Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone I hope your week was great. As I promised this will be a weekly post to share with you some of my favorite things from throughout the week.  O.k here we go:

1. Some books that I am currently reading. I recently joined a book club and Monday night was my first time attending. I really enjoyed it. There are about 19 ladies in the group and we will meet at a different person’s house or a restaurant every month. We met at one of the members’  houses on Monday and she made baked spaghetti and Christmas punch and several other people brought salad, garlic bread, and dessert.  We discussed the book for that month and gave  it a score. And then all the scores are averaged to determine what everyone thought of the book. Each person picks a different book each month and the books are already picked for over a year so you have lots of opportunity to get the book and have it read. This is the book for November:


I loved this book it is about firefighters but not about them fighting fires throughout the entire book. This is not a book I would have normally picked but I loved it. This is what I love about our book group there are so many different kinds of books. This book scored a 3.59 out of 5.00 from our group but I liked it a lot better.

I am also reading the Girl In The Blue Coat .  This book is set in 1943 Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.  A teenager, Hanneke Bakker, delivers smuggled goods on her bicycle until she is asked to help look for a missing teen who was being hidden in a neighbor’s house.
This book scored a 4.09 out of 5.00 from our group.


2. I am also loving this mascara by Revlon, it is not clumpy or messy and it goes on very nice.


3.  This journal.  It is called, Me A Personal Journal, I ordered it when we were at the Gift Show in Gatlinburg a few weeks ago.  If you are interested I can get you the information for it.  It has a place for events that are going on, hopes, goals, new ideas etc.  and then a full page to write whatever you want.  I love this and have been keeping it beside my bed so I can write in it every night.




4. This hair spray is amazing.  When I went Black Friday shopping last week Penney’s had this on sale for $7.99.  It is usually $12.00-$13.00 and up when you buy it on Amazon or at a beauty supply shop.  You can also get it at Walmart at the hair salon but it still is a little pricier than what I paid at Penney’s.  This spray is light weight and adds texture to fine or thin hair.  It also boosts volume and hold for any hairstyle without heavy buildup. Love it!!!



Last Friday when my sister and I went black Friday shopping we went to see this move.  Instant Family.  It is wonderful and heart warming and will just leave you with the best feeling.  We loved it.  You have to go see it. Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne and Octavia Spencer do an awesome job in this movie.  We laughed so much. Watch this trailer.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Love your day your way!!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I just love reading your weekly posts, Lisa. Thanks for your opinions on these books. A friend of mine and myself went to see, Instant Family. We loved it too. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love, Cathy


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