What Is Your Hidden Talent? I Make Cakes!!!

Hello friends and Happy Thursday.  Welcome to day 26 of the 30 day blog challenge.  Can you believe how fast this month has gone by?  Wow!!!  Silly me, I remember at the beginning of the month wondering if March was coming in like a lamb or a lion.  This is dependent on the weather you know.  How did I know it was coming in like a lion hopped up on steroids looking for someone to claw their eyes out!!!  Thank you Corona.

Anyway today’s blog deals with hidden talent.  Do you have a hidden talent that no one knows about?  That no one would imagine that you might have?

Today I will tell you about my hidden talent.  Well I guess it is a hidden talent.  If you know me then you probably know I am a baker.  I love to bake, cookies, cakes, bread you name it.

Several years ago I actually started a catering business and did cakes for events and weddings and things like that.  It got too big even for me.  I couldn’t handle the business.  A lot of people love cakes, special made, and they are willing to pay big bucks for them.  The only problem was I just couldn’t keep up.  My mom was sick and I was trying to help my sister take care of her and work a full time job.  I had to let it go.

I knew when I started having chest pains and panic attacks it was time to stop.  I will never forget the night I gave up my part time catering business.  I was talking to my sister Sandy on the phone and I was telling her how I felt.  I was so stressed out, having chest pains etc. and she said “Why don’t you just stop? You don’t have to do this”. I just sat there and I said ” I don’t?”  No, stop it she said!!! The voice of reason.  Sometimes we can’t hear it when it is ourselves.    I wasn’t really doing it for the money as much as the obligation that people wanted a nice cake.   I couldn’t do it anymore. I had to give it up.  I will never forget the immense relief I felt when I said, I am taking no more orders!!!!

But you never know what might happen down the road.  I might go back into the business when I retire.  It could be a second career for me.  Who knows??

I wanted to share a few cakes I have made.  I couldn’t find all the pics I wanted but you get the idea.  I love doing cakes and that will never stop.img_8194
             This is a Groom’s cake I made for my nephew’s wedding.  

A funny story about the wedding cake shown below.  I was making it for my niece Kim.  This cake is nothing like what she had planned.  However, the night before the wedding I started decorating the cake, it just wasn’t woking.  I worked with it all night.  I decided at the last minute to do a basket weave, they’re really easy, and put some flowers in and deal with it.

     My niece Kim’s Wedding Cake.

The next morning I called Kim and said ” I have good news and bad news about the cake”. She said “o.k.”  “I said the good news is, it is beautiful!!!!”  She said “o.k.”  I said “The bad news is it isn’t exactly like the cake you picked out”. She laughed and said “that’s o.k. I trust you” WHEW!!!!!  It was a beautiful cake but that’s just the sort of thing that made me a nervous wreck.

It is a hidden talent that I have.  Now days I only stick to doing cakes and things for family and friends.  But like I said you never know what might come up down the road and I will be back in the cake making business!!!!

If you want to make a Perfectly Decadent Chocolate Cake click here

I made this Birthday Cake for myself last year.  It was Easter so I made it with blue icing and Robbins Eggs.

So, What is your hidden talent???

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!



3 thoughts on “What Is Your Hidden Talent? I Make Cakes!!!

  1. Those are gorgeous! I had to give up a business once for the same reason, but I’m glad I had the experience. My secret talent is I can paint, practical painting like walls, trim, and cabinets. I’ve even been offered work by my contract friends, but I never liked the idea of being in a stranger’s space.


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