A New Week, A New Gate

Hello and happy Sunday, how was your week? Another crazy week here at the old Casa.

Last Monday was Valentine’s Day. I don’t know how much you celebrate but me and the hubs are pretty low key on it these days. I ask if he was getting me something and he said yes. I said have you bought it? he said no. I said I would love to have yarn. He said that was fine with him and off I went to buy for Valentine’s Day. That is how we roll around here. I like flowers but they are so expensive and do not last. I like candy but definitely don’t need it and I do love yarn and I can never get enough of it so it was a win win. Very romantic I know heee heee!!!

I actually spent Valentine’s Day with my Sister. She had to have a procedure done in Knoxville and I took her. We had to be in Knoxville at 7:00 AM. I had to leave my house at 5:30 AM to get to her house by 6:00 so we could make the almost one hour drive to Knoxville. The hubs also had to work that morning so he was up and helped take care of all the babies’ feeding and outside time. The procedure went very well and I was back home by 2:00 so I took a short nap since I had gotten up at 3:30.

It was a busy week a lot of different things going on, My sister and her procedure, I had to take Molly for an allergy shot, Sister lunch and work of course but I guess the thing that stands out the most is The Gate. Let me explain.

My husband and I have been married for more than thirty years. We have been through a lot together, a kidney transplant, with me being the donor for him, job changes, we have built two houses together, one house to live in and one house to sell. So you see those are things that can be challenging for a couple. Especially the building of the houses. But nothing and I repeat nothing has ever caused us to disagree more than the gate we decided to have installed at the top of our driveway.

Our driveway is very long, a lot of people drive down our driveway not realizing that it is a private drive. Now that we have all the kitties and they are out on the driveway someone could come down the drive and run over one of them. I can’t even think about that. So we decided to install a gate at the top to prevent anyone from coming in. Plus a gate would add extra security. When they say that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, were they ever right, whoever they may be. I totally thought my husband knew what I wanted in a gate and he thought I knew what he wanted and it was supposed to be somewhat the same thing. Wrong!!!

On Monday when I came home from taking my sister to Knoxville the men who were putting in the gate were at the top of our driveway. They have done lots of work for us. They built our deck on the back of the house a few years ago. We know and love them. None of the happenings in this story was totally their fault. I waved as I went through and went on in to take that nap I mentioned. On Monday all they did was set some poles so nothing too exciting with the gate.

On Tuesday hubs called and said they were working on the gate and it was almost finished. He was so happy and excited. I couldn’t wait to see it.

When I pulled into the driveway that afternoon all I could see was this huge wooden fortress looking thing with a metal gate in the middle. The wood on either side of the gate was not even. It was so uneven that it actually hurt your eyes to look at it. Because of the property line, so I am told, one side of the wooden fortress was much shorter than the other. Also the gate almost looked like it was off its hinge the way it was hanging. I drove on down to the house in shock. Hubs came bounding out of the house all excited. “Do you love it”? he asked. Lord I just couldn’t help it I was so ugly about that gate. NO!!!! I said. “I hate it”. It’s not what I expected at all. I thought it was going to have one post on each side. It looks like a fortress. A jacked up fortress!!! Who do I look like? freaking Rapunzel?? I knew I was terribly over reacting about the gate but I was so disappointed. He said they had been in a bit of a hurry and would be back the next day to straighten out anything we didn’t like. I suggested they remove it. This didn’t go over too well. We live in a very rural area and certainly don’t need anything fancy but it wasn’t what I had in mind. Lots of heated words were exchanged that night. We called a wary truce and called it a night.

After much deliberation on the gate we decided to extend the other side to make it more even. I know!!! even more fortressy looking. But at this point I was unsure what would help. When they returned a couple of days later we, me and hubs, both met with them at the house. I told them we had had some miscommunication with each other. Me and hubs, not them. Because we were close to the property line we were not going to be able to add more wood to the other side of the fortress. They suggested we shorten the longer side and make the two sides even. Well yeah!!!! That is what I had in mind in the first place. So they took half of it out, they rehung the gate and redid the wood slats. We still have a lot of work to do. We have to paint the wood and we bought those cute little solar end caps to go on the posts. We will also plant shrubs around it. I will definitely show before and after pictures when it is all done. And I guess for now the divorce is on hold. Rapunzel has spoken.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

Hello February

Hello and happy Sunday and first weekend in February. Wow I hear people saying they thought January lasted forever but I think it went by unbelievably fast.

A few of my favorite things from this past month include several books I read or listened to through the Libby app. If you have a local library card you can read books online through Libby. There are thousands of books available instantly for whatever device you choose to use. I love using this app. These are the books I read or listened to in January.

I am really picky about what I can listen to when it comes to a book and the readers. The first two books, The Secret to Southern Charm and The Southern Side of Paradise are a series. These are two and three. I have a hold for the first one. These are audible and the reader is trying to use a southern accent and it is pretty bad. But the story line is good and it kept me interested.

This past week has been much calmer than last week EXCEPT the babies. It’s Molly and Scruffy this time. Molly is our old girl and she came to us almost fifteen years ago. When we got her, her tail had been mostly cut off. I think she was a hunting dog hopeful for someone and she just didn’t fit the bill and they dumped her.

A few weeks ago we noticed when Molly was walking through the house she sometimes left spots of blood behind her. We finally figured out it was coming from her tail. For some reason she had been chewing on the middle of her tail, or what’s left of her tail. There’s lot of blood veins that run through a dog’s tail. The vet told us this is a very tough skin and it is very hard to chew through but she did it. No sign of fleas or allergies, she gets an allergy shot regularly. No tumor in that area so are really unsure why she started chewing on it the way she did. A couple of times she bled so much it looked like she was going to bleed out. This may be my mama overactive imagination running wild but it was freaking scary. And the tear was infected. We had to dress the cut twice a day and wrap it with tape or we had to have her wear the cone of shame while it got some air. It was a nightmare. I slept in the recliner one night because I was so scared she was going to rip it back open. So we have been dealing with this for about a month. It is not healing as quick as our vet would like so they have put her on a higher dose of antibiotics. So far she is doing much better.

Then there is Scruffy. Something is going on with him and it scares me really bad and I am not going to say a lot about it until we get some testing. He is having some episodes similar to seizures but not losing conscious. Anyway it scares the crap out of me and I can’t even think of him not being o.k.so that is all I can say right now. I will keep you posted.

Work has been fairly easy. We are still in the slow season. I did have a bit of catching up to do after being out for our trip to Cocoa Beach but fortunately I had a bit of time to work while I was down there because of all the rain we had. Take the good with the bad I say.

I finally finished all the little hearts I was working on. I sewed up two different sizes in different fabrics. My idea was to put them in a jar. But when I put them in the jar I just wasn’t pleased with how they looked. I finally put them in a big clear vase I bought at the thrift store for $3.00 and I was pretty pleased with it.

After I sewed all the hearts I had a hard time deciding what to put them in. I found this vase at the thrift store for $3.00. I love the way it turned out.
I did this one for my niece for her Birthday. Don’t you just love the Pioneer Woman place mats. I love the colors.

After a week of dreary cold cloudy days the weekend was filled with sunshine. The temps were still pretty cold but the sunshine made up for it. I just had to get out with the babies both days and get some much needed walks and vitamin C.

Sunshine, beautiful sunshine!!! Where have you been???
Molly and Milo
The babies and I had some nice walks. This is Allie (Mama Kitty)

So how was your weekend?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!

Another Cold and Snowy Weekend

Hello friends, it has been a rather quiet week over here. I have been battling a nasty cold or sinus infection or something like that. The hubs is finally getting over what he had a couple of weeks ago. Soooo I don’t know about all this sickness but I do know a lot of people are sick right now. I am praying for a speedy recovery for all of them.

First of all work has been fairly slow all week and that is a good thing since I am feeling really stinky. We were supposed to have Izzy and Sadie spayed on Thursday but our vet called and said they were so short staffed they were having to close for a few days. I am suspecting Covid but can’t be for sure. But our two girls got rescheduled to next week. I am so looking forward to getting those two spayed.

I did have a little issue with my blog. I noticed last week that my link was broken. I don’t know how this happened. Sometimes I am not a big fan or WordPress. Strange things happen that you seem to not have control over. When I posted a comment on another blog the link back to my site was a site that did not exist. Anyway I contacted the WordPress team and they got me back on track. So if I commented on your blog and you couldn’t link back to mine that was the reason.

I came home from work early on Friday because I was feeling so bad. I went straight to bed and stayed there until Saturday morning. When I got up I felt much better. I decided to do the grocery store pick-up on Saturday morning so I wouldn’t have to get out and actually gather groceries. I did that and came home and that is where I stayed all weekend.

I made a crockpot full of chili today. It has been cold and windy and just the perfect day for chili.

We have been having a really bad time with our old girl Molly. She is approximately fourteen years old and having a lot of issues. She is still able to get around quite well or I should say she has been able to. She has some liver issues and really has to be coaxed to eat. She has been having some other problems that I won’t go into but the last two days we have been really worried about her. I thought today we were going to lose her. She would not get up all day. She went out once to pee and slept all day. She refused to eat no matter what we tried to feed her. We know the time is coming and that is all I want to say about that right now.

Look at that sweet face. You can tell by the gray in her muzzle she is getting to be such an old girl.

I have been working on a couple of knitting projects and a Valentine cross stitch pattern this weekend. I may not have this one finished by Valentine’s Day but we will see. Remember this cross stitch I was working on last year for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t finish it and I put it in the WIP (Works in progress) basket and forgot all about it. I dug it back out last week and have been working on it. If I don’t finish it this year I am sure I will next year.

I bought these little Waverly one yard fat quarters to make some valentines. I got the idea from a fellow blogger who made several and put them in a glass jar. I thought they were so cute and would make a great center piece. I made several today and I am still working on them. I think I will get a different color or pattern to mix with these or maybe a solid red color. The stitching is very simple just a running stitch up the sides and then I stuff them with a little batting. I will also use pinking shears around the edges of some of them to give them a little variety.

It was such a nice morning for sewing. I cut and sewed and cut and sewed and it was very relaxing and methodical. It started out being a beautiful morning with a little sun but then the clouds rolled in and by 2:00 PM it was snowing like crazy.

Here are a few of the semi finished hearts. As I said I will finish the edges with pinking shears to give them a little bit of different look.
I glanced up and saw all this snow and couldn’t believe it. I don’t think it will be bad driving or anything and that is good.
Keeping in line with Valentine’s Day colors I think I will paint my nails this color. I bought this at T.J. MAXX a few weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

I have a busy week coming up. I will be leaving next Sunday for a trip to Cocoa Beach Florida for an Attractions meeting, I can’t wait!!!, So I have a lot to do this week to get ready to be gone most of next week. We are going to Cape Canaveral and I have never been there so I am really excited about that. I would have loved for the hubs to be able to go with me but he has to work and he said he would stay home and take care of all the fur babies. Such a good husband and fur baby daddy.

Do you have a lot going on this week? How was your weekend?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

A Shiny New Week!!!!

Sunday and we are well into this shiny new year. How was your week?

We had snow twice this week. Well sort of. That is really unusual for us here in East Tennessee. Also unusual because last Saturday it was 78 degrees F and Wednesday the high was only 22 degrees. This weather is crazy!!

Monday night I went to bed and it was raining and by Tuesday morning when I got up we had gotten several inches of snow. It was the best kind too. The heavy wet snow that sticks to all the trees but not the roads. Even my driveway was ok.

That creepy figure in the upstairs window is Santa. We still have him up lol.
See the donkey?
My Driveway. No snow on the driveway.

I think the early morning light gives everything a beautiful blue color.

So into the week wide open. Work has slowed considerably so a good time to catch up on paperwork and things like that without any interruptions.

I had lunch with the sisters on Wednesday. On Thursday we had another “snow event”. Supposedly the snow was going to start in our area around 2:00 PM. and come in really fast. We kept a close eye on it at work. We even closed a couple of hours early as did other businesses in town. All we had was rain and a little sleet. The snow totally missed our area this time and I am ok with that.

Saturday I finally took down all the Christmas decorations, went to visit my MIL in the assisted living village and then took a little trip to Hobby Lobby. I was in the mood to buy a few Valentines decorations and of course some yarn. I then bought groceries, went home and walked and fed the babies.

Christmas decorations waiting to be wrapped and put up.
My Snow Babies.
The snow babies are ornaments I have had for more than twenty years. They are special to me because I bought them at a little shop in town when I was with my mama. We just fell in love with them. I put them on my tree every year it always reminds me of her and our day together.
My yarn haul from Hobby Lobby
On our walk Saturday before all the rain started.
Mama kitty.

Today was a rainy day, all day. I watched the movie Lost Daughter on Netflix and it was really good but a little strange. Definitely worth watching I think. I knitted a lot and watched our Molly girl. As you know she is very old and having issues. Today was a challenge so I felt like I was lurking over her every few seconds keeping a watchful eye on her.

How was your week?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!