Hello Monday

Hello and how was your weekend? On Saturday I went to Athens with my friend Kathy. We went to Dollar Tree and to our favorite Chinese restaurant. I was looking for a few things for Valentine’s Day crafts that I am working on. I also went over to see my sister and picked up some groceries for her. She is doing great!!! She has another treatment on Friday but she is much stronger than she was going into the first treatment.

On Sunday I did laundry and put out a few Valentine’s Day decorations. I don’t decorate a lot but I do like to add a few. After that it was a lazy day. I did laundry and watched a couple of movies and then went for a short walk and played with the outside kitties. It was a nice sunny day and it felt great outside. The kitties thought so too.

Shady Sadie she is always on the go.
Allie Cat aka the mama kitty. She is mama to Sadie and Izzy
Sweet Izzy.
Gus, living his best life. He loves to be spoiled.
And Kitty Kitty the one who first made me a kitty mama.

So a fairly uneventful and quiet weekend and that is just fine with me. How was your weekend?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

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