My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies

These are in no particular order but probably my favorite is A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott

  1. Love the Coopers. This movie stars  Diane Keaton and John Goodman as the mom and dad couple trying to wait until the holidays to tell their adult children they are going to split up. Alan Arkin plays the grandfather. The story is told by the most important family member, the dog. Great music and stories within the story.  
  2. Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.  A young couple meet on Christmas Eve and share a few hours together and fall in love. She believes in destiny and says if it is meant to be they will be together some day. They don’t share names or numbers but a way to maybe meet again someday.  Fate is behind everything. No accidents. 
  3. Scrooged. This is a modern retelling of the classic, A Christmas Carol. Bill Murray stars as Frank Crass a mean, selfish, cynical television executive. Frank is of course visited by the traditional three ghosts on Christmas Eve who will attempt to show him the meaning of Christmas.  But underneath it all is a bit of a love story and I am all about that at Christmas.
  4. The Family Stone starring a cast of well known actors, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dermot Mulroney, Diane Keaton, Craig T. Nelson. Everett Stone brings his girlfriend Meredith,Sarah Jessica Parker, home for Christmas where he intends to propose to her. The Stone family are quite a crazy bunch and they don’t really care for the uptight Meredith. This movie is hilarious and a little sad at the end but one of my all time favorites.
  5. The Holiday. Oh I love this movie. This movie stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. Here are two women having guy problems. They decide to get out of town, well actually out of the country and they switch homes with each other, in different countries. Of course they find new loves in each location. Throw in Jack Black who I dearly love in anything and it is just about perfect for Christmas.
  6. Elf. This movie will truly make you believe in Santa again. You will laugh and scream for Buddy the elf. He is so innocent and sweet and he loves SANTA!!!!!! And Buddy says: The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear. You have to watch this!!!! Buddy is played by Will Ferrell and he does an amazing job.
  7. Christmas Vacation. O.K. you know if Chevy Chase is in a movie you are going to laugh yourself silly. Poor Clark is only trying to make a memorable Christmas for his family. His way to make this happen is to string about a million Christmas lights across his house and try to make everyone happy at the same time. Add into the mix his parents, in-laws, and Uncle Eddie and his crew and it is hysterical.
  8. A Christmas Carol. This is probably my favorite of all times. Scrooge is played by George C. Scott and I think he does an outstanding job as Ebenezer Scrooge. This movie is both creepy and endearing. The three ghosts are a little different from any of the scrooge movies I have seen. If you haven’t seen this one watch it. You will love it!!!!
  9. Home Alone. Get ready to laugh until you cry over this one. Macaulay Culkin stars as a boy, Kevin McCallister who is left behind at home when his family accidentally leaves him behind on their Christmas vacation to Paris. A couple of burglars are targeting Kevin’s home because they think it is empty. Kevin has to “burglar proof” his home and keep it safe from the burglars. A good thing he is a LOT smarter than the burglars.
  10. Love Actually. Oh wow a host of stars in this movie, Hugh Grant, Laura Linney, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson. This movie is a feel good movie. There is a lot going on and all of it comes together at the end of the movie. My most favorite part is shown at Heathrow Airport. They show shots of people arriving to see loved ones and there is lots of kissing and hugging, my favorite things. But there is such a sweet Christmas theme and lots of romance. I love it.

So what are some of your favorite movies? I have been working my way through this list for the last couple of weeks. I still have a few to go. And you know you just can’t watch them after Christmas. It’s just now the same. Well maybe of few of them you could. I still like to watch Serendipity, The Family Stone and Love Actually all year long.

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