Search For The Beauty

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I like to think you can take just about anything and find something beautiful within it.  This old barn is one I saw the other day, when I was headed into town and was forced to take a different road because of two covered wagons in the road moving slowly. Ahhhh rural living at its finest. I would have gotten a couple of pics of those but they had traffic backed up for quite a ways.   Look at this barn totally a wreck but in its own way beautiful too. I think about all the stories that were involved with this old barn.  I wonder how many animals passed through here.  So I think you can always find some beauty in almost anything.  I often have to remind myself of this and not be so critical.  There truly is beauty everywhere sometimes you just have to look for it.


So I have had a crazy week with my mother in law, getting her settled in rehab and taking care of her house and her cat and everything.  On Saturday I spent most of the day at the hospital with her and on my way home I decided to have a little retail therapy.  I have been looking for a pink purse.  A large one.  I only had time to stop at one or two stores so I decided to stop at Marshall’s.  You know Marshall’s has a great variety and sometimes you really have to dig to get what you are looking for but I had success in just a short amount of time   I found this shirt that can be worn two ways.  You can wear it off the shoulder for dressier nights or on the shoulder for work.   And a pink purse I love.  My birthday is coming up and I just heard that my nephew, who is 14 and thinks he is extremely funny, was going to get me a random purse and spray paint it pink for a joke. Maybe he will do it anyway I would love to see what he can come up with.    The shirt was $24.99 and the purse was $39.99 so a couple of good deals in a short amount of time.  Score!!!!!


It’s finally sunny outside I have been trying to spend time outside for some much needed vitamin D.  Everything is blooming. I love it.

Oh I have to tell you about this shampoo and conditioner I have found it is amazing.  It is called Hair Food. It is sold by CVS Pharmacy. I got this at Target CVS and it makes your hair feel so wonderful.  It is sulfate free and is really great for color treated hair.

I know this is a bit random and I am kind of all over the place with this but that is how my life has been lately so I really couldn’t expect anymore from me.  So until I go on the road with my favorite rock band or audition for an episode of Game, See you soon.

Love your day your way




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