Weekends 12-14-19

Happy Monday friends. How was your weekend?

My weekend was really good because it was three days long. I took Friday off as a vacation day and I will be taking that extra Friday off until the end of the year. I love having a four day work week. I think it should be mandatory. I feel like I get so much done having three days off. Oh well. Such is the life.

So on Friday my sister Sandy and I went Christmas shopping in Knoxville. It was crazy!!!! But what else can you expect less than two weeks till Christmas.

My main focus for this trip was a pair of AirPods pro for my husband. He put them on his Christmas list. We don’t usually get a lot of gifts for each other. We get one big gift for each other. We got a new Apple desktop computer this year. We have our MacBooks but when I am working on my blog and doing photos I like a desktop. Our old computer bit the dust about six months ago but in all fairness we had had it for about ten years so it served its time.  Rest in peace you did an awesome job!!!

So I, in my ignorance is bliss way that I have sometimes, marched into Target and requested the AirPods. The dude behind the counter practically burst out laughing. We are out of stock we may have some in by the 16th but I heard they are on backorder until after Christmas.   Ok. I thought, I will check at Best Buy I am not panicking yet. But I did have this little worrisome voice in the back of my head saying “haven’t you heard those are the most popular Christmas item this year”  I went to two different Best Buy stores and they informed me they wouldn’t have any in until after Christmas. The clerk even   chuckled a little evilly at the second Best Buy Store, well that might have been my imagination considering my panicked state of mind, and said everyone is sold out they are on back order everywhere. Ok. Ok. I got on line and searched EVERYWHERE!!! “Not in stock” kept appearing. I am starting to panic a little o.k. a lot. I have a plan. I think some of the stores will get them in just before Christmas. At least the Apple store right? I will magically be at said store at the perfect time to snag the AirPods. Yes that is my plan. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted.

We left Knoxville fairly early because it was just getting too peopley.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing laundry, reading, knitting and grocery shopping. I baked a ham on Sunday to have for dinner and then have leftovers during the week. I also made home made pizza to have in the fridge and some peanut butter balls to take to work and deliver to some people that I promise them to every year. Can you say carb overload!!!

  I found this book at a thrift store and am re-reading it.  I had all of these when I was younger.  I love the Little House Books. 

         Peanut Butter Balls are my signature dessert to make for Christmas

  I have been in a sock knitting mood.  I don’t know why socks all of a sudden but I do love to knit them.  It’s almost like working a puzzle because you have to do all the different parts, cuff, heel, toe etc.  Maybe that’s just me. HA HA.

Mark got the new computer hooked up and we are awaiting the fiber optic cable that will be coming tomorrow.  We have hoped wished and prayed for fiber optic to be introduced to our little remote area and it finally is!!!!  It’a a Christmas miracle.   We are beyond excited.

I hope your week is wonderful!!  It’s Christmas Crunch Time but Always remember,

Love your day your way


6 thoughts on “Weekends 12-14-19

  1. I love the Little House books too. My fave was Trixie Belden. Can you believe you are getting fiber optic before we do? They say it’s coming, but I have yet to see it.


    1. Well we probably won’t be getting it now until after Christmas 🙁 but it is coming. Hopefully. I am disappointed but I have waited this long.


    1. Yes I do it is so simple. 1.5 cups of crushed graham crackers, 2 sticks of butter melted, 16 oz of powdered sugar, I always sift mine, 12oz of peanut butter. Mix all of that together. I put mine in the fridge and let it get chilled. Form this into small ball. Then melt your favorite chocolate and dip them in. Let me know how they turn out.

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