It’s Just Another Manic Monday

Good Monday morning I am thinking of that song from the episode of Friends where Joey sings the Good Morning song with his neighbor:
“Morning’s Here
The Morning is Here
Sunshine is Here
The Sky is Clear
The Morning’s here
Get into Gear
Breakfast is near
The Dark of the Night Has Disappeared”

I Love this song and would love it even more if Joey Tribbiani was here to sing it to me.

What a crazy week it was last week it flew by but seemed to last forever at the same time.  Do you ever have weeks like that?  The temperatures here have been crazy with highs every day in the mid to upper 70’s.   But never fear the rain is here today and cooler so it feels more like February well almost March now.

Here are three of my current WIP’s (work in progress)  much the same way that I can’t just read one book at a time I can’t work on one piece of knitting so I have two pairs of socks and a scarf that I am working on. The good thing here is they will all get finished about the same time.

4FE9D0CD-ADB3-470F-B668-EF7BF267BDCBMy friend Lorie S told me about an estate sale on Friday. I went after work and discovered that on Saturday everything would be 50% off so I decided to go back on Saturday morning. I saw a couple of handmade baskets I thought I would get on Saturday. But you can probably guess what happened I got there about an hour after it started and the baskets were gone.  I did snag these two lamps for only $7.00 each.   The larger one will need some polishing with brasso but I think it will look nice I may add another shade as well.

And I saved the best for last this little guy joined our family last week. He is a rescue. Pretty sure he is a Yorkie. He is an old boy the vet thinks maybe 8 years old. He has cataracts and doesn’t see very well but he is the sweetest baby you have ever met. We named him Scruffy for obvious reasons.  Our girl dog Molly is not too happy with him but she’s starting to adjust.

I hope your Monday has been happy. ❤️

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