December Weekend

Happy Monday How was your weekend?

Last week here in East Tennessee started out really cold. We even had some snow on Monday night. At lunchtime on Monday I ran over to the Eye Doctor with my husband to help him pick out some new frames. I don’t know why he insists on having me there I have never told him I didn’t like anything he chose to wear, well except that one time he ran into our local bank wearing torn sweatpants. And they were not torn in a fashionable place like everyone wears now, if you get my drift. So his appointment was at noon and I went over to help pick out frames. And it snowed Monday night!!! It was a soft wet snow, the kind that is just perfect because it doesn’t stay on the roads. But the trees and bushes were beautiful it looked like a winter wonderland.

On Wednesday I had a day off. I have been trying to use some vacation days before the end of the year so I will be taking some random days here and there. I sort of like having these odd vacation days. Don’t get me wrong I would much rather be going on a vacation to somewhere warm or different. But with things the way they are now I will just stick close to home. I needed to have my car serviced it has been making a strange sound when I break or turn into a parking lot. Just a weird noise. So I called on Tuesday and was able to set up service for Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM. The dealership is about an hour from my house. When they asked if I would be dropping it off I said I had no one to pick me up. Mark had to work and I didn’t want anyone to drive that far to pick me up and then have to take me back. I told them I would be staying at the dealership. Remember the last time I went? I told you how I actually love being there doing nothing. I know this would drive some people crazy but it is not often that I just get to sit and not have anything to do. So I sat and I knitted and watched videos on my phone, and I addressed Christmas cards. A friend of mine shared some addresses of service men and women who would be unable to get home for Christmas. They found out at the last minute their ship would not be home for Christmas. My friend arranged a Christmas card send-out to all of those crewmen. I had eleven of the names so I spent some of my time at the dealership doing that. I tried to write a note in each one and let them know how much we all appreciate their service and tell them a little about what was going on in my hometown. My car was finally finished and I took off just in time to meet the sisters for our weekly Sister Lunch. After I got home I finished the day watching a movie with the fur babies. A good day off.

I ended the work week doing a pick- up at Walmart for groceries and taking things to my little mother in law at the Assisted Living Center.

Most of the weekend was pretty quiet. I did laundry and cleaned and I spent a little, actually more than I care to admit, time working on a jigsaw puzzle. This led me to the realization that life is also like a jigsaw puzzle. If you missed that last post you can check it out here. I also took a long walk and got some pictures. Why do weekends go by so fast???

Backing up my driveway this is my view of the woods and my house.

Lots of wood for the winter.
Winter wonders
Still a bit of color hanging on.
Our canoe is out of commission for awhile
Ice along the edges of the lake.
Scruffy loves taking walks. He never looks up lol.
Soft Kitty warm Kitty.

Have a wonderful week!!!!

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!

Cyber Shopping and The Weekly Smile

Happy Sunday friends. I was having coffee this morning and enjoying a quiet Sunday morning. If you were here we would chat about all the things that happened this week, Thanksgiving and all the prep work that went into it how it was different from last year and any shopping you may have done afterwards. Just the day to day flow of life. I like that idea. I wish we could do that right now. A fellow blogger often starts his posts like this and I just find it so welcoming.

The weather here has been cold in the mornings so you have to turn on the heat. And then by afternoon the temps are quite warm and you have to turn on the air. However we may have a winter mix by Tuesday morning and I say BRING IT ON!!! I am so ready for some cold weather. Don’t ask me if I feel the same way in a month it will probably be different.

My weekend so far has been great!! My sister and I didn’t get to do our Black Friday shopping as we had done for so many years. I chose to work because we have been so short staffed. So I worked on Friday but on Saturday my sister and I decided to have a Cyber Saturday shopping day. I went to her house and took my lap top and we trolled the internet for any Black Friday left over sales we could find. I found a few things but after a couple of hours we decided to head out and visit a couple of shops and grab something to eat. We didn’t go far just to Athens which is about fifteen minutes from us. We stopped at Hobby Lobby because I wanted to buy some yarn for some earrings I want to make. I can’t wait to show you those as soon as I get them finished. Then we went to Belk. I am not often a fan of Belk but I found some cute booties and a work satchel I had been looking for. Both of these were $19.99 still on the Black Friday sales. Came home and snuggled my Scruffy and everything is right with the world.

I can’t wait to wear these. I am the queen of wearing black so I think these will go with everything.
I’ve been looking for a satchel to carry to work. I needed something large enough to carry my MacBook, lunch, and my big camera that I have started using much more lately. Even if I don’t have it inside work with me I will have it the car if I need it.

This week has been so nice. I got to spend time cooking some of my favorite dishes and sharing them with my family. I spent Saturday with my sister Sandy and we always have the most fun even if we are doing nothing at all. Wonderful times I have had this week and that definitely made me smile.
What made you smile this week? I know there was something.

Have a wonderful week!!!!

I am joining the Weekly Smile at Tren’t World check it out if you get a chance and see what others had to smile about this week.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

And It All Came to a Grinding Halt!!!!

Sunday morning I was at home by myself with just the babies for company. I was enjoying some banana bread I had just baked. Oh and I have to tell you, I added chocolate chips to one of the loaves and it was amazing. It was about 8:00 AM and the wind was howling terribly. The trees were bending almost double and leaves were swirling outside the windows like we were in a hurricane. You can probably tell I’ve never actually been in a hurricane. I just knew my power was about to go out. That is one of the things about rural living that you have to get used to. So yes at approximately 8:05 AM Sunday morning my power clicked off. Just thinking about it jinxed me I guess. I sat there for a few minutes. My heat went off, my lights went out. My internet stopped working. I thought, well it may come back on in a few minutes. It didn’t. I went into the office and plugged in the rotary phone. Yes I still have one of those for just such occasions. I called the Utility company to report the outage. The automated voice at the other end told me that an outage had already been reported in our area. O.K. way to go distant neighbors!!!. I settled back in my recliner with Kitty Kitty on my lap and Scruffy snuggled against my leg and picked up a book I had been reading. I just can’t explain how cozy it was.

10:00 AM and still no power. I continued reading and napping and loving the weight of the warm babies on me. I dozed and dreamed and contemplated life. I may have gotten up for a small snack.

You may be wondering why I couldn’t do anything while my power was off. O.K. My power is tied to my pump for the water so I couldn’t use too much water because the pump couldn’t pump water without electricity. Just enough for drinking if I wanted to. So I really couldn’t do a lot of cleaning, right? No vacuuming or laundry could be done. So I was sort of trapped. Who am I kidding I sort of loved it!!! HEE HEE!!!! I felt very Little House on the Prairieish. But you know Laura Ingalls and that bunch never had power and it certainly didn’t stop them. Oh well that was a long time ago.

12:00 PM Still no power. I decided to drive to the top of our driveway and see if I could see anything that would have caused the power outage. I would have walked but honestly I have a fear of death by a falling tree. I’m sure there’s a name for this phobia. I don’t like to walk in the woods when the wind is blowing at hurricane strength. I drove to the top of the driveway and could immediately see power lines all over the road. I stopped!!! I didn’t even try to walk up on the road to see if a tree or pole was down or what caused all the lines to be down. I wasn’t sure if those were live wires or not. That was not for me to decide. Realizing that I couldn’t even drive out of the driveway with all of these wires down did make me feel a little trapped but I had no where I had to be.

I went home and called the power company and pressed the number 2 to say that Yes I did have additional information to report about the outage . I felt so proud. Within an hour I heard utility trucks at the top of my driveway and lots of noise from chainsaws.

Within another two hours the power was restored. By this time it was after 2:00 PM and the power had been out for over six hours. A nuisance? maybe. A wonderful opportunity to snuggle babies and catch up on reading with the interruption of my cell phone or anything else? DEFINITELY!!!!

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. How was your weekend? How is your week going?

Turns out a lot of people were without power that day not just us rural country people. I wonder if they felt Little House on the Prairieish?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!

Hello November!!!

I barely made it out of my house yesterday without Scruffy strapped to me. We spent the two days over the weekend cuddling and chilling at home and if anything that makes him even more needy. He won’t let me out of his sight.

I decided that I was going to splurge this past weekend and do absolutely nothing. I have a couple of really busy weeks coming up and the plan was that when I pulled my car into the garage on Friday evening I would not get it back out until Monday. I felt like I just needed the down time. With the election looming, covid, work and everything I just needed that time to regenerate. Do you ever feel that way? Well that is just what I did. I stayed at home all weekend and didn’t go anywhere!!!!

Visions of all the things I would do over the weekend were dancing in my head on Friday evening. I would watch movies, read, knit, catch up on my writing, etc. etc. And a lot of that did happen but of course life gets in the way sooooo, backtrack just a bit.

On Thursday night, the night before my big forty eight hour sabbatical, Mark told me the sink in the kitchen was stopped up. We have had some issues with the pipes under the sink. We built this house over twenty years ago, I think the pipes have held up pretty well. I may have mentioned that I do all the plumbing in the family. Mark says it’s because I have smaller hands. Yep that’s what it is. Turns out we have a major problem under the sink and it is probably going to take more than this plumber can handle. We will have to call in a real life plumber. So I had some cleaning under the sink to take care of. I couldn’t run the dishwasher because of the pipes under the sink being clogged or whatever. I was having to wash dishes in the sink in my laundry room. Luckily it’s right next to the kitchen. This did hinder by downtime just a little.

The idea of not doing anything for two whole days sounds wonderful and just plain decadent. But in reality doing nothing for two days sort of bores me. It makes me think of all I need to do around the house. It makes me feel sluggish and unmotivated. I guess there has to be a happy medium in there. I did read an entire book over the weekend for Book Club. More about that book later. Plus Daylight Savings Time ended and the time changed and Sunday seemed like forever long. I am actually one of the only people I know who likes Standard Time more than Daylight Savings Time, Yep I do. I love that it is daylight earlier and I don’t care about the darkness. I go to bed really early anyway. Hee hee!!!

For Halloween we did nothing except watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Luckily we have had this on DVD for years. Mark says I am a cross between Sally’s character and Lucy’s character. He says I can be sweet like Sally but bossy like Lucy. What??? I can’t see that. Well maybe. We don’t actually have trick or treaters out where we live. It would probably be scary if we did. I don’t know what I would do if a little costumed trick or treater came to my door. If I ever live in the city where hundreds of children visit and trick or treat I will dress up and have the time of my life. I told a friend at work that if I did have some trick or treaters I guess I could find something for them. She said ” I can see it now, oh come on in, do you want a scarf I just knitted, some cookies or bread,” HA!! Yes that would be me. But it sounds kind of old lady creepy. Anyway!!!

A lot of cuddling with this girl as well. Her and Scruffy take turns being on mom’s lap.

A good weekend a lazy weekend and just what I needed to get ready for the upcoming week. What lies ahead. I am going to be optimistic and say whatever this election holds it will be just what we need. I have faith in that.

OH!!! But on Saturday night I did get an awesome picture of the Blue Moon. The sky was so clear. I remembered to charge my camera battery. I waited patiently until the moon cleared the trees in our woods and AHHHHHH!!! So worth the wait. About 10:00 PM I went out to the deck where I had the tripod and got some photos.

I am off to bed. Headed out tomorrow for a work trip to Gatlinburg only an overnight so only minimal packing. How many pairs of shoes do I need?

How is your week going? how was your weekend?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!