Do You Always Know When You’re Being a B*tch?

Hello everyone, I feel like this month is speeding by. I love April and it’s also my Birthday month.  My Birthday this year is on Easter I don’t think that has ever happened before.  Not that I can remember anyway.  I also got married on my Birthday, don’t ask me why it seemed like a good…

Redbud Winter

Well hello April how did you get here so fast?  Spring? it is supposed to be spring but here in East Tennessee this morning it was 36 degrees!!!!  I think this is officially called Redbud Winter.  The Redbuds are blooming and they are beautiful. The buds actually emerge right from the bark of twigs and branches and even…

Decoupaged Easter Eggs

Hello hello happy spring. Let me tell you This girl is more than ready for some spring weather. Over the weekend I felt especially crafty. Sometimes when I get really stressed out about work and things. I need to get out of my head for awhile. It seems like nothing helps me more than creating something new….

A Quick Trip to Orlando

    Hello hello, how are you? I had a quick trip to Orlando last week for work. I left on Monday. My flight wasn’t until almost 2:00 pm. This wasn’t by my choice. I usually like a really early flight so that I can get to where I am going and check things out….