One Thing Leads to Another (Table)

It all started before Christmas. I was thinking ahhhh this story is similar to The Gift Of The Magi. Yeah, right, if that story was twisted and smoking crack maybe.

It all started when my husband told me he wanted a 3D printer for Christmas. I asked where we were going to put it and more importantly what about the one he already had in the basement that has barely been used. He said this one was new and improved and we would give the one in the basement to my nephew.

I ordered the printer. He told me he already had my Christmas gift but it was on back order. The 3D printer came in and it was delivered to my work place. I could barely get it into my car, well it actually took a couple of people to wrestle it into my car. I could not lift it. I started worrying about the rather small table in our office that it was supposed to fit on. My nephew had to follow me home and help me get it into the house and wrapped for Christmas. After opening it on Christmas morning my husband said it would never fit the table in our office so table one was ordered.

A few days later my Christmas gift arrived. It was a TV for my den I have upstairs. When we started to put the TV on the table where the old one was the table was too small. So table two was ordered.

Since I now had a new Smart TV upstairs we decided to cancel our Direct TV account, which had gotten ridiculously expensive, and get HULU and Netflix. By doing this we cut our Internet TV bill in half. We couldn’t do this until before because we didn’t have high speed internet. We recently got fiber optic cable installed in our area and now we can stream HULU. We ordered HULU and I was in heaven with my TV upstairs. The only problem was our downstairs TV where my husband watches TV was so old it didn’t do very well with the streaming and kept freezing so bad we couldn’t watch it. A new TV was ordered.

The table for the 3D printer arrived and it was quite large. When Mark put it together and put it in the office there was not enough room for it and our old desk. Table three, a smaller desk, was ordered. It arrived and it is still in the box in our office at home. I’m not sure if this one will be big enough because I was actually able to lift the box.

The new TV came in. Once again it was delivered to my work and it was wrestled in by two men in an Amazon fulfillment truck. Again I had to have a couple of people load it into my car. I took it home. We got it partially set up and realized the positioning of the legs on the base were different. You guessed it. It didn’t fit the table that we were using. Table four was ordered. Luckily it came in within just a few days and it has been put in place and fits wonderfully.

So. Things I have learned from this costly experience.
1. Use a tape measure and measure before buying.
2. Tell my husband I have already bought him a Christmas present.
3. Next year tell my husband I want a pair of earrings for Christmas.
4. I need to work out. I need more upper body strength.
5. Possibly get a second job before Christmas next year to offset any additional costs.

See? Gift of The Magi, sort of. Maybe I could sell my hair next year, hmmmmmm.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!! (and always use a tape measure)

Happy Monday And A Shiny New Week!!

Happy Monday how are you? You know as bad as we hate Mondays you have to admit there is just something awesome thinking about a new week and new opportunities and new experiences. And my week will be great because I am on vacation!!! Sadly we are not going to the beach but we will be doing some fun things at home. The babies will be much happier that we are staying home.

Do you ever start your day early in the morning wondering what the day will hold? what will you have to tell about at the end of the day? what will happen today that will hold near and dear to your heart?  Wow!!!  when you think about all the possibilities it is mind boggling.  Something could happen today that will totally change your life!!! Be still my heart!!

Here is something I like to do.  I keep a journal.  I keep it beside my bed.  I will write the date for instance Monday morning August 24th before I leave for work or start my day.  The page is blank.  So many things will happen today.  I will have conversations with people, I will see things, I will buy things, I will eat things, I will hear things, I will learn things.  What will be different?  What do I want to be different?  Who will I talk to or message or see? Anyway, you see where I am coming from right?

A good week last week although a little crazy leading up to my week off. I always have to be caught up on everything before I leave.  This meant some long days at work but totally worth it for a week off.

Mark and I had to go to Vanderbillt a couple of weeks ago for his 4 month check up. We leave out about 4:30 AM for the 4 hour drive. Even though we gain an hour for the time change near Nashville the traffic going into Nashville in the mornings is crazy!!!! It is usually bumper to bumper for the last hour.

This is our routine, I get up around 3:00 AM and get coffee and take care of fur babies. I grab something quick to eat and get things ready to take with us. We take a small cooler bag with waters and a Diet Coke for me and peanut M&M’s don’t ask me why it’s just a tradition and I eat them on the way over,they keep me awake. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I also take a Yeti full of coffee.  We put a blanket and pillow in the car. I often take a nap on the way back.

img_1241                   Look at this perfect sunrise in the rear view mirror. 

Mark can’t eat anything until after his blood work so he gets up and gets ready and loads the car.

I always drive over and Mark drives back.

Wow what a difference in Nashville traffic this trip. Our doctor asked if we had noticed the difference. So many people are working from home or not working at all it has made such a difference. There were no backups and we arrived over an hour early. We sat in the car and waited for the office to open. I fell asleep.  HA!!!

img_1248      Acting silly while we wait for the doctor.

We always stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast on the way back. It is still pretty early when we leave Nashville.  It is a really tiring day. We usually rush back home to take care of the babies. And then usually a nap.

And guess what?  tomorrow we get to do it again. Mark has to have a repeat on one of the blood tests for his anti rejection medicine.  You may ask why we are not doing this locally.  I will tell you that the last time he did this in May we wound up with a $900.00 bill for blood work.  I have appealed this charge and gone round and round with our local hospital, Vanderbilt and the insurance company.  It is still unsettled.  We will go to Nashville tomorrow for the blood work and maybe I will have a chance to talk with billing and get the May charges straightened out as well.  We shall see.  But I am making a stop at the Yarn Patch, an awesome yarn shop in Crossville, The last time I was there I was a little disappointed by the layout of the shop but I am still going and yes I will buy yarn.  I am still on vacation after all.

I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!


Happy Father’s Day!! A Favorite Story About My Daddy

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and father figures out there. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

This story is about a wonderful memory I have of my daddy.

My mama and daddy at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

I am not sure how old they were here but I know they were very young.


My daddy was very strict with me and my brothers and sisters. There was seven of us. He worked hard to provide for all of us.  It was sometimes hard to please him he had really high standards for all of his kids.  I am glad now that he did because it has made me the person I am.

I never had any doubt that he loved me but he sometimes had a hard time putting it into words.  It was easier for him to show us.

I was in the first grade.  I didn’t go to Kindergarten.  The small school that I attended didn’t even offer Kindergarten.   So I went directly into first grade.  My sisters were seniors in high school when I started first grade and I thought they were quite possibly the coolest people on earth.  They would stack their school books up and place them on the table and have their purses nearby.  Sometimes I would get their books and sling one of their purses over my shoulder and pretend I was in high school too.

Soooo when the time came to buy my school supplies my mama steered me to these ugly red and black plaid book satchels. I shook my head and said no way will I carry one of those.  I am carrying my books in my arms with my purse on my shoulder just like Sandy and Pat do.  After all I was in first grade I was no longer a baby.  I didn’t need something to put my books in!!!

Somewhat grudgingly my mama finally gave in.  We got my paper and pencils and erasers and a notebook.  I was so excited.  That night I gathered everything together and got my favorite purse.  I did notice that it was a little hard to get all of those things put together and keep them from slipping out of my arms, and my purse kept slipping off of my shoulder,  but that didn’t stop me.  I was determined.

The next morning I was up bright and early ready to get on the school bus.  My mama waved bye to me.  I marched out the door with my purse slung over my shoulder and my notebook and pencils clasped proudly in my arms.  Man I felt so grown up, I was just like my sisters.

I climbed the steps onto the bus and noticed my pencil bag had slipped out of my notebook.  A kid behind me stepped on it!!! My beautiful new pencil bag!!!  I bent down and grabbed it up and put it back with my notebook.

When I took my seat on the bus I noticed a girl about my age sitting across the isle from me.  Beside her on the seat was one of those book satchels like my mama and I had seen at the store.  When the bus got to school she very neatly grabbed the handle and marched off of the bus.  I gathered my notebook and made sure my pencil bag was securely inside. I slung the purse over my shoulder and walked off the bus.

I couldn’t help but notice that many of the boys and girls going into my class had a book satchel.  Heck almost all of them did.  Most of them even had those red and black checked ones that my mama had wanted me to get.

When I got to my classroom all of the kids had book satchels.  The teacher told them to get their notebooks out.  Everyone had a place in the back for their satchel.  I felt tears in my eyes.  I suddenly, more than anything in the world, wished I had a book satchel too. I wanted one so bad.

That night after dinner I kept whining to my mama about a book satchel.  She said well you will just have to wait until we go to the store again, I tried to get you one and you didn’t want it.

My daddy worked at a plant that manufactured stoves.  He worked so hard every day.  I don’t remember him ever taking a vacation and if he called in sick the world would stop because that never happened.  Every night he went to bed really really early.  My mama always shushed us so we wouldn’t wake him up.

I was desperate to find me something that resembled a book satchel.  I thought I might use one of my sisters’ big purses.  I was in the closet pulling out purses and trying to find something when my daddy woke up and said “what is wrong? what is she doing?”  My mama told him I was looking for a book satchel or something that would suffice.  He yelled in there and said ‘Lisa go to bed you can’t worry about it tonight.” So I did.

The next day I returned to first grade lugging my notebook and pencils.  I left the big purse at home.  When I got off of the school bus that afternoon I noticed that daddy’s car was in the driveway.  That was odd because he never got home early.  He was standing on the porch and there was a big brown bag beside him. He had the biggest smile on his face.  He said “here open this”. I looked into the bag and there was the most beautiful red and black checked book satchel that you have ever seen.  I grabbed it and immediately started putting my notebook and pencils inside. I was so happy that night I think I slept with it.

I didn’t realize at the time just what it meant for my daddy to do that.  Times were different then.  It was almost 50 years ago. There were no Walmarts to go to at the last minute.  He rarely went into a store without my mama.  For him to leave work and immediately drive to the store and pick me out this book satchel was something very special.  My mama knew it because I don’t think he had ever done anything like that before.  He usually didn’t believe in such nonsense.  I was the sixth of his seven children and I think maybe by the time I came along he had mellowed a lot.

He has always been the person I hold my highest standards to.  He never met a stranger, he would stop on the side of the road to help if someone had car trouble.  After he retired he grew a garden probably an acre wide and gave most of the vegetables away to people who lived in town and didn’t have a garden.  He was tough but he was such a wonderful man.  It took me some years to appreciate just how wonderful and smart he was.


I hope you enjoyed this story about my daddy.   It is one I will never forget.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!