Soft Kitty Warm Kitty, What A Crazy Week

By Lisa, Sunday August 12, 2018

What an incredible week this has been. One of those weeks where you not only have something going on everyday but several things going on everyday.  My head is spinning.

I have told you about our little kitten we took in a few months ago. Kitty Kitty. Right from the beginning she was plagued with upper respiratory problems. We took her to the vet numerous times because her breathing was so labored. We even had a middle of the night visit to the emergency vet 40 miles away.  Anyway, she has been on antibiotics four different times and though her nasal discharge cleared up each time the terrible ragged labored breathing continued.  We finally took her to a Veterinary Hospital at the University of Tennessee,  the same one where Scruffy had his cataracts done a couple of months ago.


Our local vet thought she had an unusual upper respiratory infection and that UT Medical Center could test her by growing a culture to determine what kind of infection. So that is what I was prepared for when I took her on Monday morning.  They were very concerned with the noise that she was making with every breath,  they were also concerned there might be an obstruction in her nasal cavity. After several tests they discovered she had a rather large nasal polyp causing the problem.  I wound up leaving her so they could do a CT scan to determine if they could take a tool in and hook the polyp to get it out, or if they would have to schedule a separate surgery to get it out. The best case scenario of course was hooking the polyp to get it out.

I went on to work not having expected to have to leave Kitty Kitty and feeling very  anxious and jumping every time my phone rang.  They finally called that evening and told me the CT scan would be done the following day and if possible the removal of the polyp.

Needless to say our house was very quiet that night.

The next day around 4:00 pm the Medical Center called with great news.  They were able to remove the polyp by hooking it and no additional surgery was needed.  I could pick her up in an hour.  I literally ran out of work. I didn’t want her to have to stay another night there if she didn’t have to.

It took me an hour to get to Knoxville even with the bad afternoon traffic. I couldn’t believe the difference in Kitty Kitty. She no longer made the terrible rattly noise with every breath she took.  It was so weird I had always been able to hear her before she entered the room and now she is so quiet.

I took her home and she was still a little loopy from the anesthesia but overall her usual Kitty Kitty self.  She was exhausted from everything.  I am so happy to have her back home and what a relief not to hear that terrible noise she had been making.


Oh yes back to the crazy week. Add to all of this excitement, work, several extra meetings at work, cooking spaghetti for 12 people at my sister’s house for her birthday, two return trips to Knoxville, one for me to get blood work for an upcoming physical and one to get Scruffy’s eyes checked again and working on Saturday which is a bit unusual for me.

All of this running around and whining about it kind of bit me in the ass yesterday evening  though when I along with several of my co-workers attended the funeral of one of our own beloved workers, Jessica. A beautiful 22-year-old woman with so much life and love within her it is unbelievable that she is gone.

Sitting at the funeral listening to Jessica’s family and friends give their testimonies about Jessica and laughing and crying with them really brought things into perspective for me.

I would like to say I will take things easier and not whine and complain when times get stressful but I know that won’t happen.  I will.  I am me and I know I will still complain and probably stomp and cry when things get rough. However I did learn  something today from this beautiful young free-spirited woman. Live life to the fullest be all you can be. Tomorrow or even the next minute is not promised.


Love your day your way


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