Gus Moves In

Happy Friday friends. Sometimes on Friday I like to do a Friday Favorites. But I guess one of my favorite things from this week is that the big orange kitty Gus has moved permanently into our house.

Remember when we got Gus a few weeks ago he had been living in a nearby neighborhood, hiding during the day and only coming out at night. He would go around to different people’s houses’ and they would feed him. Poor baby was not in good health. He had a bad respiratory infection and his fur was so matted you could feel these huge bumps and bulges when you touched him.

We put him next door at my father in law’s house so we could visit him and feed him several times a day. We took him to our vet and they checked him out. He had not been neutered and was not chipped. He had been living near this neighborhood for weeks and no one had claimed him. One of the neighborhood ladies had posted his picture on Facebook and it was shared several times and no one came forward. So I guess we were not surprised that he was not chipped or that no one was looking for him.

After we got Gus neutered and got the upper respiratory cleared up and his hair shaved we decided he should be an inside cat. He did really well indoors and seemed to be a big chicken when we took him outside. There is no telling what the poor baby went through during his weeks out in the wild.

This was just after he had been neutered and a lot of his hair had been shaved off to get all the matted fur out.

We decided to do short visits to try and get him and Kitty Kitty and Molly and Scruffy all acquainted with each other. We did this for about a week. We would bring him over for several hours a day. Kitty Kitty absolutely hated him, Scruffy was intrigued and Molly couldn’t care less. The minute Kitty Kitty realized Gus was in the house she would run upstairs and get under a bed and that is where she would stay until he left. After about three days Kitty Kitty started wandering downstairs while Gus was in the house. She would dart around and run to her food bowl or the litter box. We got Gus his own litter box so that Kitty Kitty wouldn’t think he was totally taking over. But poor Kitty Kitty was miserable and I felt terrible. We decided to give it two weeks and then make a decision about whether we could keep Gus and still have harmony in the house. After all, Kitty Kitty was here first and we felt an obligation to her.

Last Friday was move in day. Mark and I both had a long weekend off and we decided this would be the time. We moved all of Gus’ things over. He ran around the house as he always did when he came for the visits. Kitty Kitty ran upstairs for a bit but it wasn’t long this time until she wandered back down. Her and Gus circled each other. Gus was very interested and tried to be friends but Kitty Kitty would have none of it.

This was the night they finally made friends. They stayed like this for about an hour looking at each other.

This went on most of the weekend although, Kitty Kitty started coming around and they even sniffed each other a couple of times. By Monday night they were sleeping in the same room together along with Scruffy. Kitty Kitty was still keeping her distance. On Tuesday they started hanging out around each other more and more and by bedtime they were just a few inches from each other and seemed to be fine with it.

And now one week later and they are around each other all the time. A little hissing every now and then but most of the time they are fine together. I haven’t seen them lying together anywhere snuggled up or anything crazy like that but I’m not convinced it won’t happen.

O.K. now let me tell you a little secret. I am absolutely in love with Gus. He is the sweetest, loving kitty we have ever had. The outside kitties have always been a little ferrel and they don’t want you to pick them up or even pet them very much. Kitty Kitty has her moments when she wants to be petted but it is totally on her terms and you are only allowed to pet her for a couple of minutes at a time. But Gus, Gus loves attention. Actually he demands attention. If you are sitting he will jump right up in your lap and press his forehead against yours and hold it there. It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I had Scruffy on my lap the other morning and Gus jumped up and made himself at home under my neck. It was quite a cozy scene. Gus loves to snuggle and you could probably carry him around all day and he would be fine with it. When you pick him up he tucks his head under your chin and settles in. It’s so funny how each one has their own little personality. I think Gus may have been raised around dogs. When he meows it almost sounds like a dog. Mark said he sounds like the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz. That is a pretty accurate description because he also looks like him!!!!

Gus loves to lay on this blue furry throw. Poor baby had some shots yesterday and he was not feeling well this morning. You can see his hair has started to come back in. It still looks a little patchy in places.

That is our Gus. We love him and can barely remember what it was like without him around all the time. It’s funny how these babies wander into your life right when you need them. Scruffy came along when my brother Allen passed away in 2018 and then Gus appeared when my sister Pat got sick and passed away last month. God definitely knows where to put them.

Have a wonderful weekend

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

A Quick Trip To Bristol TN/VA

Hello friends a recap of last week’s trip to Bristol TN/VA. I had hoped to get a post out during the week about my trip but it just didn’t happen.

First of all I hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day. I have no human children but I have definitely mothered many through the years. I think mothers come in many different forms. I received a precious message yesterday from a former employee that I still keep in touch with after many years. He wished me a Happy Mother’s Day and said he always thought of me as someone he respected and could come to for guidance and that I was a mom in his life. That truly made my day. It is amazing how just a few words can mean so much. My own mama has been gone for nineteen years and I have to tell you she was the best Mama in the world!!!!! We were best friends and I miss her every single day.

Last week I spent a few days at a meeting in the Bristol Tennessee & Bristol Virginia area with our Southern Highlands Attraction group. The two states are very close and there is a spot on the street where you can stand in both states at the same time. I did however almost get run over doing this once so if you try that be very careful. I am sure the locals hate this area. My meeting was actually in Johnson City but we spent the entire day Tuesday in Bristol.

We started the meeting Monday in Johnson City about a two and a half hour drive for me. I left early Monday morning so I wouldn’t have too many nights away from hubs and the fur babies. We met at the beautiful Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site. If you missed my Wordless Wednesday post I posted a lot of pictures of the site it is beautiful with so much history. You can check out the post here.

Just look at these beautiful yellow Irises

Our meeting ended about 4:00 and I headed to the hotel where we were staying. It was only a couple of miles from Tipton-Haynes. The Carnegie Hotel is a beautiful historic hotel. It is located in the heart of Johnson City with lots of things to see and do around it. We had a little time before dinner. I actually took a small nap.

Dinner was so delicious We went to Southern Craft Barbecue. It was only about a mile from the hotel. The food was amazing. This was probably some of the best barbecue I have ever had.

A deviled egg, cornbread and sugar bacon, this was the appetizer
Salmon, Barbecue pulled pork, okra and sweet potato souffle. We had so much food, we had to do a lot of sharing.

We started Tuesday morning with meetings. And then at 11:00 we took a bus to Bristol which is about twenty miles from Johnson City. We started out with lunch at The Burger Bar. This is supposedly the last place Hank Williams was seen alive. Not from eating there but it was a favorite of his. And that is where he ate his last meal. Just a little local history for you. There you will find the best burgers and milkshakes ever. Just a few of the burger selections: Hey good lookin, cold cold heart Hawaii 5-0, Howlin at the moon. I didn’t get a milkshake but the list to choose from is unbelievable. Check out their website here and plan to eat there if you go and get a burger and milkshake. It is such a sweet place with lots of memorabilia on the walls and just plain old southern hospitality.

Next we went to The Birthplace Of Country Music Museum. This place is amazing and I love it. I have been several times. It is so much more than a museum. A lot of people think that Nashville is the birthplace of country music but actually it was in the small homes and store fronts in Bristol where the very first country music was recorded. We didn’t tour this time but met with some of their staff and board members.

We stopped in at The Southern Churn Ice Cream & Candy Shop and we just had to try this Mountain Dew Fudge. It was actually very good.

Next stop we visited Benjamin Walls’ gallery for a wine reception and some chill time enjoying the beautiful photos of Benjamin Walls and we were actually treated to an unveiling of a couple of his new photos.

That is Benjamin on the left.

Benjamin is an internationally acclaimed artist, avid environmentalist, and successful entrepreneur. I am taking all of this from his website but go and check it out for yourself. His artwork has received seven international awards and has been displayed in dozens of museums, including five exhibits at the Smithsonian and twice at the Natural History Museum of London. It is almost unbelievable some of the photos that he has captured. Check out his website here

A few other places that we visited: The Paramount Theatre
and Lost State Distilling

After the wine reception at the gallery we went to eat at 620 State Restaurant for dinner. Another amazing meal. I had the chicken and rice and a sushi roll, and a margarita. It was yummy. We were exhausted from the day and being on the hot street. It was good to relax and enjoy our meal.

This Margarita really hit the spot after a long hot day.

Our bus picked us up to take us back to the hotel. I think I napped on the way back. The next morning we had meetings until noon and then I headed for home. Although I was only gone for two days I was so glad to get back home to my hubby and the babies.


If you live near this area or if you are just passing through don’t forget to check out some or all of the things I mentioned. It really is a great trip. Bristol Tennessee or Bristol Virginia is a beautiful area. You won’t be disappointed.

I hope you enjoyed your short trip to Johnson City and the Bristol TN/VA area let me know how you liked it.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!