Friday Favorites 12-15-2018 & It’s How Many Days Till Christmas?




I guess I should be happy she’s under the tree this time and not in it.

Yes I really do know it is Saturday and not Friday but if you truly know me you understand how my brain works sometimes.

I normally do my best work under pressure, yep that’s my story, so I have really taken my Christmas shopping down to the wire this time.  Although, I saw a friend yesterday and she had barely done any shopping so I’m not the only one.

I know I say this almost every time I post but it really has been a crazy time.  I took a couple of extra days off last week to try to use some vacation days. Well actually Mark and I had to go Nashville on Thursday for a Doctors appointment at Vanderbillt Medical Center for his kidney. He has to go every four months. Even though it is a four hour drive each way we drove over and back the same day.  We leave out at 5:00 am. Because Nashville is in the Central Time Zone and we are in the Eastern Time Zone we gain an hour going to Nashville. We have gone over and spent the night in Nashville and that is easier except for all of the fur babies having to be farmed out. I am happy to report that everything was excellent.  Blood work was great!!!! We are always a little apprehensive going and it is such a relief to get a good report. The kidney is now  seven years old and I always have to remind him that of course it’s doing great it’s my kidney haha haha.

I Made a Birthday cake last week for my nephew Tyler who turned 17.   It is so hard to believe.  I was there when that child was born and it seems like yesterday.  He and his brother always request my Butterfinger Cake or you may know it as Candy Bar cake. It is sooooo simple to make.  I guess I should be glad that is the one they always choose.

Last Saturday I worked because we were having Santa pictures and I wanted to be there to see all the children getting their picture made with Santa.   Oh how I wish I had skipped going to work that day because I drooped my phone and shattered it.  I had one of those protectors that is melted onto the screen, don’t ever get one of those because they don’t peel off.  I don’t have the insurance on my phone and it was going to cost about $150.00 to $200.00 to get if fixed.  Mark and I had been talking about getting new phones so that is what we did.  We got the phones on Thursday and we love them.  We got the Xs Max.  I was really excited about the camera on it and it is great!!!!!

I spent all day yesterday Christmas shopping in Knoxville with my sister. We always have the most fun.  We have our shopping down to a science we divide and conquer.  We also leave plenty of time for coffee and food breaks.  We usually wind up laughing ourselves silly all day long.

Here are a few of my Friday or Ummmm Saturday  favorites:


My new phone case.  I love it.


This Terry’s Chocolate Orange Ball. It seems like I see these mostly at Christmas time but they probably are available all year-long. You break this little ball into individual little segments like oranges.  They are delicious.  Try it!!!!!


These lotion bars I have been making. My hands really tend to be dry during the winter months and these lotion bars are amazing. I will have a post about these soon. I am making some for Christmas gifts.


I told you last week that I was a little on the fence about this Kokie eye liner. I have decided I love it.  You can get it at Wal-Mart or Target. It takes some getting used to. You have to practice with it a little but I really like it.  It is about $7.99.  So affordable enough to give it a try.


The little bins they have at Target when you first walk in. There is nothing over $3.00 or $5.00.  I love these.  There are some really unusual things that you find you just can’t live without.


My homemade peanut butter balls. I make them every year.  It is something my family demands of me.


The best Christmas movie of all time. Scrooge starring George C. Scott.  This is a family tradition at our house.  We watch it every year.

And the fact that my husband got a great report from his doctor is the best thing of all!!!

Here are just a few favorites what are some of your favorites this time of year?

Love your day your way!!!




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