Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends. I am sad to say that I am battling poison Ivy. I got into a patch of it at work. I was thinning some irises and I noticed a bit growing near the irises. I am very allergic and I know better than to even be that close to it. I wore gloves and long sleeves but I still broke out in a couple of spots on my wrist and that soon spread to a couple of places on my stomach and then my leg. But that brings me to my first favorite of this week. Iva Rest. It is the best for poison Ivy break outs. This is the best stuff I have found.

I have been trying to find some cleaning supplies that will make my work easier. I saw the next two items in a fellow bloggers post. I can’t remember now who posted it but she was really impressed. The first one is this dusting wand. I got this from Amazon and I love it. You can clean the tops of cabinets or under appliances. I can think of many many places to use this thing. You can take the cover off and wash it. And you can order additional pads for it. This was around $22.00.

Next, also from Amazon is this plastic razor thingy. I hope you do not have soap scum anywhere in your bathroom room and if you don’t then good for you. But soap, lets calm it residue, an build up fast without you noticing. This rubber scraper is perfect for cleaning it and getting it off of you tub, shower walls or sink. I think this was about $10.00

Last Sunday my sister invited me over to her house for a small Mother’s Day get together. They ordered pizzas and I made a chocolate chip cookie cake and decorated it with icing I made. It was so yummy. My nephew made a yummy banana pudding. My family doesn’t like the huge chunks of banana in our pudding and my nephew Chris knows just how to make it. It is so good. I didn’t get a picture of the banana pudding it was a favorite and went fast.

Since I finished the Temperature blanket I have had more time to get back to my other projects. I dug out this sock that I had started back several months ago. I started working on it again. Man I had forgotten how tiny those little double pointed needles were.

The Day Lilies and the Tiger Lilies are blooming now and they are some of my favorites. They make me happy just seeing them.

Last week I watched a movie called A Man Named Otto. It is from the book A Man Called Ove. I really enjoyed Tom Hanks in this movie. It does deal with suicide so there are some trigger warnings. Otto has lost his wife and his will to live. Tom Hanks is Otto. His neighbor, an adorable woman, and her family bring out the best in him and help him to see that there are lots of things left in his world to live for. There has been a lot of controversy about this movie, because of the suicide issues, but I really liked it and I liked the book, A Man Called Ove, when I read it last year.

A few of my favorites from this week. How has your week been? What were some of your favorites?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

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