Hello Monday (Weekly Happenings)

Hello friends, how was your week and your weekend? It was a bit on the crazy side over here It was a busy work week. I still feel like I am playing catch up from taking time off a few weeks ago. Thursday was my Birthday and my wedding Anniversary. I know!! I got married on my Birthday. I remember telling my husband that he would be the best Birthday present I could ever hope to have. I still feel that way thirty two years later. We had Birthday cake at work. And my hubs sent me the most beautiful bouquet of tulips. He said he wanted to do something a little different in the way of flowers and he did. They are beautiful. It was a nice day I had a lot of calls and messages and I felt really special.

We didn’t really do a lot for the Birthday and Anniversary because as usual a lot of day to day life happenings got in the way. But we are used to that around here. Gus was also having a big day Thursday. He had an appointment to be neutered. Remember Gus, he is the orange kitty that we recently took in when we were looking for our lost kitty Milo. When we got Gus his fur was so matted we knew we would probably have to have him shaved or have his hair cut very short. Gus was not chipped and had not been neutered and he had an upper respiratory infection so we had to have all that taken care of. We have been keeping him quarantined next door at my father in law’s house. This way we can go over several times a day to visit and feed and love on him.

So on Thursday Gus was neutered. They also shaved a lot of his fur. The poor baby looks pitiful but he has to feel better without all that matted fur hanging off of him.

On Friday my niece got married. The venue was on the Ocoee River about forty five minutes from my work. I took all of my things to work with me to change into for the wedding because I wasn’t going to have time to come home and then drive back to the venue. My sister and I went together and it was a beautiful wedding. We had so much fun and the food was great!!!

The cake before
And the cake after, it was so yummy!!!

On Saturday my sister, niece and I went over to clean out my Sister Pat’s apartment. Her son was there to help and her sweet neighbor who had become her best friend was also there to help us. It has only been two weeks since she passed away and it was really hard to do. But her apartment had to be dealt with so we did it. That’s just how we roll in this family. We have very strong women in our family and we have been through a lot. We do what needs to be done. We looked at pictures and read old letters and cards we had written to my sister. She kept everything. We laughed and cried and I think it helped with the healing process.

On Sunday we decided to introduce Gus to the rest of the family. We have decided to keep him inside when he moves in with us. We brought him over in a carrier and the minute he stepped out of it Scruffy was all over him sniffing. Scruffy quickly lost interest in Gus except whenever I was around Gus, and then he was all about sniffing and licking Gus. Molly barely gave Gus a second glance and then settled back on her bed. But the real test, we knew, would be the Queen, Kitty Kitty. She was upstairs when Gus arrived. She didn’t come down right away. Gus wandered around downstairs and hid a couple of times. An hour or so later I heard Kitty Kitty coming down the stairs. Mark and I glanced at each other. I could see the fear in his eyes. I whispered “here she comes” we held our breath. As soon as Gus saw her he started doing this loud meowing sound. Kitty Kitty froze for a few seconds and then ran right back upstairs. I think the two will eventually be able to tolerate each other but we are taking it slow and doing short visits right now. We hope to move him in permanently very soon. Fingers crossed. I don’t want to stress either one of them uhhhhhh or us out.

I love irises and I have some that came from my mama’s house from when I was a kid. I noticed the blooms this year were nothing like they usually are. I did a little research and discovered that they need to be thinned out. I plan to do that and maybe take some to work and give some to my sister and nieces so they will have a part of mine and my mama’s flowers.

See how they need to be divided. I guess I just hadn’t noticed how bad they were.
Only two or three of these blooms have appeared this year.

I have been working on the temperature blanket that I am crocheting. I have gotten behind so I am trying to crochet several rows or days at a time to catch back up. I will show you a picture soon. If you have never heard of a temperature blanket you can read my post about mine here.

That’s about it for the last week. How is your week shaping up? Will it be busy or will you be chilling?

Always remember

Love Your Day Your Way!!!

Hello Monday A New Addition To The Family.

Hello, how are things with you? All of a sudden my life has slowed down from what it has been for the last few weeks. I was so busy the weeks that my sister was sick. I was trying to work and stay at the hospital with her. In the end I took time off from work so I could be with her as much as I possibly could. I am so glad for that time, it is something I will cherish. Now I feel a bit lost and don’t know what to do with myself in more ways than one. I try to stay busy, memories of her are wonderful but so painful at the same time. I start to work on something and just find myself a big blubbering mess.

I am a true animal lover and animals have always been a way for me to express love and nurturing. This gives me comfort. Several years ago when my brother Allen died my Scruffy appeared at the same time. It was almost as if he had been sent to help with my grieving. You know the Scruffy story. A little Terrier, malnourished with a terrible skin condition. We took him in, he was in bad shape and blind with cataracts. We took him to the vet and got his skin cleared up. We had the cataracts removed so he could see again. We have now had him for four years and I don’t know what we would do without him.

Early in March my two male cats went missing, you can read about it here. Milo and Buster. We think coyotes probably got them. They never ventured far from the yard. We also found a lot of Milo’s fur in the yard. He had the orange tabby fur that was so unmistakable. We were heart broken. We hoped and prayed that they had gotten away and maybe ran for safety. Maybe they got lost and would find their way back.

About three weeks after the kitties went missing I was flipping through Facebook. It was late at night and I saw a post about an orange and white cat that had showed up at this lady’s house and she was wondering if anyone had lost one. She said it had been hanging around for about three weeks. It would only come out at night and people in the neighborhood were feeding it. My heart started beating a mile a minute. This woman lived about ten minutes from us. Could it be Milo? The picture she posted was blurry but it definitely had Milo’s coloring. Maybe Milo had gotten lost and wandered away from home. I messaged her and she messaged me back the next morning. As soon as it got daylight I went to her house to see if I could find him. There was no sign of the kitty. Heather, that’s the sweet lady’s name, and I, started corresponding back and forth and she was on Kitty watch. She told us the kitty was sick and she could hear him cough and sneeze while he was eating. A couple of nights later she called and said the kitty was there. Mark and I jumped into the car and tore down the road to her house. When we got there he had run into the woods behind her house and we could not find him. I worried myself to death thinking it was Milo and he was out in the cold and rainy weather.

A couple of times Heather called and said the kitty was there and I was at the hospital with my sister and over an hour away and could not come. Mark was working those times and we had no one to try and catch kitty. But by this time a couple of weeks had passed and whether the kitty was Milo or not we had already formed an attachment, if it is possible considering we hadn’t even seen the kitty. Well yes it is possible for us. That’s just the way we are. Sadly I realized it probably wasn’t Milo when she sent a second picture and we realized he had a Seresto Flea collar on. We never used that type of flea protection. But I reasoned that someone could have found him and put it on him. I would not give up.

Finally all the stars aligned I was home one night and she had put food out on her screened porch and the kitty came on her porch to eat. She called and we went right over. It wasn’t Milo but it was a kitty that needed some love and meds. We took the kitty carrier but he is a big kitty and was not having any of that. Heather had a box on her porch. We coaxed him into the box and put a towel over it and carried him to the car. He never gave us a bit of trouble. He did have some type of infection and runny eyes and he just didn’t look like he felt good.

Let me just say that without Heather keeping a watchful eye out for this sweet kitty we would never have gotten him. She was relentless in trying to get us connected and we will be forever thankful to her for that. She is a wonderful caring animal loving person. Just what the world needs more of.

We took the kitty next door to my father in law’s house and put him inside. This way we could go over several times a day and check on him. We didn’t want him around the other kitties until we had the vet look at him. We got him settled in the house, fed him and gave him water. I called the vet the next day and was able to get him in for a visit. He was not chipped, he was a male, he had not been neutered. His hair was so matted you could feel knots when you picked him up. The vet thinks he is about a year or two years old. He did have an upper respiratory infection and he got a shot for that. We are still keeping him quarantined until we get him neutered on Thursday.

Nobody has come forward to claim him. I am not sure where he came from. He is just about the sweetest baby there could be. He is so friendly and lovable. He loves to eat and he loves attention. We named him Gus. I truly believe these babies are angels sent from God to help us at our neediest times. Gus isn’t Milo but he is a precious baby that needs us and we are here for him.

This is the night we brought Gus home. As you can see he had an infection of some sort. That is why we kept him quarantined from the other babies. We wanted to get him well. Plus he just wasn’t feeling like being around others.
Another picture taken a couple of days ago. He is definitely looking better. We are going to have him shaved when he is neutered because the underside of his fur is so matted.

So yes we have added another family member to our crazy zoo. I couldn’t be happier. I will keep you posted on Gus’ progress.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

There, She Is Gone

Hello friends, I want to share this very special post with you. When I left you a few weeks ago I told you that my sister Pat was in the hospital and had pneumonia and maybe some more serious issues. Well it turns out that is was much more serious than we thought. She went into the hospital on March 18th, many many tests were done. She was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer that had metastasized to her liver and possibly other places. This is a very fast growing cancer. Without treatment her life span would be two to three weeks. With treatment possibly six months to two years. She was prepared to fight. She was a breast cancer survivor of twelve years and she knew she was in for the fight of her life, again.

For three weeks my sister Sandy and I and my nephew, Pat’s son, was with her at the hospital every day. They transferred her to a larger hospital where a strong regimen of chemo could be given. After a short time we knew, and yet we didn’t want to say it or even think it but we knew we were going to lose her. Tiny bits of good news was given to us only to have something worse slap us in the face. It was hell for three weeks, for us that is. She didn’t complain, she took everything in stride. The day she left the hospital she thanked all the nurses and doctors for taking care of her. But I am getting ahead of myself.

She started Chemo on April 1st. There was three rounds of Chemo, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By Monday the doctors could tell that her kidneys were in distress. She was a diabetic and not in the best health to start with. But the Chemo was the only hope at this point and she wanted to give it a try. On Tuesday her body was retaining so much fluid they had to add an additional drain to her lung where the tumor was present. Wednesday and her kidney function was getting worse. She was not a candidate for dialysis because of her health issues. Thursday morning we met with the Oncology team and they let us know that nothing else could be done. Her kidneys were basically not functioning. Pat was conscious some of the time, she recognized us, she could not talk because the tumor was pressing against her vocal cords. She could only whisper. She wanted to go home more than anything. She wanted to be with her loved ones and have them around her. We decided on Hospice Care. They could get her home the same day.

We were able to get her home on Thursday evening almost three weeks from the day she first went to the hospital. Many family members and friends were there to talk to her and hold her hand and just love on her and tell her how much they loved her. The Hospice nurse was there to go over all the meds. We were given a lot of information in a very short period of time. Medicines were discussed, how to change her bedding if needed, how to move her from side to side, lots of things. As it turned out we wouldn’t need any of it.

After everyone left for the night it was just us two. I had planned to be with her that night. I guess we were naive in not understanding how close the end was. Her breathing was very labored but it had been for several days. She said she was not in pain. I sat beside her bed with her, holding her hand for a long time. We watched Everybody Loves Raymond. She kept reaching for the sky. It was like she was reaching for someone. I asked her if she was trying to dance? She had also been looking past us like she was seeing things we could not see. And she was. I asked her once if she needed her glasses and she whispered “no”. She fell asleep. There was a large chair beside the bed and I sat there and looked over the information the nurse had left us.

Around midnight I checked on her, her breathing was still heavy but she seemed to be resting easier. I sat in a chair beside her bed and slept a little. I woke up suddenly around 1:00 AM and noticed I didn’t hear her labored breathing. At first I felt relieved that she was sleeping better and then I jumped up realizing what it could mean. I ran to the bed and she had slipped away. I know now that she had been reaching for loved ones and seeing angels.

The Hospice nurse had provided us with some literature about what to expect in the coming days or hours, as it turned out. The poem below was in the booklet that was provided. I read this just an hour or so before my sister passed away and I cannot tell you how much comfort It brought to me. Thinking about loved ones who had gone before anxiously awaiting her arrival made me want to celebrate, and scream and cry all at the same time. I didn’t want to let her go but I knew she was at peace and happy and wouldn’t come back to us if she could.

Let me tell you a few things about my sister Pat

She was just the best sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, aunt, niece, friend in the world
She loved everyone. She was described by a loved one as “Pure Love”
She celebrated her last birthday in the hospital and said it was her best Birthday ever.
She was funny. She was funny without trying to be funny.
She made everyone around her feel comfortable and needed and loved.”
She instantly put you at ease.
She made you want to share things with her, Life goals, secrets, hopes, dreams, because she would truly listen.
She didn’t care about the latest fashion or what was in style. She knew what she liked and that was all that mattered.
She loved with all her heart she was Pure Love.

Yes she is gone but her memory and everything about her will live on in my heart, my head and my very being. Goodbye sweet sister until we meet again.