What Makes You Sad

Happy Saturday friends, How was your day?  Last night I ask what made you happy?  Well tonight I will ask what makes you sad?  Think about that and we will get back to it in a minute.

Even though it was Saturday I got up at 5:00 AM.  I usually do, I love getting up early even on my days off.   I had a lot I wanted to do today.  I am trying to stay in and not go anywhere unless I absolutely have to which right now is work but that is going to change next week.  And to the grocery store for supplies if I have to. But I wanted to go to my mother in law’s house and do some work.

So this morning I got up at 5:00 AM and had coffee and snuggled with the babies just a little.  Mark had to work. I had planned to be at the grocery store by 7:30 or 8:00 to get some supplies.  I did that trying not to be near anyone, luckily not too many people there at that time.

After I got my groceries I went over to my mother in law’s house.  Her house has been empty  for almost two years since she has been in the assisted living center. Well I mean without anyone living in it.  Her house needs to be cleaned and lots of “stuff” needs to be gotten rid of.  I am not saying she is a hoarder but she did like to keep things.  I guess that is where my husband gets it.  I will tell you someday about a funny story of him stock piling Pringles cans in the basement.  Let’s just say I had to quit buying Pringles because he couldn’t part with the cans.  They make great storage containers he said.  Maybe one or two I said not 50!!!!!!!.

Anyway I am getting off track.  So after I went to the grocery store I stopped by my work and redid our schedule.  We devised a plan where only one person will be on the property each day.  This means I will have several days off next week or days I will work from home.  This should be interesting.  I have never really had to do that before.

After stopping in at work and revising our schedule and taking care of some employee issues I went over to my mother in law’s.  I had a really productive morning.  I cleared out a a lot of things.  Her house is really big and to try and take care of everything at one time is over whelming.  So I am taking it one room at a time.  My nephew came over and helped me bag garbage.  I stayed for awhile and changed out light bulbs and swept up and things like that.

I got home around 2:00 PM, a little wiped out. I carried in my things I had gotten at the grocery store and walked the babies and took a little tiny nap.

 Let me say walking in the woods is a wonderful way to just chill and relax.  Poor Molly has an ear infection and she has been on antibiotics. 

  Scruffy loves his walk.  He is really looking scruffy I may have to cut his hair myself if his groomer stays closed.  Yikes!!!

So here I am on Saturday night.  I am watching another of my favorite movies, Bohemian Rhapsody.  I hope you have seen this movie it is ahhhhhhmaaaazing!!!!  Especially if you love Freddie Mercury and Queen.   How is your Saturday going?

So back to the question what makes you sad?  I will tell you a few things that make me sad:

I hate to see people being mistreated that makes me so sad.  Or being treated unfairly and  not taken care of or neglected.  I know this is probably more than one thing but it all sort of goes together. 

The state of our world right now, nuff said. 

Estranged families.

Thinking about my loved ones I have lost. Living or otherwise for whatever reason. 

People who cannot be comfortable with themselves. 

Not spending more time with my loved ones.  Time is something we only have so much of.  We shouldn’t take it for granted.

I hope this Saturday night finds you well and you are hunkered down with your loved ones or just yourself.  Please take care of yourself and be safe.

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!



4 thoughts on “What Makes You Sad

  1. I totally agree. On a happier note, we had a Sidewalk Social with the neighbors. Tape measure in one hand extended to the required 6 feet, drink in the other, a nice meetup on a sunny afternoon watching the snow melt. Another house on the block doing the same thing. I would say it makes me sad that more people weren’t doing the same.

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