Tuesday Experience, Working From Home

Happy Tuesday? friends.  I feel like I am losing track of the days.  It is raining again here in East Tennessee.  The temperatures are very mild but rain rain and more rain.  Of course if you have to stay in I suppose it’s not too bad it is actually rather cozy.

I have been working at home a bit and I have to say I rather like it.  The only problem is my co-workers are very needy and they breathe on me and they seem to think that because I am at home they can now have a potty break every five minutes.  This is followed by replenishing water and food bowls and multiple treats.  My husband and I are choosing to stay in separate parts of the house. We feel that by being in different parts of the house and giving each other some distance we will ward off a divorce or possibly keep one of us from running amok with an axe.  It’s worked out pretty well so far.

 I  had all of my work spread out on my bed when I noticed I could see me working in the armoire and you know I had to take a selfie.  Of course this led to about 15 selfies lol. 

  When working from home you can take a quick nap after lunch with  your co-worker.  Note: this should not be done at your real workplace. 

My little mother in law, who lives in the assisted living village, in quarantine, called me this morning and told me that she had seen someone make a delivery to her next door neighbor’s back door.   The only deliveries made to the village are supposed to be through the front and items are collected by a Nurse or CNA.  Turns out the contraband was a crossword puzzle book in a plastic bag.   Her neighbor met the person at her back door (They have two entrances into their rooms.)  So my mother in law had it all planned out for me to arrive tomorrow, approximately ten minutes after she called me and she would meet me at her back door. I would slip the cookies and drinks and depends into the door.  She said we might even get to have a little conversation.  I told her I didn’t think I was supposed to do that.  She said don’t worry it will be o.k.  So I was supposed to make the drop tomorrow.  As I mentioned we have been taking the items to the front door, we ring a bell, and a Nurse or CNA comes out and gets the goods.  I even heard they kept the items in a quarantined area for a few days before giving it to them. That makes more sense.

Well I worried most of the day about what to do.  I knew I couldn’t make the drop like she wanted me to.  I even considered bringing in the big guns, my husband, she thinks he is perfect and will listen to anything he says.  But turns out I didn’t have to worry about it.  She called me tonight and said they weren’t allowed to get any deliveries at their outside doors. The staff had even put a sign on every door!!!!  So we will deliver the items to the front entrance as usual tomorrow.  My heart goes out to these precious people. As bad as it is for us to be homebound, think about them not even being able to visit with the other residents in the village.

So today is day 24 of my 30 day blog challenge and the topic is:
What attracts you in love, so let’s see:  Here are just a few.

I am going to refer to this from a stand point of falling in love but could very well be just in loving anyone.  These are in no particular order of importance.

  1. Manners, I remember when I was dating, and it may be a southern thing, but men who had manners and knew how to use them made me crazy!! in a good way.
  2. Someone who has a take charge attitude but also appreciates me for wanting to do my own thing.
  3. Personality, making me laugh, getting along with others
  4. Confidence
  5. Having a sense of humor.  You have to have one being around me, just ask my husband.
  6. Intelligence
  7. Having a neat appearance and caring about how you look.
  8. Someone who tells me I am beautiful and that they love me constantly.
  9. Honesty
  10. Someone who can be completely comfortable around me.

Do you remember why you fell in love?  What it was about that person in your life that made you crazy about them.  Being quarantined might be a good time to think of these things. Just saying!!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!




4 thoughts on “Tuesday Experience, Working From Home

  1. Interesting Lisa how you went from needy coworkers, running amok (love that word) with an axe, to selfies and ended up with falling in love qualities. Lol
    Fun, cute, sense of humor (really important), heart for others, athletic, and likes food. I theorized that a girl who had an appetite for food had an appetite for living.

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    1. I also don’t like to post several times a day. With keeping up the 30 day challenge it is not a topic I choose. So to get my post in and share the 30 day topic it covers some different things.

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  2. #11: the ability to avoid waving an axe and yelling “Here’s Johnny” ala “The Shining” when quarantined at home for weeks on end. Good thing there are many doors and three floors in my house. lol

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