Weekly Catch Up

Last week was a very full week it was also numbing and heartbreaking with the news of another school shooting in Nashville on Monday. So close to home. Mark and I had to go to Nashville on Tuesday for a four month check up for him. We always leave out around 5:00 AM and it takes close to four hours to get there. We gain an hour when we hit Central time so that is always nice. However the traffic was unbelievably bad probably worse than we had ever seen it. It took almost four and a half hours to get there. We barely made it in time for the appointment. It was surreal driving into Nashville knowing what had taken place there the day before. I am not sure exactly where the shooting was or how close we were to it. It’s just horrible. We decided not to do that drive on the same day as the appointment again. It’s just too exhausting. Next time we will go over the day before and spend the night it is not so stressful that way.

Mark’s bloodwork was great but we got bad news that his doctor is retiring in July. We knew it was coming but what a blow. We have been with this doctor since the kidney transplant and we love him. He gave us his cell phone number when we started seeing him and we have called him a couple of times with concerns. He always answers or gets right back to us.

Work continues to be so busy. We have been closed since January because of construction and we are trying to get back open this week. I have been so focused on this and my mind in a thousand different directions that I actually wore my house shoes to work on Friday. I noticed it when I got into town and stopped at Walmart. I noticed when I stepped out of the car it felt weird and I looked down and had my house shoes on. They are pretty beat up and look bad. Luckily I have a pair of tennis shoes that I keep under my desk at work. I put those on.

Our work days are usually so busy it is hard to have lunch with any of our coworkers. We take turns eating lunch. On Friday one of our team members made us a shrimp boil. We were all able to eat together and it was really nice and so delicious.

I had to work on Saturday so I had only one day off over the weekend to get a lot of things done. I am making some carrots for Easter. Our local Walmart has had a sale on fabric because they are remodeling their fabric department and doing away with the large bolts of fabric. Look at these colors I think they will make some adorable cloth carrots. I got the idea from a fellow blogger. You can check out her blog, Little Red House Blog and how she did them here

I cut several triangles to make the carrots. I may have gone a little overboard on the number of cuts I did. I don’t know how many carrots I will make but I certainly have enough fabric for a bunch of them. I am going to use the green yarn for tops. I will show the finished piece when I get there. I hope it is before Easter. If not I will have a huge supply for next year.

A few more Walmart finds at their big craft supply sale. These burlap bolts were only $1.50 each. The Pioneer Woman fabric was $5.00. I am going to make cushions out of that fabric. And the little buttons were $2.50 for the entire bag. All of that will go in my craft closet until I get ready to use it.

On Sunday I took a nice long walk around the yard and woods. Lots of things are blooming and it is just so pretty. The Azaleas are blooming!!!! I first thought that I was seeing a humming bird on the azaleas but I googled the picture in bug finder on my phone and it is a type of moth.

Busy times and I come home exhausted. But that is just the way it is for me this time of year. What have you been doing? Are you enjoying spring and being outside?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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