I am Thankful


Happy Thanksgiving for my American friends.  Today I hosted Thanksgiving at my house.  One of my friends wanted to know if I was going all “Betty Crocker” and I think I just may have.  We only had eight people for Thanksgiving but man it was a lot of cleaning (the house) and preparing food and cooking and then cleaning.  We had sort of a blended bunch today from both of our families.  Mark’s mom came from the assisted living facility, where she is staying, and Mark’s brother.  My sister and her husband and my niece and then my sister in law came so we had both sides of our family there and I loved it!!!!!

I  cooked from about 7:00 AM until 2:00 PM just before we ate.  I also hate for anyone to be in my kitchen cleaning so I felt the need to clean and load the dishwasher.  After dinner several of us took a long walk through the woods and enjoyed the beautiful day.  It was a great day all around but I am exhausted.  I am getting ready to head to bed because me and one of the sisters will be heading out for Black Friday Shopping around 4:00 AM.  We are not anxious to get the bargains or anything like that but we love the Christmasey feel in the air and the excitement of being out at 4:00 AM shopping.  I know I know, it doesn’t take much for us. With lots of people starting their shopping on Thanksgiving night early Friday morning is now a great time to go.  Anyway we will get coffee and eat lunch and we may see a movie before we head home so its just a lot of good quality “Sister Time”  my other sister HATES shopping so we don’t even try to get her to come with us.

Things have been really busy and crazy for me the last couple of weeks.  Next Friday I will start a Friday Favorites on my blog where I will share with you some of my favorite things I am really liking throughout the week.  I did want to catch you up on some of the things that have been up to:


 This is a cowl scarf I finished last week and have already worn it twice.

I have been knitting a lot!!!  I love knitting in the winter it is just too cozy.  It is soothing and I am thinking about teaching a beginner knitter’s class so that everyone can enjoy this.

I have joined a book club.  Although Monday night is my first official get together with the other members in the club (They meet once a month) I have been keeping up with the books they have been reading.  The reason I wanted to join a group like this is because I loved the diversity in the group and the very different types of books they read and shared with one another.  These are books I may not have taken a second glance at before but I am loving them!!!  I will share some of them on my Friday Favorites next week.


58 Thanksgiving Baskets ready for distribution.

I am serving as Secretary, Treasurer of my local Kiwanis Club.  This is  a Civic organization that is global and the main priority is young children.  Our community has so many needs that sometimes it is overwhelming.  On Saturday we gave out 58 Thanksgiving Baskets to families in our area.   Anyway, being the Secretary, Treasurer of this very active organization keeps me very busy.

I have been working out, maybe not as much as I should, but I have been trying to make it a priority several days a week.


    The struggle is real!!!!


Add all of this to a very busy work schedule and time just seems to slip away.  So what have you been up to?   I have missed sharing with you and hope to get back to posting on a regular schedule.

I’m off to bed, 3:30 AM will come quickly and a fun day with the sister will be here soon.

Love your day your way




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