Ode To Sadness

Thursday, April 5. 2018

Look what is blooming in the south. We call these Wild Forest Dogwood because they bloom wild at the edge of the woods in our yard.  And of course with this brings Dogwood Winter and to prove it it was 34 degrees at my house this morning.  What!????


So you might wander what the sadness is about.  I am sad. No not Seasonal affective disorder. I love the changing of the seasons even when winter comes.  I always have. I am sad because I have had so many changes in my life lately. I have lost many family members and loved ones. And I guess this with my mother in law falling really topped it off. I am healthy and I am grateful for everything I have. I am so tired of well meaning people offering advice on what I should do or should have done. I got it thank you.  What I really want to say is f$&@ you.  I am really juggling a lot of things right now. If you want to lend some support then stand behind me and listen without judgement.

I have my faith that will never falter. I love the springtime and everything about it. I am so fortunate for my wonderful family and friends this does not mean I have to pretend to feel something I don’t. I am sad I will let it be that way. It will pass and until it does I will just be sad.  It’s ok  I have started repeating that to myself and it really helps

This little guy makes me smile every day just look at that face how can you not laugh at that.


Just keeping it real with you so how do you get yourself out of a funk, or the blues, or whatever you call it. I would love to hear it

Love your day your way


2 thoughts on “Ode To Sadness

  1. Hi my sweet friend! I am sorry you are feeling down. Loss of loved ones and sickness in the family take a toll on us. What I would want to do is just get away for a day, take a ride in the mountains, maybe a short hike. Just do something that is not what I usually do, and pretend I am on vacation that day. Another thing that helps is watching a funny movie, or for me, I watch I Love Lucy, she has helped me through many stressful times! You are an awesome lady and I am very honored to have you as my friend for so many years! ♡ God bless you Lisa!


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