Happy Spring


Tuesday March 20, 2018

Hello and Happy Spring?  I don’t know where you are from but here in the south it does not feel like spring today.  Yes I know it officially arrived at 12:15 this afternoon and the temperature at that time was about 50 degrees F and it was dropping.  There is actually two inches of snow predicted in this area by morning.

I wore my leather boots to work.  I love my boots and I know that my days of wearing them will soon be over.  Some boots I don’t mind wearing in the summer but it is usually just too hot and humid here to do that.  I overheard someone today say I wore sandals yesterday and I will be wearing snow boots by morning.  Yes that’s East Tennessee for you.

My knee is better but I am still feeling some pain when I overdo it.  That’s what happened on Saturday. I had a meeting in nearby Athens just about twenty miles south of me.  Athens happens to have a Hobby Lobby, which I love.  I was looking for items to decorate a table that we are doing for Thursday night at our Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet.  The table decorations have become one of the most fun things about the Banquet.  Local businesses agree to decorate a table complete with a nice center piece and take home goodies for six people. Last year we did a batman theme and it was a lot of fun.  This year we decided to go with a garden theme.  Here is a sneak peek of some of the items we will be using to decorate the table.  I will show you the finished table on Thursday.


So after I spent almost two hours in Hobby Lobby trying to decide on a theme. My knee was feeling a little tight.  So of course I decided to visit some antique stores in Downtown Sweetwater, if you get a chance check them out, so by the time I made it home my knee was throbbing. I am a glutton for punishment

I spent most of Sunday taking it easy and my knee feels better now.

Of course when I was in Hobby Lobby I did purchase some yarn.


I will probably make scarves with these. I am not a yarn snob but to be honest Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell a very reliable sock yarn. This usually has to be bought at a yarn specialty shop. I believe if it is worth your time it is worth your money.

Anyway, Happy Spring or whatever you are having where you live.



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