The Art Of Saying “Thank You”

“Have a good one” This is probably what you hear, quite often, when leaving a retail shop or really any shop. I noticed it about a year ago.  Instead of saying “ Thank you” for a purchase or act, people now say “have a good one” or often times in the south, where I am from, you may hear “have a good un”

I know this is probably just the personal rant of an old school southern woman but it bothers me that saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome” or “have a nice day” seems to have been taken out of the everyday language.  If you will notice even if you say thank you to a cashier, when it’s actually them that should be thanking you for the purchase, they will often say “no problem”. And sometimes add “have a good one”  Saying “have a good one” seems to have taken the place of, “thank you and “have a good day”

I always wonder. Have a good what?  A good day is, I am assuming, what the person means but it could be anything. Have a good meal, a good trip, a good tour, a good time, a good whatever.  So I guess in reality it could be anything.  But why not just say it.  It makes it so much more personal.

I Work at a place where there are several shops and ticketing and I am constantly telling our team members to use an appropriate closing after a transaction has taken place.  It is actually part of the criteria on our mystery shopper reports. “Thank you” is so easy to say. I still feel that saying it makes people feel valued.

I think a lot of people actually have grown up not hearing this and it is just something they don’t think twice about.  Is it sort of falling by the wayside like cursive hand writing?

Hospitality. We are big on that in the south so why am I surprised  when I do  get a thank you from a cashier at Walmart,  or wherever I have dropped a good amount of money for groceries.  Shouldn’t it be the norm? And it’s not just Walmart or the other big box stores it’s everywhere.

Oh well as I said just the rant of an old fashioned, old school,  dang I guess just an old  southern woman. Thank you for reading and Have a good day!!!

I will leave you with a couple of pictures of my fur babies.


Love your day your way!!


October I Love You


October is my favorite month for many different reasons. Fall is here, even though temps are still near 90 degrees here in East Tennessee, leaves are starting to change, and there is just a crispness to the air that I love.

I got in really late last Friday night from Colorado. I had the dreaded middle row seat for the longest flight which made my flight seem twice as long.  The man on my left pulled out a nasty smelling sandwich and started chowing down as soon as we took off. My stomach had been slightly queasy all week because of the altitude change so you can imagine that did not help. The man on my right was dipping skoal tobacco and spitting it into a bottle. YUCK. He was trying to be discreet about it but when you are sitting that close it’s hard to be. I put my earbuds in and adjusted my neck pillow and watched a movie and slept.

I had a great time in Colorado and did a lot of fun things.  The scenery was beautiful, and I had so many ideas in my head from our conference speakers I couldn’t wait to get back to work to share them with everyone.   We had some amazing speakers but Jon Schallert with Destination Businesses was my favorite.

Check out his site JonSchallert/


We spent an entire day at Bair Ranch with horseback riding, 4 wheeling and Jeep riding.  Also lots of time afterward in the lodge drinking wine.

We visited Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. We had to ride to the top of the mountain in these.  A little nerve wracking.

The Caverns at Glenwood Springs was beautiful.  Lots of cave coral.

I also got to spend some time in Aspen, which I loved,

Redstone, a small but beautiful area

And then a quick trip to Vail and an awesome restaurant there called Pepi’s.

A wonderful time but I was really glad to get back to my family.  A whirlwind work week followed, trying to catch up and get ready for my vacation to Maine.  Mark and I had planned a beach vacation to Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington. We go there almost every year. But hurricane Flo stopped those plans. We started thinking of somewhere else to go and I have never been to Maine so that is where we are going. I can’t wait. We’re leaving Sunday.  My sister is coming to stay at my house and take care of fur babies.  My other sister is going to be checking on mother in law.  I don’t know what I would do without my sisters.  A lot of planning and preparing went into this trip haha.

Have a wonderful weekend


Colorado sunset

Love your day your way!!


Busy Weekend. Lazy Weekend.


Well it’s Sunday night. Wow where did the weekend go?  Half of my weekend was busy.  I started at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning and started trimming this terribly overgrown bush in my backyard.  I have been avoiding it. Some of the stems from the bush were taller than me. I had to break out the ladder. Getting the ladder situated in my shrubs is no longer easy since adding all the stones.  I finally had to move a portion of the stones to get the ladder put in place.  I would show you the before pics of the bush but I am too embarrassed. I will show you some of the clippings.

I then deided while I had the stones moved I would put the new cover on my drier exhaust. My husband has been promising to put it on for months and I am tired of seeing the huge gaping hole that any critter or worse,  a spider,  could crawl into.  I had to go to my father in law’s house to get the extension ladder for this one.  I would like to tell you that I whipped that thing on there in no time. Not.  I ran into a few problems and it took a good portion of the day with several thousand trips up and down that ladder.  I may be exaggerating just a little about that. When I finally got it all put together I ran into town to get groceries praying I wouldn’t see anyone that I knew.  I have this incognito look where I wear my hair in a ponytail in a ball cap and glasses.  It usually works. I only saw a couple of people I knew.

look at all the flowers losing their summer glory waiting for fall

Ahhh Sunday a very relaxing day after getting my husband off to a conference. He will be there for four days. I felt like Tom Cruise in Risky Business sliding across the floor.


You can tell it’s not me traveling this time look at this little suitcase my husband is taking for a four day trip, what????


So the rest of the day was spent napping, reading, knitting, and hanging out with my fur babies.   A good Sunday.

A busy week coming up. I am headed to Colorado on Saturday for a Cave Convention, yes there really is such a thing, so a lot to do this week to get ready to be gone for a week.

Love your day your way




A Quick Trip to Abingdon Virginia and a Long work week.


Hello hello.   A little over a week ago I took off to Abingdon Virginia for a few days to meet with some of my fellow Attractions folks. We met in Abingdon and stayed at the beautiful Martha Washington Inn. The Inn is very old and was built around 1812. I also heard it was haunted but I didn’t see anything to prove that true.  And I didn’t want to see anything thank you very much.

The Martha Washington Inn is beautiful and has been many things throughout the years. It was built in 1832 as a private residence for General Francis Preston following his successes in the War of 1812.  It was a private residence for him and his wife Sarah and their nine children.

Amazingly the residence was built for under 15,000.00.  In 1858 the home was purchased as an upscale college for young women.  In honor of the first lady of our nation , the school was named Martha Washington College. “The Martha” by locals.  The college operated for over 70 years through the years of the Civil War and the Great Depression.


The “War Between the States” was soon to have a dramatic effect on the college.  Schoolgirls became nurses and the beautiful grounds became training barracks for the Washington Mounted Rifles. The College was a makeshift hospital for the wounded, both Confederate and Yankee.   Because of the Great Depression, typhoid fever and a declining enrollment the Martha was closed in 1932, standing idle for several years.



In 1935, The Martha Washington opened as a hotel and  hosted many illustrious guests.
In 1984, The United Company, representing a group of dedicated businessmen, purchased The Martha Washington and began a multi million dollar renovation.

In 1995, The Martha Washington Inn joined The Camberley Collection of fine historic properties.     Wow what a story right????

The Barter Theatre is just across the street from the Inn. We were treated to the production of AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ the Fats Waller Musical Show and it was awesome.


Photo courtesy of CGI

A little history of the Barter Theatre:
During the Great Depression a young actor named Robert Porterfield returned to Virginia with an idea to exchange produce from farms and gardens to gain admission to a play.

On June 10, 1933, Barter Theatre opened its doors with the price of admission being the equivalent amount of produce. It was a  great success and for the first production every seat was filled. For additional history check out



The following Monday we had all day meetings.  This is a wonderful time for all of the attractions to share what is working and not working for them.  It is a great learning experience.

On Monday night we visited the Birthplace of Country Music in Bristol. I love this place It was my second visit and I enjoyed it as much as the first. I know you are thinking that Nashville is the Birthplace of Country Music but just visit this museum and you will find out that it really was Bristol Virginia.


Later that night we ate at a wonderful restaurant called 620 State Street which just happens to be the address as well.  This is an Asian Fusion Restaurant with wonderful food, drinks, and appetizers.  Check it out if you are in the area.

I returned home on Tuesday night and went right back to work on Wednesday.  With the Labor Day weekend approaching we were very busy at work and I worked Saturday as well.  I took Sunday off and spent the day catching up on laundry and doing a little cooking.  I am so tired of fast food.  I also worked on Labor Day Monday so to say I am a little weary is an understatement.  I have basically been going home and crashing every evening.

I recently rejoined the gym I had belonged to before but I honestly have only been there a couple of times since I joined.  I am going to change that this coming week.

I do have a long weekend off, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I have a few things planned but I am going to do a lot of chilling as well.

I  have a question for you:  Do you think you act or react to life?  Think about it and I will be posting something on that over the weekend.

See you soon.
Love your day your way