The Contents of My Heart and Soul

It is finally Friday.  Following along with my 30 day blogging challenge I was supposed to be blogging today about the contents of my refrigerator.  Well I’m not going to do that.  First of all I am not really sure what all is in my refrigerator and I think I would find that about as interesting as watching grass grow so I can only assume you would find it even less so.

This has been quite a week.  With the Coronavirus updates constantly, closings, the rush on tissue paper and hand sanitizer and every other scary thing it’s just been too much.  I feel exhausted just thinking about it.  I feel like I want to go to a remote area and just be for awhile.  Wait!!!  I do live in a remote area so that much is already taken care of.  But the constant threat and fear that is consuming the nation is growing and growing by the hour.  I am a christian and I have faith but it still doesn’t keep me from being concerned.
I am more concerned about the hysteria and loss of common sense by people than the virus itself.


I work at a tourist attraction.  Will we be shut down because of the amount of traffic we have coming and going?  If that happens how long may we be out of work?  How will this affect me and my co workers?  Who in our family will get the virus? how will they be affected?  Will regular medications be readily available?  My husband takes immunosuppressants will he have any problem getting those?  I know I am not the only one with these concerns there are literally millions of day to day concerns by everyone.

My mother in law lives in an assisted living center, it is currently on lock-down.  They are not allowing visitors. She doesn’t seem to be too upset by this yet.  I am sure if goes for much longer she will become very unhappy and agitated.  I am calling her everyday so that she will have a connection to us.  She doesn’t have a cell phone, she doesn’t face time or anything like that so I am sure she is feeling somewhat isolated. I do know however this is the safest things for the residents.

Along with all of the coronavirus issues it has been less than two weeks since the Tennessee Tornado that ripped through much of Tennessee, killing, wounding and leaving many many people homeless.  Volunteers are still working around the clock to get people back in their homes or relocated.  The area hardest hit was about 3 hours from where I live.  I see the faces on the news of the ones who lost their lives several of them were children.

So tonight I came home from work and snuggled my family I will just sit and enjoy being near them realizing how much I appreciate everything that I have.  My heart hurts for all that is going on.  I guess we will all just have to take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

So you can see that the contents of my refrigerator are not as important to me at this very moment. I’m sure they’re not to you.

Always remember

Love your day your way


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