October Funk??

Hello October, I know I say this at the beginning of every month but how can it be October already?

All of a sudden the leaves have started to turn so many different and beautiful colors. The temperatures have cooled considerably, my work has slowed down a lot, my favorite holidays are just around the corner. It is my absolute favorite time of year!!! Maybe you can explain to me then why I am in such a funk, Because I surely do not know. There is no specific reason that I can pinpoint. I feel like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. AND I DON’T KNOW WHY!!!!

I went to work the other day and mentioned to a couple of my co-workers that I was in a major funk. They too said they had been in a funk. Wait…. What is going on? So it’s not just me. Strangely knowing that others were feeling the same way didn’t make my funk any better. I just feel bad for them.

So let me see:
It could be because summer is over, nope I am not a big fan of summer and I’m tired of sweating.
It could be because Mercury is in Retrograde, Possible, I will have to think about that.
It could be because my underwear is too tight. That’s all I’m going to say about that.
It could be SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, It’s hard to believe because I love fall so much.
It could be COVID, I do truly believe that is a big part of the way I feel. I am so tired of hearing
about sickness and death. So many of my friends are sick right now from Covid. It’s so scary.
It could be because I secretly want to be in a rock band and travel the world and perform in a different city every night. I think that would be too tiring, I am a little lazier in my older age.

Or it could be that I am just in a big old temporary funk and I will soon work my way out of it. I think people go through periods in their lives when they think about lost loved ones and times gone by and it makes us a little sad. Maybe the changing of the seasons or a pandemic or having tight underwear makes us realize what we no longer have. Maybe this is a time to focus on what we do have in our lives right now this very minute: Fall leaves falling from the trees, beautiful colors, cooler weather, sweatah weatha, Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming!!!, I am alive healthy and blessed. I will focus on this.

Putting this into words actually makes me feel better already. So thanks for listening and thanks for reading.

And always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

North Carolina Beach Vacation

Last week the hubs and I took off for vacation. We love to go to Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington North Carolina. It is our favorite vacation spot. This is how it went:

We woke up last Tuesday, the first morning of vacation, realizing we had forgotten to buy coffee. What??? wait let me go back to the day before on Monday and our ten hour, terrible traffic, road work delays, torrential rain, butt numbing road trip. Normally when we do our beach vacation to our beloved beach, we start out on Sunday morning and the traffic is fairly light. We hadn’t been there in four years because of other trips and covid and etc etc. The last few times we had gone we chose to fly because it gave us more beach time. I guess we had forgotten how grueling and never ending the ten hour drive could be.

First we had to start on Monday because it was Mark’s long weekend to work. They are so short staffed he was barely able to get an entire week off. We didn’t choose to fly this time because we had heard of all the nightmare delays and no rental cars. So we decided to do the drive. We meant to leave out at 6:30 AM but we were delayed a little and didn’t get started until almost 7:30. I mean after all I did have to spend a little extra time snuggling the babies and arranging food for them. Molly and Scruffy had already been taken to a couple of family members for the week. Also Mark couldn’t find his wallet after we packed the car so we spent some time backtracking. He finally found it in the back seat. Take into account it was Monday and not Sunday and lots of traffic to deal with especially near Knoxville because it was morning rush hour. So it is no wonder when we rolled into the grocery store for supplies, after we arrived at the beach, we forgot the coffee. Not to mention we were in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm and coastal flooding was predicted. It rained and rained.

We arrived in the rain.

Luckily I brought a ton of knitting and my laptop and several books. So I was in heaven having nothing to do but read and watch movies and knit and knit and knit. We did brave the weather every night to grab some yummy seafood for dinner.

Do you think I took enough knitting?

Finally the rain stopped and the sun came out. Just in the Nick of time I would say, too much closeness can lead to bickering. We walked into town, about a three mile walk round trip, and bought a few more supplies.

Sunrise at the beach
A pano of the pier in town.
The storms caused some huge waves and lots of surfing.

We did have a few good days on the beach. After all the rain the weather was perfect. The high temps were in the low eighties and the mornings were perfect for walking on the beach. It was a much needed fun and relaxing trip.

South Beach Grill. One of our favorites.
Best Hotdogs on the beach.
Our favorite restaurant of all time. The Oceanic.

We headed back home on Saturday morning. We left out at 4:00 AM and picked up Molly from my nephew’s house and then Scruffy from my sister in law and then headed home. I don’t think you could have gotten another thing in that car.

We got home and all the kitties were so happy to see us. We had people who had been coming in every day to take care of the kitty babies. Going on vacation is quite an ordeal when you have eight babies.

I took an extra couple of days off and bought groceries, did laundry, took supplies to my mother in law at the village and cleaned house. It was good to have everything back in place and clean.

I had a great time with my husband but I was so happy to get back home to everyone and the babies. I guess that may be the very best part of vacation.

Wrightsville Beach is located about 70 miles north of Myrtle Beach near the town of Wilmington. When we fly in we always fly into the Wilmington Airport. We usually stay at Shell Island Resort or Surf Suites both of them are great places with friendly people. We love them both.

More beach pictures on tomorrows Wordless Wednesday.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

The Day My Black Kitten Went Missing

Saturday morning I woke up early with a ton of stuff to do. We were getting ready for vacation and I had to buy supplies for the fur babies, go and visit my mother in law at the assisted living village and I was planning to take her some lunch. I Also had to take garbage to the dump. My sister and niece are planning to be at our house while we are on vacation and I didn’t want the garbage piled in the garage for a week.

When I started gathering the garbage I started looking around the garage. It looked pretty ratty and dusty. One half of the garage is empty because we wanted to make sure the kitties had plenty of room there while we were gone and my sisters could get into the garage easily and feed the kitties and clean the litter box. I need to stop here and mention how much I love my family who always comes to help out when we take a vacation. Also the fact that we have just added five kitties to our fur family of three makes me love them even more. If you haven’t read my blog in the past I will let you know, a mama kitty came to our house about two months ago and then returned shortly after that with four kittens. We still have all of them along with an inside kitty and two inside dogs. We need to find homes for at least two of the kittens but I would love to have them go together.

So back to the story. As I was gathering the garbage my garage started looking really bad to me. I actually hated for my sisters and niece to see how crappy it looked. I decided to do a minor cleaning job. After all I had about four hours before being at the village. A couple of hours later I am looking at everything strewn out on the drive way, including all the kitties who were now looking at me rather curiously. I had been adding garbage to the back of the truck and it looked like the sled from Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Getting our cars out of the garage and the driveway is a challenge now because of all the kitties. They love to climb up inside and on top of the wheels and bumper and I even found Izzy on the engine once. I slowly backed up and then did a kitty check. Mama kitty and only three kittens. I did not see the black kitten. She is sort of the runt of the litter and always like to hide when anyone comes around. I continued to slowly back up the driveway. I thought surely it must have run out and gotten under one of the other cars.

When I got to the top of the driveway I got out of the truck and checked again. I felt certain it had gotten out. The convenience center is only about two miles from my house.

After I dumped all of the stuff I looked around the truck, no kitten. I drove slowly home knowing I would see black kitten when I got there. I did not. The entire time I was at the grocery store and at the village I was thinking about the kitten, praying it would be with the others when I got home. It was not. All the other kittens including mama was in the garage nestled together on their bed. However mama cat seemed very nervous and would walk to the garage and stare up the driveway. This….broke….my….heart. I had lost her baby. I don’t know why I insisted on blaming myself. I guess the fact that I was the last one to see black kitten made me feel responsible.

It started raining, I am talking like a monsoon. All I could think of was the kitten out in the rain. As soon as the rain and wind slowed to less than hurricane strength. I went out to search for the kitten. Maybe it had gotten in the woods and when the rain started it had taken cover. I even drove back to the dump. No kitten.

After a couple of hours I admitted that I could not find it. By this time I had cried so much my eyes were almost swollen shut. Poor Scruffy couldn’t stand it, he wanted to help make me feel better but didn’t know how.

I fed the other babies and tried not to look at them without the black kitten in the middle of them. Mark called on his way home from work and I told him she was missing. He, being the voice of reason, assured me it was not my fault. He said she probably wasn’t even in the truck when I went to the dump.

A sad night at our house. When I got up Sunday morning I took Scruffy out to use the bathroom. It was still dark but I thought I saw a black kitten sitting next to mama cat. I though it was probably the dark gray one. Then I saw the other two gray ones. One, two, three, four!!!! It was, the black kitten was back!!!!!! She even let me pick her up and snuggle her. I took the chance to peek at her behind and yes she is a she. I named her Sadie. I was ecstatic!!!! I cannot tell you the relief I felt.

And now all is right with the world.

I don’t know where Sadie had been. Mama cat may have gone out during the night and rescued her. Whatever, I am so happy she is home. I think being out all night may have scared her. She is not as skittish and she is much more loving. I can only imagine the adventure she had. Yes, worrying about these kitties may be the death of me. But I love them anyway.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!