Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! How was your week? I have a few favorites from the week to share with you.

First meet the beautiful Simone. She is a new addition to our orchid family. I bought Simone yesterday at Trader Joe’s. They have some of the most beautiful orchids. I have bought several there and have had really good luck with them. I told the other orchids, who are all currently without flowers , not to be jealous of Simone because they will all have blooms very soon.

The next thing I am loving right now is this brow color by LA Colors. You may look at LA. Colors and think it is cheapo but it is not. I have found several things from this brand that I love. Remember the eyeshadow I showed you? This is a small pot of eyebrow paste? Whatever you want to call it. It’s tiny but a little goes a long way. It comes with an applicator that has a brush on one end. I got the dark brown and it is perfect. It lasts all day. The amazing thing is that you can get it at the Dollar General Store for like $3.99 or at Walmart for $8.99. Walmart had more colors. But what the heck!!!!! Is that not awesome. Trust me on this one and use sparingly to start with.

For Valentine’s Day I told my husband that he should not get me flowers. I know that flowers are wonderful and a treat but goodness they are expensive!!! I suggested that I pick out a new purse, I did need a new larger one, and he could get me that. He did and it worked out perfectly for a fraction of the cost. I love it!!! I made him some chocolate covered strawberries and he has eaten all of them. Okay I may have eaten a couple of them.

Look what my sweet coworker made for each of us for Valentine’s Day. She made a bunch of these bags full of goodies and delivered them all over town. She is truly special, one of a kind, and everything was delicious!!!

Yesterday I took an extra day off from work and met my niece in Knoxville. She had to take her car into the dealership for a recall. I picked her up and we went shopping while her car was being taken care of. We went to Red Lobster for lunch and it was Lobster Fest so we had the Lobster Dip. It was so yummy. We had such a good time. I will show you some of my other purchases next week.

We also went to T.J. Maxx and just look at all this Easter goodness.

I also knitted this headband ear warmer thingy. It is a fast knit. I love it!!! I am on my second one now.

And my happy place. Cat hair and all.

What were some of your favorites this week?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

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