Hello November!!!

I barely made it out of my house yesterday without Scruffy strapped to me. We spent the two days over the weekend cuddling and chilling at home and if anything that makes him even more needy. He won’t let me out of his sight.

I decided that I was going to splurge this past weekend and do absolutely nothing. I have a couple of really busy weeks coming up and the plan was that when I pulled my car into the garage on Friday evening I would not get it back out until Monday. I felt like I just needed the down time. With the election looming, covid, work and everything I just needed that time to regenerate. Do you ever feel that way? Well that is just what I did. I stayed at home all weekend and didn’t go anywhere!!!!

Visions of all the things I would do over the weekend were dancing in my head on Friday evening. I would watch movies, read, knit, catch up on my writing, etc. etc. And a lot of that did happen but of course life gets in the way sooooo, backtrack just a bit.

On Thursday night, the night before my big forty eight hour sabbatical, Mark told me the sink in the kitchen was stopped up. We have had some issues with the pipes under the sink. We built this house over twenty years ago, I think the pipes have held up pretty well. I may have mentioned that I do all the plumbing in the family. Mark says it’s because I have smaller hands. Yep that’s what it is. Turns out we have a major problem under the sink and it is probably going to take more than this plumber can handle. We will have to call in a real life plumber. So I had some cleaning under the sink to take care of. I couldn’t run the dishwasher because of the pipes under the sink being clogged or whatever. I was having to wash dishes in the sink in my laundry room. Luckily it’s right next to the kitchen. This did hinder by downtime just a little.

The idea of not doing anything for two whole days sounds wonderful and just plain decadent. But in reality doing nothing for two days sort of bores me. It makes me think of all I need to do around the house. It makes me feel sluggish and unmotivated. I guess there has to be a happy medium in there. I did read an entire book over the weekend for Book Club. More about that book later. Plus Daylight Savings Time ended and the time changed and Sunday seemed like forever long. I am actually one of the only people I know who likes Standard Time more than Daylight Savings Time, Yep I do. I love that it is daylight earlier and I don’t care about the darkness. I go to bed really early anyway. Hee hee!!!

For Halloween we did nothing except watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Luckily we have had this on DVD for years. Mark says I am a cross between Sally’s character and Lucy’s character. He says I can be sweet like Sally but bossy like Lucy. What??? I can’t see that. Well maybe. We don’t actually have trick or treaters out where we live. It would probably be scary if we did. I don’t know what I would do if a little costumed trick or treater came to my door. If I ever live in the city where hundreds of children visit and trick or treat I will dress up and have the time of my life. I told a friend at work that if I did have some trick or treaters I guess I could find something for them. She said ” I can see it now, oh come on in, do you want a scarf I just knitted, some cookies or bread,” HA!! Yes that would be me. But it sounds kind of old lady creepy. Anyway!!!

A lot of cuddling with this girl as well. Her and Scruffy take turns being on mom’s lap.

A good weekend a lazy weekend and just what I needed to get ready for the upcoming week. What lies ahead. I am going to be optimistic and say whatever this election holds it will be just what we need. I have faith in that.

OH!!! But on Saturday night I did get an awesome picture of the Blue Moon. The sky was so clear. I remembered to charge my camera battery. I waited patiently until the moon cleared the trees in our woods and AHHHHHH!!! So worth the wait. About 10:00 PM I went out to the deck where I had the tripod and got some photos.

I am off to bed. Headed out tomorrow for a work trip to Gatlinburg only an overnight so only minimal packing. How many pairs of shoes do I need?

How is your week going? how was your weekend?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!


I was ever so glad to see the weekend come along this past week. After a very tiring week I was happy to have two days off with not much to do. On Saturday I did my usual grocery shopping and buying supplies for my mother in law. I did get to visit with her through her door, which is glass, for a few minutes on Saturday. I also made a cake for my nephew’s seventeenth birthday and delivered it to him. I made a quick trip to the Mennonite Farm Market close to my house. I bought a few gourds for my front porch and some cucumbers and some cinnamon rolls. These rolls are truly unbelievable. One of my favorite things about visiting the farm market, other than the cinnamon rolls, is the beautiful scenery around the farm. I was hoping more leaves had turned but the color is still a little bland. The weather has turned really dry and the leaves are brittle and falling to the ground in big crunchy piles.

I took this picture while I was at the farm market. Such a beautiful scene.
Some interesting looking gourds. I like the ones that look really different

On Sunday I watched a couple of movies and knitted and snuggled the babies and basically caught up on laundry and things like that. I had the house to myself this weekend because the hubs had to work. I put chili in the crock pot and knitted on a new scarf. I decided that I would like to go out in the back yard and lay on a blanket in the sunshine. I just knew that Scruffy would want to do this with me. I felt like I needed Vitamin C. Maybe even get some color on these pasty white things sticking out of my shorts, better known as my legs. I opened the back door to go out onto the deck and Molly tore into the house and wanted in her room. Yes she has her own room. It’s the laundry room but it is all hers and we refer to it as Molly’s room. HA!! This got Scruffy all freaked out and he refused to go out the back door onto the deck and out to the back yard. Don’t ask, I have no idea why he just refused to go out the back door. I put Molly in her room and got Scruffy outside. Kitty Kitty was looking at us like we had all lost our minds.

I found a good sunny spot for the blanket and got settled on it with my knitting and book. But once I got out on the blanket I noticed that Scruffy refused to get on the blanket. He just stood next to it looking at me like “Mom what are you doing? why are we not walking?” Scruffy likes being outside if he is taking a walk but otherwise he prefers the comforts of the house. I finally gave up and went inside. No ants crawling up my legs and the couch was a lot comfier.

Scruffy just wasn’t too sure about hanging out in the back yard on the blanket. He is sooooo weird.
Kitty Kitty is perfectly content stretched out in the warm sunshine.
This is the scarf I am working on. I love this yarn. It feels so soft and squishy. I am using larger needles, size 13 and it knits up really fast.
A couple of nice walks over the weekend. You can see a little color but by this time the leaves should almost be at peak color.

All in all a very nice weekend just what I needed to gear up for the week. I will be linking with another blogger next week for a post called The Weekly Smile. It will be about things that make you smile during your week. So think about it this week when you catch yourself smiling at something cute or nice or just because you are happy. Hopefully this will become a weekly post where we will share what makes us smile. I think we all need more smiles during these crazy times.

Have a wonderful week

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

A Darth Vader Kind of Saturday

Last week I got a phone call from the Assisted Living Center where my mother in law is living. The director was letting everyone know that limited visitation would be starting. I knew there would be restrictions, but oh boy are there restrictions!! I know I should be glad that we can visit at all, and I am, It has been seven months since we have seen her. We talk on the phone all the time but haven’t been able to visit since March. Only one person can visit at a time right now so Mark and I decided it would be me. She and I are really close.

I set up a time to visit for Saturday morning, yesterday, at 10:30. Oh yes that is one of the restrictions. You have to set a time, you have to wear a shield, I was told that one would be assigned to me on my first visit. The visit could only last for about fifteen minutes and we had to remain six feet apart. Oh and the visit would have to take place outside. I asked if the outside visiting area would be covered and yes they said it would.

When I woke up yesterday it was pouring down rain. I did not even think about cancelling the visit. I was sure she had been waiting and counting the days since I had told her about it last week. I had to run to the grocery store to get some supplies for my mother in law before the visit. I would stop back by and get my groceries after the visit. The Center is about thirty minutes from my house.

Once inside the grocery store I noticed some amazing pumpkins. I wanted some for fall decorating and they had those large flat-ish white ones. I ran and got a cart and wrestled two of those and several orange ones and then several small white ones into the cart. You see how my ADD is kicking in here? But the thing is I knew I would have groceries to buy when I stopped back by later and no room in the cart for them. Anyway, I got the pumpkins and the couple of things she needed and headed out. It was still raining. I got the wet pumpkins into the trunk and headed to the assisted living center.

Aren’t they adorable?

When I arrived at the center I went in and called the nurse, because they never have anyone in the front, to let her know I was there. She came out, took my temp drilled me with the usual COVID questions and gave me a shield. She said this would be my assigned shield and if anyone else in the family visited they could use it. YUCK!!! I also had to wear my mask. To say I sounded like Darth Vader would be an understatement .Hellooooo I am your daughter in law!!!! My little mother in law can barely hear when I am sitting right next to her. I knew I would have to yell now to be heard. Not to mention with the mask and the shield the shield was fogging up until I couldn’t see. I had to drive around to the outside, covered, area where we would meet. Nurse M had rolled her wheelchair out to the covered patio where we would visit.

It was wonderful to see her. As I said she couldn’t hear me. I had to yell to be heard but that was o.k. I did show her some pictures on my phone because she loves seeing pictures of the babies. So all in all an o.k. visit, just different as so many things are these days. Maybe someday. I can tell that she is much more confused than she was a few months ago. I just hate that these people can’t have visitors. I think the isolation is really making them decline even faster. She will be 87 next month and to be able to visit with her family she would probably risk COVID. But I guess that is not for us to decide.

After getting my groceries I realized I had been out and about for a few hours and I had had coffee, water and a Diet Coke!!! I really really didn’t want to go to the bathroom at Walmart. I could wait until I got home. I know better than this, someone my age, with my bladder and one kidney doesn’t play around with things like that. An almost twenty minute drive home, backing down my long driveway, fumbling with my key to get in the back door. Let’s just say I know better. Everything went well, I backed down the driveway, jumped out of the car and walking very carefully yet as fast as I could I got through the garage to the back door. Fortunately we have a bathroom right at the back door. Everything was still going well until Molly, my big outside baby who stays in the house a lot, saw her opportunity to run in the back door. She ran in front of me to get in and blocked my way. I ran through the back door screaming for Molly to get out of the way while I was kicking my shoes and pants off. As soon as Kitty Kitty heard the yelling and saw the shoes flying she made a beeline for the stairs. I think my pants landed on Scruffy. Mark came into the kitchen and barely blinked an eye. It’s not the first time I have raced in the back door and ran straight to the bathroom. He’s used to it. He was probably considering calling the Assisted Living Center to see if they had an extra room for me HA!!!

No words

That was pretty much my Saturday. How has your weekend been so far?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

Happy Sunday, Happy October!!!!

Hello friends and how has your weekend been so far? Mine has been very quiet and lazy and that is just fine for me. I went back to work on Wednesday after being off a couple of extra day with Mark because of the shingles bout. To give you an update on him he is doing much better. The shingles still look really bad but they are improving. He will have blood work tomorrow at a local doctor and then we will do a trip to Vanderbilt in a couple of weeks to meet with the transplant team. This is to make sure the kidney is still doing great even though he is taking some meds that are not the best for it. Hubs has gone back to work and I have been given the name Helicopter Wife because of all the hovering I have been doing. But you know what? I am ok with that.

As I mentioned I went back to work on Wednesday and it was a really laid back rest of the week. After all the excitement over the weekend it was good to get back to a really quiet and normal pace. I decided that I wasn’t going to do much over the weekend and I haven’t. I had to run some errands and do the grocery thing yesterday and I did visit one of my favorite thrift stores in Madisonville that just got opened back up. But I took it easy today.

I made banana bread. I like to slice this up and put it in individual baggies and put them in the refrigerator. Then I pull out one for breakfast or a snack and pop it in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds and it is yummy!!! They last for about 10 days this way.
Yummy Yummy!!!!
I just started a new book. I love having a lot of time to read. Of course Scruffy is never far from by side. HA!!!

The weather has been beautiful. It is so hard to believe that fall is here. We have had some very cool mornings and then usually warmer temps by noon. I am loving it!!!! The cool weather and rain should make for a very colorful fall foliage.

You can tell a subtle change in the colors.
More color I am loving it.
Leaves are falling!!!!

I can’t believe how fast September seemed to fly by. It’s hard to believe that Christmas will be here in just a little more than two months. I tried to think of all the things that happened in September but to be honest it just seemed to pass by so quickly. I did read a couple of awesome books I have to mention. The first two are picks from my Book Club that meets monthly and the Diary Of Anne Frank is one that I am rereading from many many years ago.

This book is so hard to read but yet it’s hard not to read if that makes any sense.
I loved this book. I have read several from JoJo Moyes but this one was a little different from all the others. It was a pick from my book club.
I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this book but it really surprised me. There was such a mystery to it I couldn’t put it down. That is one of the things I love about book club. Books that I might not pick for myself wind up being favorites.

So how was your weekend? I hope you did some fun things and enjoyed the wonderful fall colors and cooler weather.

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!