The Pina Colada Song

Do you ever feel like a worn out recording of your favorite song?  I am really telling my age now.  But do you remember this song?  It was actually called The Escape.  It was about a man that was tired of his “lady” because they had fallen into the same old dull routine. While they were lying in bed one night, I guess it was night, he was reading the personal ads and he came across one that suggested if he liked Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain and wasn’t into yoga and had half a brain and loved making love at midnight in the dunes on the cape then he should write to her and they could plan their escape.

He replied back that yes he loved all of those things and he would meet her at a bar and they would plan their escape.

When “she” showed up it was his own lovely lady who had been asleep in bed beside him while he was trolling the personal ads.  She said “Ah it’s you”. and then they said they never knew that the other liked all of those things including the Pina Coladas. The song indicates it opened a whole new world for them yet no one questions what might have happened if it hadn’t been him who showed up at the bar and just why his lovely lady put the ad in the paper to start with.  O.K. I’m getting side tracked sorry, that often happens to me.  Anyway you get the jest of the song. I  think it was always called The Pina Colada song.

So I ask again? do you ever feel like a worn out recording of “your” favorite song?  I am not referring to a spouse, partner lover or even a friend but YOU!!!!  Do you ever feel like you just go through the motions day after day and you do the same things over and over. Do you eat the same things for breakfast, wear the same clothes, take the same route to work? same routine day after day?  Why not change it up a little? do something totally different and unexpected!!!  I challenge you.  Let me know how it goes. We know that there are often big things in our lives that we can’t change for one reason or another so we will deal with that. But lots of little things in our lives can be changed and maybe make life a little more interesting and make the big things easier to deal with.  So here we go:

For myself, and yes people it may be baby steps, this is what I am going to do every week or every day.

*Call or talk to a loved one that I don’t see often.
*Eat different foods, try a new food every week or try a new recipe.
*Watch something I am usually not interested in.
* Wear something different
*Read a book that I normally would not read or be interested in, (I have Harry Potter on     my night stand).  I know I know I Can’t believe I have never read this book.
* Volunteer for an organization.

I think you see where I am going with this.  Just do something different.  There are so many things about ourselves and in this world we can’t change.  But as for the things we can do a little different, why not?  This is our one life, enjoy, live, love

So yesterday I decided to wear these kind of blingy earrings I hadn’t worn in about six months and I did my hair different. You know what? I felt a little different, in a good way.
I mean you just can’t wear Blingy earrings without feeling a little sassy. 

So what will you try different?  So let me know how it goes.  What might you discover?

Always remember

Love your day your way



2 thoughts on “The Pina Colada Song

  1. a) worst song ever lol; b) can’t believe you’ve never read Harry Potter – I have all the books and the movies – my favorite theme: good overcomes evil and the power of friendship; c) no surprise that I have earrings almost the same; d) best “new” thing I did in 2019 – made a new friend 🙂 – btw, still typing one-handed


    1. I was thinking the same thing about making a new friend. It’s so wonderful that our blogs brought us together. And yes I am getting in those Harry Potter books. If you liked them I know I will. You’ll be two handed again before you know it.

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