What A Weekend!! (Two Wonderful Things)

Hello friends how are you? How was your weekend? Another long weekend for me. I took Friday off to take my sister Sandy to the doctor and to get her sixth and final Chemo treatment. Her appointment was at 8:00. We left out early around 7:00 AM. Her doctor is in Knoxville and that is about forty five minutes from us. You never know what the traffic is going to be like.

We got to the hospital right at 8:00. She had to check in and get blood work and then see the doctor and then start her chemotherapy. All of the testing and seeing the doctor often takes over two hours. Then it can take a little while for the pharmacy to get the chemo cocktail to the infusion room. She didn’t start the chemo on Friday until almost 11:00 AM. It takes about an hour and a half to two hours for the treatment. Because this was her last one and she “graduated” she got to ring the bell signaling that her treatments are over. We were so happy. We even decided to stop and have lunch and then do a little shopping. I remember when she started the treatments back in January if felt like this day would never come. Here she is doing great!! So this was the best thing that happened this weekend or all year I guess I should say.

As we were leaving the stores we had a little issue with my sister’s car. I was driving and as soon as I pulled onto the road the dash lit up like crazy with several warning lights. We pulled over and she called someone she knew from the dealership. Luckily we were very close to the dealership and we took it in. One of the service techs looked at the lights and said it was a faulty sensor. He said it was completely safe to drive and for her to bring it back Monday and they would replace it. Wow, that was a little scary.

Saturday I pretty much chilled. I picked up groceries, Mark and I went to visit with his mom. She was very confused as she sometimes is now. We picked up dinner on the way home. I went back to Granny’s flower market in town and bought a few more small flowers for some flower pots I have. I love this little market. Every year she has the most beautiful flowers.

The second great thing that happened: On Sunday I finished the temperature blanket!!!!! I have been working on this for so long. I actually started the blanket last year. You can read about it here I recorded the temperature every day. Usually I did the average temp for the day. Each crocheted row indicates a color pertaining to the temperature. I have never been so glad to finish something in my life. I got really behind last fall. I still recorded the temperature every day, keeping the figures in my phone’s calendar. I will have to be honest with you I got really sick of this blanket it grew and grew and grew. It was so heavy I couldn’t really take it from room to room to work on I just left it in one spot. I guess I just didn’t take into account just how long that many rows would be. I only did a single crochet for each row but man it is massive. It will be great when winter comes and I can snuggle under it. But for now It is finished and I am so happy about that. I felt like I couldn’t get into any projects until this one was finished. Well nothing big anyway. I have done a few small things. But now I can’t wait to get to some of my other projects. You know how it is when you finally finish something that has been hanging over you. This is how it felt with this blanket. I’m glad I did it but I am so glad it is finished.

Here are the different colors for the daily temperatures. It started at the top with the darker blues and then the orange and reds as we got into summer temps.

Here are the different colors of yarn I used for the blanket. I did have to have two colors of each skein of yarn for most of the colors.

That is what I have been up to. I have a full week coming up. Five days in a row. I love having the three day weekends. I think all work weeks should only be four days. I am sure people are more productive that way.

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