You don’t always have to be “on”

Wednesday 3-14-2018


It seems like I have been playing catch up all week.  I started the week behind schedule and I have been struggling to get caught up.  Do you ever have those times when you have so much to do you just want to take a nap and forget everything that you need to do,   well that’s kind of where I am this week and it’s only Wednesday!!

For one thing I have had meetings every day this week and that puts me behind on everything else that I need to get done.  Another thing that I struggle with is that I tend to think that I have to be such a part of everything that I am involved with.  Now don’t get me wrong of course you want to be involved but sometimes I tend to get overstimulated like a child on a sugar high after eating an entire bag of gummy bears and a box of milk duds, don’t ask me how I know what this does to you,  and I think I have to have the answers to every single one of life’s problems not to mention being the cheerleader, coach and Most Valuable Player at the same time.  This can be exhausting.  I am not trying to play the woman card but I think as women we often think we have to be everything to everyone.   This realization hit me kind of hard yesterday as I was rushing to get to a meeting and struggling to be up up up!!!   So I said to myself what if I didn’t push myself this way all the time?  I think everything would be just fine. So I decided to practice taking a step back and listening more, and watching what is going on around me more and being silent when I want to, and being good to me.  I don’t have to be “on” all the time.   Here are some ways I think I will practice this.

1. Get better sleep at night, I think this really is the key to healthy living
2. Stop procrastinating.  When I procrastinate I find myself running behind and putting
me second because I am taking care of something difficult that I have put off until the
last minute.
3.  Eat healthy but don’t deprive myself of things I love.
4. Get more exercise.  This one has been hard with my sprained knee but there’s still
stretching and yoga and lots of other ways to get more movement.
5. Stop trying to cram 48 hours of work into a 24 hour day.
6. Let go of things I cannot control.  ( This is the hardest for me)
7. Enjoy what is going on around me by truly living in the present.

Wish me luck it won’t happen overnight.

Be good to yourself.

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