Clearing the Clutter (Part 1, The Clothes)

Sunday, June 3, 2018 by Lisa

Hey Y’all,  can you believe it is June?  Where has this year gone

I have been MIA over here at SP.  This time of year is a little crazy with my regular job.  Since blogging is a hobby for me it sometimes has to be the first thing to put off when I get really busy with other things. But  I want you to know I have really missed sharing with you.

I don’t know about you and I honestly hope that your situation is not like mine.  I sometimes feel like clutter is taking over my life. Throw in the fact that my husband wants to keep EVERYTHING he has ever owned in his life and that makes it doubly hard. My sister Sandy  has a great mantra that she uses . There’s a  place for everything, and if it doesn’t have a place then get rid of it.  I love it. If you don’t have a place for it do you need it taking up space?  I think not.

Now don’t get me wrong I am fortunate and blessed to be able to have extra clothes, books, items, food. I clear out and donate things regularly but it has become overwhelming.  I hate that feeling. My closets are bursting at the seams. Most of the time my bedroom looks like my closet and dresser have just thrown up.

When I realized I was still wearing winter clothes, because I didn’t want to tackle digging out my spring clothes, I knew I had to do something.  After all this is June it is getting very warm here in the south haha.

I am going to Eat That Frog. If you still haven’t read this book I mentioned in an earlier post,  I highly suggest you do. It has helped me learn to break down all projects into manageable bites to get them completed.

So here goes with my Clutter project step one.  The first thing to organize will be my clothes.   I am going to try to tackle it in three steps.

Step 1.
I got out all of the winter clothes that needed to be sorted.  Luckily I have a room that I use as a small den and I can put stuff in here while I work on it.  You can see I have a little visitor there.  Can you find the Kitty in this picture?


Step 2:
I put the clothes into separate categories  One for storing away until winter. One for Goodwill and One for items to sell on Poshmark.  I will have the Poshmark items up in a few days. You can look for me on Poshmark at sheknowsclothes.


Step 3:
The clothes have been divided into separate tubs.   I did this on a Saturday so I had a lot of time but you could do this over a period of several days to get your project done.   This has been something I have been putting off.  I knew I needed to get rid of a lot of things but actually, 1. Getting them out in the open 2. Sorting them into the appropriate category and 3. Moving them out whether it be to donation, storage or selling has uncluttered by closets a little and my mind a lot. HA HA!!!!

So let me know how you deal with your clutter, do you “Eat That Frog”

Love Your Day your Way!!!!


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