The Redbuds Are Blooming!!!!

Day 22 of the 30 day blog challenge!! Duhm Duhm!!! if you don’t know, that is the sound when Law And Order is coming on Ha!!!  So yes up to day 22 and yes it has been a bit of a challenge but a lot of fun too.  The official title of this post is, What Are Your Worst Habits and I will get to those in a minute but really what is the fun of writing about that.  I am sure I have told you before what they are but I will have a refresher at the end of this post.

Who would have thought when I started this 22 days ago that things were going to go a little haywire, but they have.  Just when you think you are focused on something, life swoops in and says “oh aren’t you cute? thinking you know anything about anything”

I will have to say this quarantine is scary.  I am a homebody and it doesn’t bother me to stay at home when I have to especially when it is getting warm outside and things are starting to bloom.  Especially the Redbuds.   Why are they called Redbuds when they obviously look purple.  When they bud out they are red you can see a little red in the photo below.

   See the redbuds when they are first starting to bud out?
         Don’t they look purple after they have bloomed?

Spring is coming you see the signs of it everywhere.  But we still have several winters to get through.  Let me explain.  In the south, or maybe it’s everywhere, we have Redbud Winter, Dogwood Winter, Blackberry Winter and Whippoorwill Winter.   And in that order if am not mistaken if I am someone tell me.  My husband makes fun of me for believing in these winters but I find them to be true.  If you want to read more about those winters and when they show up I did a blog about it last year. Redbud Winter.


  My Irises are about to bloom.  These are special Irises.  They came from my mama’s house where I grew up.  My mama could grow anything but her Irises were amazing.  When she died back in 2003 and we sold her house I dug up several of these Irises and I have a lot of them in my yard.  I shared them with my nieces and they now have them in their yards. So in many ways my sweet mama is still with us.

So today as Scruffy, Molly and I were taking our walk I noticed that the Redbuds were blooming. I am so excited to see new growth.  It’s like no matter what else is going on in the world the earth is still producing just like it is supposed to.

My Hens and Chicks are doing amazing.  A friend of mine told me to just leave them outside in the winter and they always come back in the spring. They are a type of cactus so they are very hardy.  A funny story:  I was talking to my niece on the phone this morning and I was sitting on the deck looking at the Hens and Chicks.  I said ” Wow my Hens and Chickens are doing great!!!  I left them out all winter and they may have frozen a little but now they are coming back to life.  She said “WHAT!!!! she thought I meant real chickens HA HA!!!


O.K. O.K. so I might be stalling on telling you my bad habits.  But you have heard them before.  Probably a million times but…..  Here are some of my bad habits that I want so desperately to change:

  1. I need to eat better and have a healthier diet.  I need to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I know it makes me feel better when I eat better.  I notice that my skin looks better and I feel better etc.
  2. I know I should exercise more.  I committed to my husband that I would start walking two miles a day.  I am trying to keep up with that daily and make it happen. With the state of our world right now it is hard to focus on things like that.
  3. My sleep is sort of jacked up.  I do not get enough sleep.  Even though I know how important it is.  I am constantly going to bed late, reading in the middle of the night, and just not making sleep a priority.
  4. I procrastinate.  I am still doing it.  I try to do better and then life gets in the way.  How is this a bad habit you might ask.  Well I believe when you procrastinate it gives you anxiety and that is no good.  It makes you feel terrible like there is always something looming over you that you need to do.
  5. I have a terrible temper.  I am a Taurus so I come by it naturally.  I tend to loose my cool really quick.  This is something I work on daily.  I have found that in my older age it is getting better.  I think it is because things that once held importance just don’t anymore.

Alway remember

Love your day your way!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Redbuds Are Blooming!!!!

  1. I have chicks and hens also, the deer like them and nibble on them as I guess they are soft. I had two deer in my front yard yesterday and there is no point to chasing them away, as they meander back in no time at all.
    Good luck with your walking, I bought some walking poles, took a while to get used to them but they are great, you burn a few more calories and you are more aware of how you are walking posturewise.

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  2. I love Irises, they are one of my favorites. I wish the blooms lasted a bit longer, but they are so beautiful and delicate that it is a lot to ask. Your chicks and hens are amazing, absolutely gorgeous. I’m looking forward to more spring photos from your house! 🙂


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