Hello Monday

Hello friends how was your weekend? I had big plans for my weekend big plans I tell you. But in typical “me” fashion when I plan too much I get totally overwhelmed and wind up not doing much at all. But oh well isn’t that what weekends and days off are for.

Let me just tell you the weather here has been pretty much perfect. Cool mornings warming up to toasty, but not too hot, sunny afternoons. The leaves are falling. When I am driving down the road I have to stop and get a picture of all the beautiful colors. Sometimes I get caught in a swirl of falling leaves and I just have to stop and watch them. Luckily, I live on a road with not much traffic.

On Friday night the moon was almost full and Mark and I went out to try and get some moon shots. He was using his big camera with a tripod so his shots looked better than mine. I just didn’t want to drag everything out and I used my cell phone. I wasn’t really after a detailed shot. But I didn’t think my little cell phone did too bad.

Saturday was a beautiful day. The kitties were playing by the lake. They love the cooler temperatures with the warm sunshine. They are so active during the day. They roam everywhere. We always bring them in at night because of the bastardly coyotes.

Izzy and Sadie
Colors are starting to happen.

I spent some time out on the deck reading and maybe taking a short nap. It was so nice. There was a slight breeze just enough so that the sun didn’t get too warm.

I worked on the temperature blanket. I am getting a little behind on it. I have heard some people say once they get so far behind they don’t feel like they can catch up so they just stop working on it. Remember it is one row per day so if you get a month or so behind you have a lot of catching up to do. I am not that far behind. Yet. Lol.

So many red and orange colors. I am ready for some cooler colors.

I also worked on my Halloween hats cross stitch. I probably spent more time on this than anything. The going is really slow on this. I’ll be lucky to have it finished in time to put it out for Halloween.

This one is coming along so slow.

Sunday afternoon my nephew and his wife brought over this large bench. This bench has been in our family for a lot of years. My sister first had it in her house for many years. She then gave it to my nephew and his wife, and they had it for several years. They decided to get rid of it and I hated for it to be out of the family I said I would take it. So, they brought it over and we put it in our upstairs hallway. I think it fits there just perfectly. I have always loved this bench. I was really glad to get it. I have a thing for benches. The only problem is they take up a lot of room.

So that is about it for my weekend. Grocery shopping and laundry and the usual also. A lot of down time and that was just fine. So how was your weekend?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

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