Hello Monday

Hello friends, How was your weekend? it was back to work for me today. After those first few initial hours back I am fine but man where did my week go? And how did it pass by so fast?

I spent the day today catching up on email and getting some things done that had come up while I was off. I also spent some time on several frustrating phone calls with our vet, The UT Veterinary hospital and then finally getting Scruffy an appointment with the vet my niece works with. I am so worried about him I can’t think straight about anything. I am just afraid that something is being missed. I want to do whatever I can for him. I think we need a second opinion.

As you may know from my previous posts we did a staycation last week. Scruffy is not doing well and I just didn’t feel right leaving him behind with anyone and taking him with us was not an option.

It was a fun week. A lot of chilling out and not doing much mixed with some work outside in the shrubs. We also got our gate painted, finally. We still have some landscaping to do around the gate so it is not completely finished. We removed some dead bushes and cleaned up a large area in front of the house.

Miss Izzy is being a proper lady.

I had lunch with my sister, my niece and a friend on Tuesday. We also took flowers to my sister Pat’s grave. I visited my MIL a few times while we were off. She is doing pretty well, she is still getting therapy at the full facility nursing home.

On Thursday I went to Knoxville with my sister and we did a little shopping. So many of the stores don’t have a lot of merchandise. A cashier at TJ Maxx told us that they were hardly getting any orders in.

On Friday hubs and I went to a nearby town that we rarely visit. Mark wanted to visit a shop there. It was a beautiful drive. We also stopped for lunch at a small restaurant. They specialized in barbecue and we had the brisket. It looked amazing but the taste was not there. We didn’t eat half of it which is a good thing I guess because the portions were huge.

The view was totally worth the drive.
The food looked amazing but it was not. The French fries were the best part of the meal.

On Saturday I did a grocery pickup and drove to Sweetwater to deliver some bread I had baked to my nephew. He has been asking for my bread for a long time. I finally got some bread made and delivered. It was a beautiful but foggy morning.

I stopped by my MIL’s house on Saturday and just look at these spider webs.

We also celebrated our sweet Scruffy on National Dog Day. I have an appointment tomorrow to get a second opinion on the congestive heart failure. He is having some other issues now and I’m just not sure that is all that is going on. Prayers for my sweet Scruffy.

Have a wonderful week

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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