A Fun Day in Sweetwater




By Lisa, Friday August 24th.




Hi Y’all last week on Saturday I went with my friend Lorie to downtown Sweetwater to visit and shop the antique shops.  This past year a coffee shop and Italian Restaurant have been added so we wanted to check those out too.

We decided to do an early lunch at the Italian restaurant Vitorinos. What a charming place with lots of wood and industrial accents.  You can have piazza, specially made to order, pasta, or what we chose the most AMAZING calzone. I swear four people could have shared this calzone. I got the Italian meatball, with pepperoni and cheese. It was fabulous.



              Look at the size of this Calzone !!!!

After a leisurely lunch we started our walk through town to check out some of the antique and specialty shops that Downtown Sweetwater is famous for.

This shop, Honeysuckle Hollow, had a little bit of everything. A great place to purchase gift items for Birthdays, Wedding or Baby Showers or anything seasonal.  You won’t really find a lot of antiques in this shop but still some beautiful items that you will want to have.

The next shop was Natural Element Interiors. I found a table I love and want. It was 50% off and gorgeous but maybe a little too big for my kitchen. I use my dining room as a home office and small library and also keep my piano there so no chance of making that a dining area now. I have a kitchen table and it is fairly small but just look at this beauty.  Try to imagine it without everything on it ha ha.

This shop has a blend of antiques, furnishings, and gifts and it is so beautifully designed.

Pennington Home was our next stop. All I can say here is elegance and style.  Oh man this shop is absolutely beautiful. You have to check it out.


A few Halloween teasers were put out but check out the rest of it.



I think I want everything in this shop.

Next stop was Cones Cupboard Antiques. Some remarkable antiques in this shop. Also a lot of awesome gift items.


Next stop was Sweetwater Antiques.   I love looking at the antiques in this shop. Is it bad if I say I remember using some of them.  Yikes!!!

Next stop was Dogwood Lane Boutique.  No antiques here but some amazing gift items.  Kelli will be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Next you have to visit Gallery On Main. This shop houses works of many local artists.  Everything is beautiful and placed perfectly.


So after visiting all the shops we made our way back to this coffee shop.

Sweet Station Bake Shop is amazing. Because it was 90 degrees we didn’t get coffee we got a couple of smoothies. I got mango and Lorie got triple berry.  They were yummy.



What a fun day. Shopping local and hanging with my bestie Lorie.  Come and visit me and I will be your tour guide.

Love your day your way.


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