I Ate a Frog

Saturday May 12th, 2018       by Lisa McClung

Happy Saturday everyone. I can’t believe we are in the second week of  May. With work, a new kitty, keeping my sister’s fur kid while she is on vacation, and again work, work, work, life continues to be a bit crazy over here.

You know I constantly struggle with procrastination. A couple of weeks ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs Pearls and Twirls and Katie was also talking about procrastination and a book called  Eat That Frog.  You can get this on Amazon so I ordered it and I love it!!!!


The book is by Brian Tracy.  He believes if you get your most dreaded thing out of the way first then everything else will get easier.   He calls it eating a frog.  He believes if you start your day by eating a frog then the rest of it has to be better.  And if you have two frogs to eat then eat the biggest and ugliest one first.  When you do this everything else seems easier to do.   I tried this last week.  Lord knows when I dread doing something I put it off as much as I can.  Well last week I plunged right in and worked on my most dreaded things first.  It is true when I did this and felt this accomplishment I wanted to tackle other things.  Try it and let me know If it works for you.  Brian has many more helpful insights so check it out.  Also check out Katie’s blog Pearls and Twirls you will love it.

Its Saturday so I have a million things to do. I have a lot ( that’s an understatement) of laundry to to. I have had to be pretty creative with my clothing this week pulling things out of the closet I haven’t seen in awhile. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I am getting ready to purge a lot of clothes from my closets. I’m thinking of putting them on Poshmark it’s a great way to buy and sell clothes.  Check it out.

The temperatures here in the south have been a bit unpredictable. We had one of the coldest April’s in recorded history and yesterday it was 90 degrees.  We skipped straight from winter to summer.  What happened to the spring?  I just love the month of May especially in the mornings. The air seems so soft at that time of day.  Have a wonderful day.

Love your day your way


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