Friday Favorites 12-7-18

Happy Friday,  Here are some of my Friday Favorites for you:

  1.   Last week was my mother in law’s 85th Birthday. She is living in an assisted living center so Mark and I went there to celebrate. My two sisters also came and it was so much fun. She said it was her best Birthday ever.


 2.   I am loving these lip gloss sticks from Kokie Cosmetics. I got some of these at Walmart. It is a fairly new  (to me anyway) brand and I love these.  I am also trying some of the liquid eyeliner but I’m still not completely sure about that.  I will let you know.


3. This is the latest book we are reading in my book group.  I haven’t finished it  but it is great so far.  Don’t let the title Baby Teeth fool you.  It is quite a thriller so far.


 4. This wreath. I love it and I am going to try to make it!!!30672160-F1A8-438B-B337-0B99483F5D83

 5. That I live in a town where a duck crossing is still a real thing.


 6. This Video you have to check it out:  It is so Christmasy fun!!!

Happy Friday

Love your day your way!!!!





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