The Art Of Saying “Thank You”

“Have a good one” This is probably what you hear, quite often, when leaving a retail shop or really any shop. I noticed it about a year ago.  Instead of saying “ Thank you” for a purchase or act, people now say “have a good one” or often times in the south, where I am from, you may hear “have a good un”

I know this is probably just the personal rant of an old school southern woman but it bothers me that saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome” or “have a nice day” seems to have been taken out of the everyday language.  If you will notice even if you say thank you to a cashier, when it’s actually them that should be thanking you for the purchase, they will often say “no problem”. And sometimes add “have a good one”  Saying “have a good one” seems to have taken the place of, “thank you and “have a good day”

I always wonder. Have a good what?  A good day is, I am assuming, what the person means but it could be anything. Have a good meal, a good trip, a good tour, a good time, a good whatever.  So I guess in reality it could be anything.  But why not just say it.  It makes it so much more personal.

I Work at a place where there are several shops and ticketing and I am constantly telling our team members to use an appropriate closing after a transaction has taken place.  It is actually part of the criteria on our mystery shopper reports. “Thank you” is so easy to say. I still feel that saying it makes people feel valued.

I think a lot of people actually have grown up not hearing this and it is just something they don’t think twice about.  Is it sort of falling by the wayside like cursive hand writing?

Hospitality. We are big on that in the south so why am I surprised  when I do  get a thank you from a cashier at Walmart,  or wherever I have dropped a good amount of money for groceries.  Shouldn’t it be the norm? And it’s not just Walmart or the other big box stores it’s everywhere.

Oh well as I said just the rant of an old fashioned, old school,  dang I guess just an old  southern woman. Thank you for reading and Have a good day!!!

I will leave you with a couple of pictures of my fur babies.


Love your day your way!!


2 thoughts on “The Art Of Saying “Thank You”

  1. You are so right, Lisa. I find myself saying thank you to the associate more and more. Just the other day I said thank you to the person at a fast food drive thru. She said, OMG. You sound so sincere. Maybe she needed to hear that.


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