3 Healthy Habits

Several weeks ago a storm came through our area and blew over a huge tree in our backyard.  It barely missed our deck and house.  We were very fortunate that nothing was damaged.  Shortly after the tree fell the rain set in and it rained off and on for days.  We did not have a chance to cut up the tree and get it out of the yard.


Just look at that!!!  This was the morning after the tree fell.

So as I said with rain and our jobs and everything, we had not had a chance to get the tree cut up and removed.  On Monday there was no rain and Mark did manage to get half of the tree cut.  I couldn’t  believe it when I got home and half of the tree was gone. But trying to cut the tree and the horrible vines that had grown around the tree, which was probably what killed it to start with, took him half the day.

So today Mark planned to get the rest of the tree removed.  I was very excited to help.  We just recently purchased a new electric saw.  Now I know you are probably having your doubts about an electric saw that has to be recharged but I am a believer.  The saw is an Echo and it takes a minimal amount of charging to be ready to go.

So this morning being Saturday I had my usual Saturday morning things to do.  I had to buy groceries.  Not because of the virus or anything but Saturday is my day to get groceries.  I also had a few other errands I had to get the mail, get gas, and put some air in one of my little bitchy tires that has a slow leak.  I will have to take it in on Monday but I am trying to wait until then.  I then went to the grocery store for groceries.  I was prepared for whatever I might see.  Maybe there would be no groceries left, maybe there would be no one at the store.  But no, things were as usual.  Now I will admit there was no tissue paper or paper towels but I wasn’t after those anyway.  As far as everything else it was pretty much business as usual.  I felt comforted by that.

Once I got home I grabbed a quick lunch and put on my work clothes and headed outside to help Mark with the tree. I was also dying to use the new saw.  It is AHHHHHMaaaazing!!!  You don’t have to pull a cord or anything like that.  You simply push a button and squeeze the release and it is ready to go. As I said I was skeptical about how long the battery would last but it lasted for several hours.  I was impressed.  I cut and cut and cut and cleared and pulled vines until my body was worn out.  The day was about 60 degrees and overcast.  It was a wonderful day!!!  Just what I needed to get my mind off of things. Physical work, physical energy, I so needed that.

But I am totally off topic my blog is supposed to be about 3 healthy habits, I am on day 14 of the 30 day blog challenge,  so here are my 3.

  1. Get physical.  I cannot tell you how much I believe in this.  I am not saying I always do it but I totally believe in it and am at my best when I work hard and use my body.
  2. Listen.  Listen to what your body is telling you.  Listen to what your loved ones are telling you.  Listen to what the world around you is telling you and learn to keep what you need and discard the rest.
  3. Be True to Yourself.  Whatever  that may mean to you in your existence.  Eating well, living well, being well.  Be True to you.

So that is 3 healthy habits that I think are important.  How about you?  What do you think?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!



3 thoughts on “3 Healthy Habits

  1. Such a enjoyable post that you shared. Practical tips shared. One suggestion is if you don’t feel like exercising (walk, run, biking etc) – go anyway but make a deal with yourself that you can quit after ten minutes if you’re still not “into it “. 80% of the time you will be having fun and continue plus feeling pleased.

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    1. Yes that is good advice once I get into walking or whatever I love doing it and want to keep it up. I have a great place around my property to walk and have the mileage marked off. Plus the weather here is wonderful right now, we’ll in between the rain showers, so the perfect time to get out in nature.

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  2. Movement of any kind is healthful. Cleaning is a great stress relief for me. Yesterday, I cleaned two closets – not that they needed it, as you know I’m anal-retentive about everything. LOL! But it relaxed me and that was important.

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