Goodbye Molly Rose

Hello friends it’s been a sad week over here. We lost our Molly girl. I mentioned in my last post that she was having some issues and would not eat. I called the vet and she said the tumor on her liver had probably gotten worse. It’s not like she couldn’t eat. She did take a couple of bites of food in a weeks time but she didn’t even act like she wanted food. A bite or two is all she had in almost a week. She would just turn her head like she couldn’t be bothered to eat it.

I named Molly after my grandmother Rose. Molly came to us when she was about two years old. We had her another thirteen years. She lived a good long life but that still doesn’t make letting go any easier.

We tried everything, we cooked food we bought several different kinds of food that we thought she might like. I gave her water with a medicine dropper so that she wouldn’t be too dehydrated.

Nothing worked. Last Tuesday we called the vet to schedule a time to take her in for the inevitable. She had gotten so skinny. She had nothing to work from anyway. The vet said we had done everything we possibly could have. She said Molly was tired and her little body was giving out. She said that not eating was probably her way of trying to tell us she couldn’t go on. We knew we had to make the decision that no pet owner ever wants to have to make. We knew that prolonging it would mean more misery for her. The last night she was alive she seemed to be very restless and maybe in pain. She kept getting up and going from one bed to another. She had a bed in the living room and a bed in the office because she always liked to be near us.

The waiting time was unbearable. I kept thinking ten more hours, nine more hours, two hours until it was time to put her in the car and take her to the vet’s office. It seemed as if the other babies knew what was happening and even they were very somber and quiet.

We drove the short ten minutes to our vet. It was both the shortest and longest ride of my existence. I sat in the back seat with her. Mark carried her in when we got there. They gave her a shot to make her sleepy and and left us with her to say goodbye and love on her, which we did. We hugged and kissed her and told her she was the best girl in the world. They came in and administered the second shot and she passed very peacefully.

A million tears have been shed for our precious Molly. She truly was the best girl in the world. I know I have told you the story about how she came to us. She was brought to us by an Angel dog. You can read the story here. Molly and the Angel dog.

After we went home we told stories about our girl. We laughed and cried. The house is so lonely and quiet. She was the loudest baby of all and the stinkiest. Mark said she was stinky going into a bath and after five minutes out she was as stinky as ever. I still think I hear her walking around and I probably do. She will always be such a huge part of our hearts.

Happy Girl. She so loved being outside going on the walks with all the babies.
Molly loved the snow.
Molly loved the leaves
This is my sister hand feeding Molly last year when we were on vacation. She did get better and would eat on her own shortly after this but for a while we had to hand feed her or she wouldn’t eat. Our Molly has had a lot of problems.
She loved all of her fur brothers and sisters and they loved her.
She had her tail wrapped up here because she had almost chewed in to two pieces.
This was about a week ago. Look at all the white hair.
She was tired
I took this picture a couple of days before Molly passed. I held her and told her that we understood if she was tired and didn’t feel like going on.

They’re not meant to live as long as we do. My husband says the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Our sweet babies are definitely a sign of this.

So goodbye Molly Rose you will always live on in our hearts. You touched so many hearts. You were the best girl in the world.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

12 thoughts on “Goodbye Molly Rose

      1. I’m sorry — it’s not an easy thing for you all to go through. We are doing okay — everyone is at a different stage of the illness and I’m mostly recovered, so that makes it easier for me to keep things going!

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