Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! I am so glad to see the weekend. It’s been a really long week. I was out of work on Monday with some kind of stomach bug. We were without power all last weekend because of the bad storms. My poor hubby had to clear the tree off of the driveway by himself because I had no energy to help. I went back to work on Tuesday and my sweet sister in law Pat came over for a couple of days and helped clean the yard. I don’t think my yard has ever looked so good. Thank you Pat!!! So on to the favorites from this week.

Actually this was a leftover from last week. I met up with two of my friends Michelle and Chuck, well Michelle is also my niece, and we had a fun lunch and walked downtown in Madisonville and checked out a few of the shops. It is always fun to get us together.

I went to an estate sale last week and look what I found. A pie crust shield. I guess I knew these existed but I have never had one. I always use tinfoil and wrap it around the edges of my pies. Sometimes this doesn’t work out to well and when I pull the foil off some of the pie crust comes with it. I can’t wait to try this pie shield. A great excuse to make a pie I think. I think I will make a coconut cream pie.

I may have mentioned this eyelash primer from L’OREAL before. I can’t remember. But it deserves to be mentioned again. If you have very fine lashes, like I do, sometimes mascara can overwhelm them and make them appear clumpy. If you use primer, and this is the best one I have found, before applying your mascara it will be a game changer. When I wear this I actually feel like I have eyelashes. As we age our eyelashes become very few and far between, literally. I think I can actually count mine. Try this you won’t be disappointed.

Last week I listened to this audio book by Valerie Bertinelli. Enough Already. I loved it. I always loved her as an actress and the as the host on her cooking show. This book is about her finally telling herself that enough is enough on the weight loss roller coaster. She finally starts to believe that she is enough just the way she is. She also talks a lot about her ex rock star husband Eddie Van Halen and her son Wolfie. If you get the audio book it is read by Valerie. Because there are many of her favorite recipes in this book I decided to order the book from Amazon. Listen or read this you will love it.

Look at this stack of bandana scarf thingies I made. I love making them. I sent a few to friends and I am making more to take to the hospital where my sister has chemo. They have a basket where people donate hand made items like this and hats and different things. I am also working on some springlike hats that would be light weight and good for spring. I can’t wait to donate those.

My co workers and I had a field trip yesterday to look for some items for work. We went to Athens and ate at Yamato’s. It was so good. We shared a few things with each other.

The Redbuds are blooming. This makes me so happy I just love them.

My orchid, Ophelia, is blooming. When orchids lose their blooms it can take several months for them to bloom again. I couldn’t remember what color Ophelia was. I thought she might be yellow but no she is white. She is so beautiful.

This was a favorite outfit I wore last week. You can probably guess that black and white together are my favorite clothing combinations. I got this shirt from Kohl’s and it is a little short. I like it with a sweater or jacket over it.

So those are some of my favorites. What are some favorites of yours this week?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

A Wild Weather Weekend

Wow what a crazy weekend we had here. It all started on Friday. I took my sister to Knoxville for her chemo treatment. This was her third one so she is halfway through the treatments and doing great!!! The doctor is so happy with all of her bloodwork. While we were still at the hospital we noticed the skies turning dark and the wind really starting to blow. We knew bad weather was predicted for our area, which is about forty miles from the hospital, but we were hoping we could get back home before it started.

At about 1:30 PM I got a notice on my phone that my security camera at home had gone out. That meant the power was out. We were still at the hospital with about another thirty minutes to go before the treatment was finished. I figured the storm was probably hitting close to my house at that time. My husband was at work and of course I was so worried about the kitties. They were all inside but they get nervous. We finally left the hospital around 2:00 PM. I took my sister home. We ran into some torrential rain but we made it home safe. I took off for my house which is about another thirty minute drive.

The power was out all over town. The main road to my house was blocked because of broken power poles. I took another back road and came upon a car slowly backing up because of a downed tree. I turned around and took another back road and finally made it to my driveway. It looked like a war zone, there were lines and trees down everywhere. There was a large tree blocking our driveway. I had to park the car up the driveway and walk down to the house. I still had no electricity. When I have no electricity I also have no cell service except in one spot several hundred yards from the house. I guess that’s better than nothing. I have no water because we are on a well system. The water will run for only a few minutes after we lose power. I do have a generator but I wasn’t sure about starting it without Mark there. It is new and I had never used it.

Lots of Kitty snuggles went on this weekend. I think the kitties were glad to have my attention solely on them. It makes you think about all the things you miss by having your eyes focused on a screen. Thankfully the weather was fairly mild so it didn’t get too cold at night or early morning.

Kitty Kitty sleeping on my lap.

I did a lot of reading this weekend. Because I had no internet I wasn’t on my phone and I finished this entire book in a day and a half. It Starts With Us is the sequel to It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. I know it sounds sort of backwards but you will just have to read it. Both books are great!!!

We did not get power back until Sunday afternoon. Forty eight hours without power. I went into town on Saturday and bought ice and filled a cooler with some of our items from the refrigerator but we lost almost everything. On Saturday night we got the generator going so we could have TV and internet for awhile. Mark had to work all weekend so it was just me and the kitties. It was a very quiet weekend. I am so thankful that no trees fell on our house or on anyone. It could have been so much worse. I feel grateful this is all the damage we sustained.

When I was at the hospital with my sister we were checking out at one of the desks and setting up some appointments. I looked up and spotted this writing by St Therese. I think it is very appropriate and I looked it up after I left and copied it. It’s very fitting for whatever you may have going on in your life. I think if we truly believe we are exactly where we are meant to be then what else could there be? Very freeing!!!!!

Did you have a wild weather weekend?

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Love your day your way!!!