What’s In My Closet

Hey Friends, Happy Friday.   I can’t tell you how glad I am that it is Friday.  I don’t know about you but this week has kicked by butt.  Even though I haven’t had to deal with the public at work it has been a long stressful week. It is a scary time. I don’t know about your state but we still have so many people out wandering around and aimlessly going places when they so need to stay at home.  I drive to work and sit in an office all day alone just so that someone will be there to field calls and things like that.  I usually don’t see anyone else.  I leave and drive right back home without stopping anywhere.    It is lonely but I am o.k. with that.  I can handle some loneliness and isolation to keep everyone safe.  I will say we haven’t had this many meals at home in a long time.  I sort of like it.  I can see the back of my pantry.  I am loving that.  I love using what we have.

Today is day 27 of the 30 day blog challenge.  I can’t believe the end of the month is almost here.  Today I am supposed to tell you what is in my closet.  Well here is what is in my closet, STUFF, and too much of it!!!   I have been diligently working on a closet clean out.  Remember the post I did about “Five Tips For Shopping Your Closet”  check it out if you missed it.  This will give you an idea about what I have in my closet and how I deal with it.  

As I said I still have way too much in my closet.   I haven’t bought a lot of clothes in the last year or so.  I don’t like the size I am right now and when I am unhappy with weight or how I look I am not as apt to buy new things.  It’s probably a good thing with no one knowing about the financial state of things.  I think we should be frugal in our spending, who knows what might be next.

I have a main closet in our master bedroom.  It is a walk in closet and holds a lot of clothes and shoes.  This is where I keep all of my clothes that are in season.  I have shirts, sweaters and light jackets hanging on one end.  I have dresses and long sweaters hanging on another.  I also group my pants and skirts.  Sadly I have probably only worn about 10% of what is hanging in my closet.  This is partly because some of the things don’t fit and partly because I just don’t bother to dig in and wear them.  I keep out of season shoes in this closet as well.  I know it sounds like I should have the seasonal shoes in this closet but I don’t.  You know me by now right??  Oh and my husband’s things are in this closet as well although he complains that his space is only about a third of mine.  I guess that’s about right.

In another bedroom closet I keep most of my shoes that I currently wear, boots, tennis shoes etc.  This way when I am getting ready in this room I am able to just grab the shoes I need and go.  Hello my name is Lisa and I have a shoe and boot addiction.  I have approximately 50 pairs of shoes and 25 pairs of boots give or take 25 pairs that I may or may not have stored in the basement.  Yes I know!!!!

   I find the best way to store my boots is lined up agains the wall.  I stuff rolled up magazines in them to keep them upright.

  Some of my shoes.  At one time I took a pic and taped it to the outside of each box so I could see what was inside but now most of the shoe boxes come that way. 

In another closet in a bedroom,  that I have made into my den, I keep all of my jackets and coats that I wear in the winter, fall and early spring.  This closet is also where I store my out of season clothes.  I usually store them in totes inside the closet or just hang then in the closet.  It is a fairly large closet.

So there you have it.  My closet. I am trying to take out several pieces a week and add them to my donation bag.  I will do better at this.  I guess I have been in sort of a slump lately with all that is going on in the world.  I have to admit right now everything sort of takes a back seat to what is going on in our world.  You know what I mean right?  We must keep moving forward with our day to day lives.  But it is so hard sometimes when you switch on the news and hear the plight of our nation. I think that what I have in my closet is not nearly as important as what I might do to help someone else.

  I just had to sneak in this little bit of adorable.  This is Kitty Kitty watching for Mark and Scruffy to come back in the house.  

How are you this week?  How have things changed for you?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!




3 thoughts on “What’s In My Closet

  1. This is proof that we are sisters. Hello, my name is Lorrie and I also have a shoe addiction. I will not reveal how many pair I own. Truly it is an addiction for which there is no cure.

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