I Survived Mother’s Day

Tuesday, May 15,  2018  by Lisa



 These irises are from my mother’s yard I transplanted then several years ago to my yard and have also shared them with my nieces so we all have something my mother loved.  

Mother’s Day as many of you know is not always a happy time.  It could be because you have no children and you have always wanted to be a mother. It could be because your mother is no longer living and you miss her terribly. It could be because you have lost a child.  It could be because your mother is living but for whatever reason you are estranged from her.

Whatever the reason Mother’s Day can be a sad day for many people. I do not have children of my own. I didn’t intentionally not have children and I didn’t intentionally try not to have them. It just didn’t happen for me and most of the time I am ok with that except for days like Mother’s Day. Years ago I stopped going to church on Mother’s Day because it became very painful when they gave out that rose or pin or whatever to all the moms.  When they came to me I usually just took the gift anyway feeling like I was a fraud.

I am also sad for the loss of my own mother who happened to be the BEST mother in the world. She had the patience of Job and though she never worked outside the home she was quite worldly because of all the reading she did. She always made sure our family and all of my brothers and sisters ( there was seven of us) were always taken care of.  This woman was a powerhouse and could fix just about any electrical appliance there was. She cooked like no one else and could grow anything and made up games to play with all of us.   I have learned so much from her. But more than that she was my best friend  I could tell her anything and she would always be there for me.  Shortly after we got married my husband heard me on the phone with my mother.  He said “how many times a day do you call your mom”? I replied “ as many times as I need to.

I also know a few people who, though they are not estranged and still see their mother regularly, just don’t get along with them.  Maybe they were mistreated by them, maybe they can’t live up to their standards but whatever they feel like they’re being dishonest by showering them with gifts on Mother’s Day.

I have known wonderful mothers in my life.  My sisters, nieces, cousins, aunts, good friends, co-workers, all wonderful mothers whom I admire so much.

Anway, I hope that all the mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. My day was awesome in spite of everything because of my fur babies. Scruffy, Kitty Kitty and Molly but then they make everyday awesome!!!!

Love your day your way.


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