Pottery, Pastries & Nancy Drew



By Lisa, Monday July 31, 2018


What a weekend.  I went back to the Amish Farmer’s Market with my nephew Chris and his wife Amy.  They loved it!!!  They bought so many things I can’t wait to hear about all the awesome meals they made.



                   I still can’t get over this view

We also decided to visit some of the other shops in Tellico Plains.  We went to Tellico Grains. This is a bakery that serves pastries of all kinds, breakfast sandwiches and then for lunch specialty made pizzas in a brick oven.  They are so yummy.  You have to get there early because there is limited seating.  The pizzas are made to order and the sky is the limit to what you can put on them.  You can also call your pizza in ahead of time.



We went to Mud Slinger’s Pottery.  What an awesome little shop.  The potter here is amazing. She actually has her shop for sale and she will be selling items commercially. She also has a lot of her work at the local Visitor’s Center and a couple of other shops in town.  She had an awesome sale table and I had to have a few pieces.


We then ventured over to the used book store called The Book Shelf.  I had never really had a chance to look in the store for one reason or another but whoa was I surprised.  The shop is laid out so well and there are a bazillion books.  Everything is reasonably priced and it is laid out in sections so finding what you are interested in is really easy. I found a couple of books I liked but then I discovered a shelf with old Nancy Drew books. When I was a pre-teen I read all of the Nancy Drew mystery stories.  I think I kind of wanted to be Nancy Drew but I was neither good at solving crimes or figuring out mysteries. Nor did I have the Nancy Drew hair going on.  But I really loved those books.


The Nancy Drew books in the shop must have been taken from an estate sale because there were about 15 of them.  I recognized some of the names but for the life of me I can’t remember the stories.  The books had one name, I assume the owner at one time,  in all of them and they were dated from 1956-1959.   I bought about 10 of them and can’t wait to start reading them.  $3.00 each.  Score!!!!!


The really neat thing about wandering through a small town like this is you get a feel of simpler times.  We were talking about that as we were driving through the countryside.  I think I am ready for things to not be so complicated, if that’s possible. How do you simplify things in your life. Tell me in the comments.  See you soon.

Oh I almost forgot remember the app from this post it is called 1SE for one second everyday. It allows you to record a photo or a video for each day of the month and then puts it into a small video for you.  It is the end of July (well just a few hours left) and I finished it.   Here it is.

This video doesn’t exist


Love your day your way.


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