Decoupaged Easter Eggs

Hello hello happy spring. Let me tell you This girl is more than ready for some spring weather.

Over the weekend I felt especially crafty. Sometimes when I get really stressed out about work and things. I need to get out of my head for awhile. It seems like nothing helps me more than creating something new.  I think I went a little crazy with it.  I made a lot of things this weekend including more lotion bars but more about that later.

My niece Amy R. told me about some gorgeous decoupaged eggs she had made. They looked so pretty I just had to have some too. They are really simple to make just a little time consuming.

So here is what you will need.

1. Plastic eggs. You can buy these at Walmart in the Easter section, they are like $1.98 for a dozen.


2. Some really pretty 2 ply napkins that have a nice pattern that you can cut into small sections.  I found that the smaller pieces were much easier to place on the eggs and decoupage them.  The shape of the eggs make it a little tricky.


3. Modgpodge.

4. A small paint brush

I cut the napkin making sure to get small flowers and figures and leaves that would look pretty when placed on the eggs.


Tear the back off of the napkin or the two ply I should say.  You will want to cut them before removing the two ply back because they are easier to cut that way.  It is easier to cut several at one time.

You will then take your egg and mod podge the pieces of napkin onto the eggs. Again I found it easier to do small bits of the pattern of the napkin and let that dry and turn the egg and add more.  Don’t worry about a few wrinkles or how the egg looks because when it dries it will be beautiful.


I actually left these out on my counter over the weekend while I worked on them and drank coffee. Such a relaxing project.


There finally comes a stopping point when you have to be done.  Amy gave me these napkins. I would love some black and white ones.  The next time you are at Home Goods or one of those specialty stores and you see an awesome pack of napkins grab them, just look what you can make with them.

The finished eggs


This little project cost less than$10.00. Less than that if you already have Modpodge.

Love your day your way!!!!


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