heavy. I got the directions, it was supposed to only take one hour to complete, I got all the hardware and tools I would need. And I have to say everything was labeled just beautifully. It would have been hard to mess it up. But let me tell you whoever put the one hour thing lied. It took me almost four hours to put that thing together. Now I did pull off a few times to do laundry and get something to drink and let the babies in and out but I don’t know who could put it together in one hour. Nope, no way. Anyway it is done and I have put a bit of yarn in it. I still have a full set of shelves full of yarn on the other side of the room. Not as big as this one but still a good bit of yarn. I am actually pretty proud of myself for doing the whole thing by myself. I am usually so impatient that I screw it up and Mark has to finish it for me.

I think I may need more yarn.

The Daylilies are blooming and I love them. They are so cheerful.


So other than that and some walks with the babies that was my weekend. How was yours?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

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