Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. Wow has this been a long week. It simply flew by and here it is the weekend again. The weather has been a little cloudy but very mild temps. Nothing too crazy going on at work or at home and that is a good thing. Here are some of my favorites to share with you this week:

Look at this Flamingo clock. My niece got it for me for my Birthday. I just love it. I put it on the old antique sewing machine we have upstairs.

The blackberries are blooming. That means we will have blackberries in about four to six weeks. I love to make blackberry cobbler for my husband. Not a big fan of it myself but he loves blackberries. We have a nice little patch of them on our road and it is usually just enough to make a cobbler or two.

One of my coworkers brought in these tortilla chips. I have had this brand before but I had never seen the cilantro lime flavored tortillas. They are so good. Just by themselves or with dip or nacho cheese. You can get them at most grocery stores.

I am so easily influenced but sometimes it is a good thing. I saw this eye cream on TikTok. One of the women I follow swears this makes her eyes look so much brighter. I ordered this from Amazon and it is really good. It is fairly cheap less than $10.00 for this little pot. You put it on just after your makeup right under your eyes. It really does add a little brightness and gives your face a fresher look.

A couple of weeks ago I got a notice at work that one of our local billboard companies, Lamar Advertising, was having a special during the month of May. This is in honor of National Pet Month. First you submit a picture of your pet and the region you live in. If they approve the picture your pet will appear on the billboard for fifteen minutes. The picture rotates every few seconds. I had a hard time picking a picture and choosing only one of my babies out of the five. Gus and Kitty Kitty are the most photogenic so I submitted a picture of Gus and Mark submitted a picture of Kitty Kitty. So our babies were in the limelight for a short time. I think Lamar is doing this all month if you want to submit a picture. It is

Most of my orchids are blooming. This is Ophelia and she is just beautiful right now. Seeing all of my orchids blooming makes me so happy. But I still love them even when they don’t have a bloom on them. That is just part of them.

Gus and Kitty Kitty love to play and chase each other. I am glad we have two inside kitties because I think they keep each other company. I know Gus is considerably larger than Kitty Kitty but he gets nothing over on her. She is just as tough with him. But they love each other and they love to play together.

When my sister and I were at Kohl’s last week I happened to spot this cover up or whatever you want to call it. It was on clearance for $5.00 and I had a 30% off coupon. Score!!!! I love wearing these over a bathing suit or jeans and a shirt. I also like to wear them when I wear shorts because they come down over the back of my shorts. I don’t know why it was on clearance unless it was left over from last year. And I hate to tell you this but a few stores I have been in are starting to put out some of their fall clothes. WHAT????

What favorites are you enjoying this week?

Always remember

Live your day your way!!!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. The not knowing was the worst for us. I pray that maybe they got away and then got lost and another family took them in. But realistically I know that probably isn’t what happened. Especially after all the orange fur we found.


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