A Long Fun Weekend

Hello friends how are you. Just catching up for a minute about my long weekend.

Friday night the babies had a sleep over with their little cousin Maxx. My sister and her husband went out of town overnight. I offered to keep Maxx. Maxx is a Malipoo and a very active and hyper little guy. The last time he spent the night with us was a few years ago and he was quite a handful. The babies just couldn’t get along with him. Scruffy was obsessively jealous and Kitty Kitty could not be found the entire time he was there. So I was a little worried about him spending the night last Friday. I reasoned with the babies that it would only be a matter of hours. I would pick him up at his house when I got off work on Friday and take him back Saturday morning. I explained to them that it was quite literally a few hours that he would be there. They all looked a little concerned except Gus who had not been with us last time and didn’t know what to expect.

Friday evening after work I picked Maxx up and took him home with me. As soon as we walked in the door Kitty Kitty took off and Gus started circling him. Scruffy walked right up to him giving him the sniff over. All the while Maxx was barking his head off in his yapping little voice. I finally told Maxx to shut the heck up and surprisingly he did. From that point on all was well. He and Scruffy made friends. Even Kitty Kitty came down to see what was going on. Only Gus was still a little wary. We took a walk and then I fed all of them and we settled in for the night. We watched some TV and Scruffy and Maxx both jumped on my lap and settled on either side of me. That night Maxx slept on the bed with me and Scruffy, and Kitty Kitty slept in her basket beside the bed. Gus slept downstairs. It was a very peaceful night. I was shocked!!!

At least this time they were willing to share my lap.
Maxx and Scruffy
Gus just doesn’t know what to think of everything.

Early Saturday morning we all got up, and again Maxx and Scruffy hopped on my lap while I drank my coffee. I took Maxx home fairly early because I had a lot of running to do.

I first went to visit my brother who had open heart surgery a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t been to see him and his wife so I went to visit with them for a bit and took them some goodies they like to eat.

I went to visit my mother in law. She is currently in a full facility nursing home instead of the village. When she suffered the heart attack a few weeks ago it set her back a little bit and her doctor felt like she needed some physical therapy before moving back to the village. She is getting physical therapy at the nursing home. I know the nursing home is very short staffed but she was still in her gown and in bed at almost noon. They were delivering lunch and when I asked if someone could help me get her up they said they did not have time to get her dressed but they did get her up and help her into her chair. I later found out she would not get up when they had come to get her up that morning. I don’t think they should have left her until noon but I know that they have only so many people doing everything. It’s hard to do anything when we are not there. We have a meeting with the facility administrator on Friday to determine how close she is to getting back to the Assisted Living Village. She wants so bad to go back that has become her home. She has been there for four years. She loves it and the people.

After my visits I went with my niece to get a pedicure. It was the first time I had gotten a pedicure at this particular place. The guy that did my pedicure was terrible. He did a great job but he acted like he did not want to be there. It’s a family business and the dad had gone to the back to get him to make him do the pedicure. He was not happy. He huffed and puffed and did not speak one word to me. I felt so weird. My niece was next to me and the lady, his mom, who did hers was so much better. I was finished way before she was. Needless to say I won’t go there again. I usually do my own pedicures and manicures but I had gone with her so we could have a little time together.

After the pedicure debacle we went to have lunch with my other niece. She is currently visiting from California. She and her husband and four year old daughter had planned to visit for two weeks for her mom’s birthday. Her husband got Covid at the last minute and didn’t get to come. Anyway we had lunch and caught up on everything. We hadn’t seen her in several years long before Covid. We are planning a big celebration on Sunday for her mom’s birthday. I am making the birthday cake.

The babies enjoying the sunshine.

I picked up groceries and headed home. I had been gone all day. Sunday was a quiet day. It was hubs’ long weekend to work so he wasn’t around much for all the adventures. I cleaned and did laundry and worked a little on the temperature blanket. I did manage to watch one of my favorite movies, Bohemian Rhapsody, the story of Freddie Mercury and Queen. I love this movie and have watched it so many times. If you haven’t seen it you must watch it.

Rami Malek did such an amazing job as Freddie Mercury. He received the Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor, for his performance.

Sunday morning we had our second fog of the month. I have always heard that the number of fogs you have in August is the number of snows you will have that winter. So two so far. We will see. Old southern lore or something like that I am sure.

Monday evening we had a birthday celebration planned for my sister. We had several of our family members meet at a local Mexican restaurant. We had such a good time together.

Happy Happy times. Family is what it is all about.

So it was quite a weekend it started on Friday night with the sleepover and lasted into Monday night.

How was your weekend? Anything exciting going on?

Always remember

Love your day your way

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