My Most Embarrassing Moment

Happy Saturday!!!!  What are you up to today, this weekend?  What?  You are staying in? You are not going anywhere?   GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!   Thank you!!!


You know I can always find so many things I like to do at home.  I guess it’s because in the past I have had to work so much I have been away from my home.  I always love going to my house where it is peaceful and quiet and a sanctuary.

This is day 28 of the 30 day blog challenge: My most embarrassing moment. Grab you a coffee or whatever and get ready to laugh.   Some of you who know me have heard this story but many of you have not.  I will share it with you anyway. I call it, The Scarf Story.

As you know I donated a kidney to my husband back in 2011.  You also know I am an avid knitter.  Keep these two things in mind because they play a big part of my most embarrassing moment.

Late in 2011 we were about eight months out of the kidney transplant.  Mark and I were having to go to the doctors at Vanderbilt on an every other month basis.  Well it came up that our appointment time was just before Christmas.  I decided that it would be nice to take some of my knitted scarves to the Nephrology Clinic and give a knitted scarf to each of the nurses and staff that we had had so much contact with in the last eight months. A Christmas gift for them.  We had seen them so often they were almost like family at this point.  Especially our doctor.

So I gathered up a bag of my best scarves that I had knitted throughout the years.  I took pleasure in picking them out imagining how excited some of our friends at Vanderbilt Medical Center would be when they picked a scarf.

When we walked in that morning for our appointment I told the nurse who checked us in that I had the scarves.  She was so excited.  I gave her the bag.  I had already picked out one especially for Mark’s doctor.  I told her to pass the bag around and let everyone pick out the scarf they wanted.

It was about the middle of December and Mark had not had a flu shot.   After the exam the doctor sent us to another room so Mark could get a flu shot.  One of the ladies from the front had brought the bag of scarves that were left back to me.  It was a lot lighter than when I had first gotten there.  Most of the nurses and staff had already picked what they wanted.  I love giving my scarves as gifts.  A scarf is something that everyone likes to get and you don’t have to worry about size or anything.  I work on scarves throughout the year to be able to do this for birthdays and Christmas.

So, while Mark was in getting a flu shot.  I was waiting with some people in the hallway.  Mark yelled out from the room and said” Hey Lisa come and show the nurse your scars”. I scrambled out of my chair thinking Oh My Goodness the nurse is thinking about donating a kidney and she wants to hear what it is like!!!!   She wants to see what the scars look like!!!

I ran into the exam room where Mark was getting his flu shot.  The nurse was sitting there and I pulled down my pants and pulled up my shirt and thrust my tummy out to her to show her my kidney surgery scars. I felt so proud.  They both looked at me a little weird.  Mark said ” What are you doing?’  “I’m showing her my scars”, I said”  Mark shook his head and said ” I said show her your scarves”. I was mortified!!!!  The people in the hallway had overheard and they were dying laughing.  The nurse quickly picked a scarf and I, after I pulled up my pants and pulled down my shirt, went back to the hallway to wait.  I was so embarrassed.

But on the way home I started laughing and I just couldn’t stop.  Every time I thought of the nurses’ expression, and Mark’s,  when I pulled my pants down and pulled up my shirt, I burst out laughing.

A good story, one I will never forget and I am sure Mark won’t either.  I am sure the nurse won’t either.

So that my friends is my most embarrassing moment so far.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!


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