Friday Favorites 7-15-22

Hello and happy Friday. I haven’t done a Friday favorites post in awhile. What with getting over Covid and work being so busy I feel like I have fallen behind. But here are a few things I am enjoying.

The first Friday Favorite is not a thing. It is a person. I am so happy because my brother Donnie came through a triple bypass surgery yesterday and did great! He has had some medical issues lately and we have been so worried. The surgery went well and he has already started physical therapy and is doing great. So maybe he will be home soon. That is just about the best thing I can think of that happened this week.

Now for some favorite things:

I ordered some dresses from SHEIN. If you have never ordered from this company you may have to be careful with the sizes. You just have to read the reviews and look at the pictures of people who have ordered the same thing and see how it fits their body type. They are also great when returning items. Check them out. Here are the dresses I ordered. I can’t wait to wear them. The red one was only $19.67 and the black one was $17.48. All of their clothes are very reasonably priced but as I said you have to find your size.

A few weeks ago I bought this Rae Dunn Love tote, although I carry it as a purse. It is perfect for me. It’s large and I can carry everything I need in it. I bought it at TJ Maxx I think it was about $35.00 so I didn’t pay nearly what it is listed online. It looks white but it has a tinge of pink to it.

I love these blueberry bagels with blueberry cream cheese. I guess you can tell I like blueberries.

I got these shoes at Ross. I love Ross clothing. Sometimes you have to dig to find the good things but I always think you can get a good deal. These are Guess and I think they were about $35.00. They are so comfy and easy to clean because they are leather.

I am loving this nail polish. I think it is perfect for summer. It is called sugar Fix by Sally Hansen. It stays on so well.

One of our co-workers brought these Rainbow Trout cookies to work. Aren’t they adorable? They were delicious too. It was very fitting because we have Rainbow Trout stocked in our lake at work.

I am currently reading this book it is one of those that you can’t wait to finish but you will be sad when you do. I can’t wait to get back to it each time I leave it. It is so good. I got it on Libby, the online library. I think I had to wait for a few weeks because it was loaned out to several people. The wait has been worth it.

And just look at these beautiful Crape Myrtle blooms. The trees are blooming everywhere. This one is in town near one of our local banks and I just love this color.

What are some of your favorite things this week?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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