Five Tips for Shopping Your Closet

Happy Thursday friends. Do you ever find yourself picking the same clothes to wear day after day after day?  This means that lots of nice clothes are left in your closet or pushed behind things you never wear.  Often I am in a hurry and I just go into my closet and pick whatever is hanging right in front of me.  It’s easy.   You may be one of those people who actually plan their clothes for the entire week.  I have heard of you but I always thought you were an urban myth.    I will let you in on a little secret and you may or may not be this way.  But when I am not as happy with my body as I would like to be I tend to choose whatever I have handy.  I don’t bother to go into my closet and try to put things together.  This is really not a good way to be if you are wanting to create confidence in how you look.  And you know that pulling something out that you haven’t worn in awhile can be so refreshing and make you feel so…… pretty.  Come on you know it does and it always gives me a little pick me up.


I have actually found clothes in my closet with the tags still on them because I purchased them and stuck them in my closet only to be lost among some of the other clothes I have. A case in point,  I needed a new pair of black pants. If you know me you are probably thinking there is no way she could need another pair of black pants.  Black pants are mostly what I wear in the winter ha ha. But they are so versatile and you can pair them with anything!!!   So before I shopped for the aforementioned black pants I dove into my closet and started pulling things out.  I decided this would be a great time to cull out some of the things I never wear.   Turns out I gathered up two bags of skirts and pants to take to be donated.  In the process I also found not one not two but three pairs of black pants I had forgotten I had.  Yes one still had the tags on them.  I know I know, I have a problem and it’s not necessarily shopping but organizing and using what I do have. I try to do this at least once or twice a year but that may not have happened last year.

So I decided a while back that I was going to clean out my closet and my way of thinking and planning things to wear. This way when I need something to wear I will be able to go to my closet first and shop it before heading to the stores or online shopping.  It takes some time to do this so don’t think it will happen overnight. I am committed to do this at least once a year.   Even if your closet is well maintained it doesn’t hurt to sort through and do an inventory every now and then to keep it that way.  Here are five tips I have found to be very helpful.

  1. You must clean out your closet.  This means taking everything out of your closet and put it on your bed or wherever you have to, so that you can get a good look at everything.  You need to be able to touch every piece, try it on and make a decision about it.  You can’t do this unless you are able to see it. If something doesn’t fit, look right on you or is damaged get rid of it!!!!
  2. Divide and conquer. Just for the getting started process make three piles of clothing.  Things you know you are going to keep, things you know you are going to get rid of and things you are undecided about.  For example, why do I have that size six skirt from ten years ago still hanging in my closet? Well because I will be that size again someday of course. But let’s be realistic if it happens you will probably not want it anyway.  I’ve noticed as I have gotten older even when I lose weight my body doesn’t always shift back like it was.  So that skirt from ten years ago may not look like I want it to anyway.
  3. Get rid of the give away pile. Once I have the three piles situated I bag the items that I know that I won’t wear again and put them outside the door or take them to my car.  These will be donated.  If you are the type of person who likes to sell your clothing then go for it but just for now get them out of sight and out of your way.   I put the pile of clothing that I am undecided about to the side and concentrate on what is left.
  4. Group your clothing. Whether it be by items or by color. I like to separate pants, skirts, shirts, dresses and sweaters.  I have another area for jackets because a jacket or coat is not something that you always need, not where I live anyway.  If you are like me you may even keep them in a different coat or hallway closet.  I don’t want them taking up room in my day to day clothing.
  5. Shop your clothes. Once you have your clothes in your closet the way that you want them and grouped together by items or colors then you are ready to shop.  If you see someone wearing something you like go to your closet and look it over, chances are you have something very similar. If you see something in a magazine or on TV and think wow that looks great together then go to your closet and shop.  The most important thing is you know exactly what you have, where it is and whether you need to shop for it outside your closet.

A little something extra. There are several great closet apps you can put on your phone that make organizing and keeping your closet organized so much easier.  Go to the App Store, they’re free!!!

Smart Closet

Outfit Planner

Style Book

Closet Love.


Happy Shopping, and always remember:

Love your day your way!!!


4 thoughts on “Five Tips for Shopping Your Closet

  1. I love the concept of shopping your closet! I sort of plan a few days worth of outfits, but adjust for the weather. Being somewhat anal-retentive – lol – I regularly clean out and reorganize my closet, but that can be fun. I group by color too.


    1. Lady I have seen a picture of your closet. You are one of those urban legends that I was talking about. You seriously need to give lessons on that lol. You know there actually are closet organizers.


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